Got word Thursday afternoon that the full Voloshin X TME line arrived in Philly, so I, of course, was in Voloshin’s showroom Friday morning with a bag full of shoes and bras to see just how these pieces and different sizes worked in person. I mean, yes… everything looked stunning on Shana, and I had been admiring this entire line for months now, but I have to be honest…I chatted it up with Shana about how excited I was about the new line, but I didn’t actually place an order during the pre-sale. Gasp! I have a more conservative (some might say prudish) style than Shana and didn’t know if the flirty styles would work for me. I also wasn’t 100% that the stripe would be right for my coloring, and I was VERY hesitant about the cut and sizing of the pants for my body type (small-chested, bigger on the bottom).

Spoiler Alert and Clothes Budget Downer: I love the whole line (well, maybe not EVERYTHING…read on to see what didn’t work on me), but everything really is GORGEOUS in person! These pieces are GOOD!

Voloshin X The Mom Edit #DressingRoomSelfies 

 A few important notes:

1. Size up from your usual size in the pants and shorts—I’m usually a small or sometimes a medium in drawstring pants, and I was able to wear both the medium AND the large in the Voloshin X TME line. Once I got the right size, I fell in love. If you are concerned about sizing, you could always order two sizes–just confirmed with the Voloshins that returns are free (just make sure not to miss the 30 days window.)

2. I love and would totally wear the tops — despite being a total fashion prude. My secret weapon? The Seamless Bandeau. 

3. The navy fabric is the softest thing you’ve ever felt in your life—I want to live in this fabric for-EVER!

4. The stripe pattern is fabulous—the colors are even better in person, and the design is somehow a magical combination of playful and chic. It’s great. 

Okay…enough notes…off to the dressing room we go…

The Kate Trapeze Top

Dressed Down

I liked this top WAY more than I thought I was going to. My favorite thing is how easily it can be dressed up or down. It obviously goes with the drawstring beach pants but looks equally at home with denim and even a long skirt. 

IT'S HERE! The Philly-based Voloshin X The Mom Edit collection is in — & we're trying it on. Check out our 1st batch of #DressingRoomSelfies.Trapeze Top-XS | Beach Pants -M | FitFlops | Clogs | Black Denim (similar) 

Dressed Up

I would definitely wear the all-navy set with comfy heels to something fancy-“ish” (would probably switch out the black heels below for these honey ones), and I liked both the stripe and the navy with my go-to black maxi. 

IT'S HERE! The Philly-based Voloshin X The Mom Edit collection is in — & we're trying it on. Check out our 1st batch of #DressingRoomSelfies.
Trapeze Top – XS | Beach Pant -M | Black Skirt (Similar) | Naturalizer Heels | Clogs 

The Drape

The photos do not do it justice, but a really cool aspect of the top in person is it has great movement. I, unfortunately, didn’t capture this in these selfies, but it swings and the fabric drapes in a really unique way. 

IT'S HERE! The Philly-based Voloshin X The Mom Edit collection is in — & we're trying it on. Check out our 1st batch of #DressingRoomSelfies.
Trapeze Top -XS | Black Denim (similar) | Clarks Wedges (similar)

The Belly Issue 

My main concern was if this top was going to show my belly. Lucky for me, most of my jeans are medium- to high-rise, so when I raised my arms, you could see my belly, but if my arms were down…no belly. The waist of the beach pants is really nice because you can play with the rise a bit. Shana has been wearing hers lower and showing some belly, but I wore mine on the higher side (even higher than some of these photos) and was much more comfortable. 

The Bra Issue

Here’s where it gets a bit tricky. Your bra is going to show. It’s a VERY breezy top. I tried it with a halter lacy bra (Shana style), and I would do this somewhere tropical with the hubby (wild and crazy Linzi alert!), but not here in Philly. I did, however, try it on with a halter non-lace, plain black cotton bra and was much more comfortable with that. My favorite, though, (and how I will wear it) is with a bandeau or tube top. I was able to cinch the bandeau a little narrower if I wanted to show a sliver of skin at the bottom or pull it all the way down to show no skin. Perfect!


I tried the xs and s, and both fit well. With this swingy style, there’s a lot of flexibility with the sizing. The xs was a bit shorter but still didn’t show belly when I wore higher rise pants. The xs also showed a bit less skin in the bra area which I liked. 

