Have you heard of Veja sneakers?  They first popped onto my radar three years ago (I first wore them with a fancy maxi dress, here) and they had that sort of understated cool vibe I love.  These sneaks are made in Brazil, and are produced using environmentally friendly materials (and an ethical manufacturing process).  Additionally, Veja takes Fairtrade very seriously, by cutting out the middleman, working directly with producers…and even pre-financing harvests by as much as 40%.  Many Veja sneaker styles also use 100% recycled materials.

All this is to say that Veja is a company I can easily get behind.  Now, about that understated-cool vibe….

One of the stated goals of their design team is to design sneakers they’ll still want to wear ten years from now.  Which doesn’t necessarily mean that Veja only plays it safe.  While they do have some seriously cool takes on classic white sneakers, it’s their unexpected color combinations that have caught my eye.  And I’m not the only one:  I spotted Veja sneakers all over Europe this summer.  I personally think this sneaker brand is about to be huge

Outfit Details

dress: Faithful the brand Beso linen dress – wearing a size xs for reference.  I’m obsessed with this dress – wore it all over Berlin and Greece this summer, and plan on wearing it well into Fall.  You’ll see it next over a t-shirt, and maybe even over a turtleneck later on.  (A few sizes also available at Amazon.)

bag: Clare V. Pot de Miel

bracelet: Chan Luu (on crazy sale)

sneakers: Veja Santos Dumont Sneakers (true to size) – this color is almost completely sold out at Anthropology….but you can find a few larger sizes on Amazon or just go right to the source, Veja’s website. They’re fully in stock.


A Few More Veja Sneaker Styles To Swoon Over…


What do you guys think?  As in love with them as I am?  And obviously they’re really comfortable, etc.

(Also, I will thank you in advance for pretending to not see Pax’s meltdown.  In my head I am a very fancy fashion blogger with very fancy photoshoots and then, well….KIDS.)




  1. I have Vejas – they’re pretty popular here in London in the indie shops – not so keen tbh! Love the social responsibility aspect but not the comfiest, a little heavy, and mine broke at the seam from wearing all summer. I am faithful to Golden Goose and Isabel Marant velcros ?

  2. OMG!!! I have been searching for a new pair of sneakers….just haven’t found the love with Adidas or others, super cute but just didn’t land. THESE Vejas are the ones I’ve been looking for….thank you so much for profiling! I’m ordering now!!!

  3. Love them styled with this dress. So cute! They kind of remind me of my New Balance, which I love and wear all the time with, well, everything! I’ll definitely ne looking into them!

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