Victory Royale: Gifts For The Gamer Obsessed With Fortnite


As the resident player of games here at The Mom Edit, I admit I get excited about being handed tasks that involve the possible love of my life. Ahh, video games…you bring me such joy and pain. And of course, a hot topic around the office is Fortnite. The kids love it, and I will be honest, I know very little about it. Sure, I know it exists and its Battle Royale shook up the industry quite a bit (and continues to do so, hello Blackhole??), but other than that, it’s just not my particular cup o’ tea.

So when Shana said, “Syd we need some gifts for kids who love Fortnite.” I had a small moment — Do kids even like stuff anymore? Turns out, they do.

What do I really know about Fortnite besides the bare minimum and probably too much about the company that makes it? After some rapid Googling and some brushing up on what the heck Fortnite has been up to recently, I found some (what I would consider) cool gifts.

Victory Royale: Gifts For The Fortnite-Obsessed

Gamer in your life? Need gifts for kids obsessed with Fortnite? We got you. Our resident gamer has  presents for XBOX One, PS4, PC & Switch...victory royale!

No Mom, I Can’t Pause This Game

I didn’t want this gift guide to be only Fortnite merch, so let’s talk gaming mice and desk chairs. Though I can suggest some pretty cool ones, I honestly think they’re all so detail-oriented that it’s better for the user to do their own research. Find what really speaks to you (or your kid), and maybe you’ll find you need 20 mouse buttons or a chair that rumbles with your game’s bass.

To keep this short and sweet, I’ll simply list what systems the headsets work with. Just a small note: most of these headsets need an adapter for the Xbox One controller. I don’t really know why they chose to do this, but I’ll join you in grumbling about the need for a universal plug.

Gamer in your life? Need gifts for kids obsessed with Fortnite? We got you. Our resident gamer has  presents for XBOX One, PS4, PC & Switch...victory royale!
  1. PeohZarr Gaming Headset: These work on XBOX One, PS4, PC, Switch and mobile phones/tablets.

2. Onikuma Headset: Works for PC/Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Mobile. These also have a nice camo/swirl print.

3. Turtle Beach Recon Spark Headset: XBOX One, PC, PS4, PC, Switch. Turtle Beach is that big brand that most people know. From what I have heard, they serve good stuff.

4. Proslife Gaming Headset: These have universal compatibility. They support PC/Mac, PS4, Mobile, Xbox One and Switch.

5. Razer Kraken Gaming Headset: Works with PC/Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Switch. Comes in a quartz pink or a neon green with attachable cat ears (it’s cute, okay).

6. Logitech G430 Gaming Headset: I own these (going on four years now). They work on PS4, Xbox One, PC/Mac, AND have survived 3 moves and consistent travel.

7. Xbox One Airbrushed Custom Controller: Even though I really like the look of solid black or white controllers, these custom-painted ones are really, really good. There’s a ton of colors and patterns to choose from too.

8. Xbox One S Custom Soft Touch Controller: I have a specific weakness for chrome and metallic effects, and this custom controller is so tempting. There’s also a metallic gold option if you want to feel like a super villain while playing Halo.

9. Playstation 4 Airbrushed Custom Controller: Same as the Xbox controller but for the PS4. Tons of color combos and a nice shiny finish.

10. Playstation 4 Custom Soft Touch Controller: Again, same as the Xbox controller. That sweet sweet metallic finish.

11. XPro 200 Gaming Chair: This one has built-in speakers and volume control, along with ports to plug headphones in. It’s the big shiny gaming chair that lives in the living room.

12. Giantex Floor Chair: This one looks so big and cozy, and it has an adjustable back.

13. WAYTRIM Adjustable Floor Chair: I picked this one specifically because the cover is removable and machine-washable. Goodbye Cheeto dust.

14. Adjustable Floor Swivel Chair: This chair just hit me with a wave of nostalgia over those car beds everyone used to have. It swivels, has an adjustable back, and possibly the sexiest thing about it: it can fold for easy storage.

Keep It Mello, Marshmello

Sweatshirts and hats, man. They’re good go-tos for kids who have a specific passion. Let me tell you, there are some interesting things out there when you’re searching Fortnite. But I waded through the “interesting” ones to bring you some genuinely cool styles (I hope).

Gamer in your life? Need gifts for kids obsessed with Fortnite? We got you. Our resident gamer has  presents for XBOX One, PS4, PC & Switch...victory royale!

