5 Ways To Style a Cropped Cardigan


Just a few years ago, the cardigan was totally dead to me…save for a cozy oversized version that I wear as a robe on cold mornings. Back then, I found hoodies, sweaters, jackets, sweatshirts far cuter (with more interesting detail) than any cardigan out there — a great cardi was always hard to find.

Styling Now: 5 Cute Cropped Cardigan Outfits

IT NEEDED A MAKEOVER. Someone must have called Stacy and Clinton because fast-forward a few years later and the cropped, boxy cardigan of my dreams has arrived.

Obviously the cardigan I have isn’t the first-ever of its kind, but it’s an adorable one, and the first I’ve brought home with me. Not surprisingly, this cardi has an animal print vibe made from an easy-to-wear cotton that’s the perfect weight for in-between seasons (like right now). Score. It’s also easy to throw on for those Zoom calls right now if you happen to still have yesterday’s graphic tee on…

Find The Cute Cardigan Here:

Nordstrom | Madewell

Cropped Cardigan Outfit Idea 1: With A Graphic Tee & Joggers

Cropped Cardigan Outfit Idea 2: Make A T-Shirt & Jeans More Interesting

Cropped Cardigan Outfit Idea 3: Warm Up A Romper

Cropped Cardigan Outfit Idea 4: Transition White Jeans Into Spring

Cropped Cardigan Outfit Idea 5: Cozy Up Faux Leather



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