15. Fishstick Crocheted Hat: I love handmade items, and this crocheted hat is so freakin’ cute. There’s something about the big, goofy eyes…but this Fishstick hat got my attention right away.

16. Santa Floss Like a Boss Sweatshirt: I had to include one ugly Christmas sweater, and this one was so good. I love the silhouettes of the dance emotes from the game and the fact that you can choose from a few different colors.

17. Keep It Mello Sweatshirt: OK, so apparently I know even less about electronic music than I thought I did. Marshmello is a DJ that held a concert in Fortnite a while ago (how did I not know this?). Well…here’s a cool sweatshirt featuring the guy.

18. Marshmello Beanie: Honestly why not just go the extra mile and make an entire Marshmello ensemble?

19. Printed Llama Hoodie: This is definitely an eye-catcher and a really cool display of the game’s colorful style. Lots of reviews said it runs small though, so maybe size up.

20. Cuddle Team Leader Hat: Not a baseball cap girl myself, but I love this one and the unicorn one. They’re nice and subtle, and the embroidery looks super good.

21. Thank the Bus Driver Sweatshirt: Insert that GIF of Captain America going “I understood that reference!”. Players wanted to be able to thank the person driving the battle bus as they jumped out, and by God they got it. Now as you’re flying over the map, you can see a stream of “so-and-so has thanked the bus driver” leaving you with a warm and fuzzy feeling as you plummet towards the ground.

22. Fortnite Sweatshirt: I wanted one pretty simple (straightforward) Fortnite sweatshirt and really like the lace-up detail on this one. It makes it feel a bit more sporty.

23. Unicorn Hat: Same as the Cuddle Team Leader Hat, this is just a fun (and a little more subtle) nod towards Fortnite.

Merch You Won’t Have To Pick Up Off The Floor

So after all the tech and clothes picks, I found myself staring at pages and pages of Etsy things and kinda just drifting off into oblivion for a second. When I finally snapped back to reality, I realized what else I wanted to hunt for: Things that weren’t going to end up on the floor or under the couch in like… three days. Things that were useful or were there to add some flair to every day. Cool, Sydney…but what does that look like?

Gamer in your life? Need gifts for kids obsessed with Fortnite? We got you. Our resident gamer has  presents for XBOX One, PS4, PC & Switch...victory royale!

24. Fortnite Hooded Towels: Great for bathtime, and once the weather heats back up again, they’ll be a super cool to transition to the pool. There’s an option to get your kiddo’s name embroidered on the towel as well (it could also be cool to do their Fortnite username/battletag).

25. Dancing Silhouette Water Bottles: I love their clean designs, and the fact that you get to pick which silhouette you want. There’s also a Marshmello water bottle, if your kiddo would prefer that.

26. Fortnite Stainless Steel Water Bottle: This one is just really cool looking for a whole different reason. It’s got that rough and tough feeling to it.

27. Llama Patch: So I’ve gotten really into patches lately, and I’ve noticed my younger sister and her age group wearing more “souped-up” denim jackets. Honestly? I love it. It’s such an easy way to represent your favorite things (something something wearing your metaphorical heart on your literal sleeve). This llama patch is really cool, made of PVC (so it’s super durable), and has a velcro back.

28. Fortnite Logo Patch: Yea it’s simple, but sometimes that’s just what we need. Iron or or sew it on, and it comes with different size options, too. 

29. Glider Patch: This one is pretty cool. I love the silhouette, BUT I am a bit worried by how thin it is. This is one I would give a bit of Tender Love and Care (some TLC if you will) when applying it. 

30. Fortnite Patch: I picked this one because, if it still isn’t obvious, I love black and white silhouettes. This guy is 3” x 2” and perfect for a backpack or coat.

31. Character Keychains: I have one chunky keychain I use to find my keys at the bottom of the abyss that is my backpack. This is a fun way to help your kids remember their house keys. You can find some other cool keychains here.

And that’s that on that. I hope these ideas help steer you in the right direction for your Fortnite player. And honestly…a good back-up gift option is just getting them some V-Bucks (Fortnite’s in-game currency) and letting them get a new skin for their character or some other kind of customization. Gifting in-game currency becomes a bit more difficult because it circles around what system your kiddo plays on. If they play on Xbox One, get them an Xbox One gift card. If they play on the Switch, get them an eShop gift card. And so on and so on. Good luck, mama.

Your Resident Dungeon Master,


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  1. We have one of the chairs that we got my son for his birthday and it’s awesome. Can’t remember the brand but it’s still chugging along.

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