IT'S HERE! The Philly-based Voloshin X The Mom Edit collection is in — & we're trying it on. Check out our 1st batch of #DressingRoomSelfies.
Trapeze Top -XS | Seamless Bandeau | Denim (similar) | Bracelet (similar)

The Morgan Fly Away Top

The Drape

This top is REALLY pretty in person! Like REALLY pretty–one of those special pieces that makes you feel glamorous as soon as it hits your body. The Trapeze Top has a playful drape and swing, but the Fly Away Top has more of an elegant drape with a really nice line from the front and then POW, you see the back. 

IT'S HERE! The Philly-based Voloshin X The Mom Edit collection is in — & we're trying it on. Check out our 1st batch of #DressingRoomSelfies.
Fly Away Top -XS & S | Black Crop Flares(similar) | Blue Flares (similar) | Clogs 

How Much Back Shows?

The back is VERY dramatic. Possibly a touch too dramatic for me, but it’s SO pretty that I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone a bit. I didn’t love the full open back with my flare jeans (too much butt for me–I’ll spare you guys the photo), but I liked it with the higher rise, long black skirt and the navy beach pants (less attention drawn to the butt). I tried it with a cami underneath (middle pic) and it looked pretty meh–much better with the bandeau. Sorry for the fuzzy photos–I haven’t mastered the art of the backside selfie quite yet. 

IT'S HERE! The Philly-based Voloshin X The Mom Edit collection is in — & we're trying it on. Check out our 1st batch of #DressingRoomSelfies.

What Bra?

Lots of options here. I personally would do a bandeau or tube top again with this top, so I could determine just how much back I was going to show. It looks crazy amazing dramatic and gorgeous from the back with no bra or a backless bra if you can manage that or rock it Shana style with any pretty bra showing.


I tried both the xs and the s. Both fit well. The small had a bit more drape in the front and was longer which I kind of liked, but they fit pretty similarly everywhere else…it’s flowy, so the sizing seems flexible.

The Carina Ruffle Flounce Dress

The Fit

This dress is really good. Not much more to say than that. I knew it would be good. The first order of navy sold out fast, so there wasn’t one for me to try, but more are on their way. The cut is super-forgiving and you can adjust both the shoulder straps and the waist, so again…a lot of flexibility with the sizing of this one if your size is sold out.

IT'S HERE! The Philly-based Voloshin X The Mom Edit collection is in — & we're trying it on. Check out our 1st batch of #DressingRoomSelfies.
Dress -XS | Melissa Sandals | Bracelet (similar)

The Lutécia Drawstring Shorts

What can I say…I don’t like the shorts. I don’t like any shorts, though. I literally don’t have a single pair of shorts in my closet (other than swim shorts). So…I’m really not the one to ask on these. I tried them on, but then quickly took them off. If you like shorts, though….they’re super-soft, super-lightweight, and I’m sure many of you can totally rock them…not for me, though.

IT'S HERE! The Philly-based Voloshin X The Mom Edit collection is in — & we're trying it on. Check out our 1st batch of #DressingRoomSelfies.
Drawstring Shorts -M | Fly Away Top – XS | Clogs

The Grace Drawstring Beach Pants

The Fit

I didn’t want to take these pants off. I seriously considered not changing into my jeans and just wearing these pants straight out of the showroom. In the summer, I wear Roxy pants, but if I’m honest with myself– they’re way too low-rise for me and don’t look that good. I find myself constantly pulling my shirt down or struggling to try and make the pants stretch up. I tried these Anthro pants and the rise was WAY too high. I tried these Caslon pants and they weren’t soft enough. But these Voloshin X TME Beach Pants? Goldilocks found her pair!


They’re amazing as long as you are working with the right size. I’m a small in Roxy pants and wear a 27 size Madewell and Lucky jean, but the smalls in these were super-tight. Both the medium and the large fit me fine. In the navy, there wasn’t that much of a difference between the medium and the large (and I could easily wear either). The stripe felt a smidge smaller, but I would still probably go with the medium in both.

IT'S HERE! The Philly-based Voloshin X The Mom Edit collection is in — & we're trying it on. Check out our 1st batch of #DressingRoomSelfies.
Beach Pants – M | Fly Away Top -S | Madewell Tie Tank -XS


I love the all-navy look, I love the mix and match with navy and stripes, I also love the stripe with this black tank, but I didn’t master the all-stripe look below. Not quite right. Maybe better on me for a more dressier look with hair up and heels? Or maybe I’ll just stick with the mix-and-match styling above.

IT'S HERE! The Philly-based Voloshin X The Mom Edit collection is in — & we're trying it on. Check out our 1st batch of #DressingRoomSelfies.
Trapeze Top -XS | Beach Pants -S | Clogs

More pics of all of these pieces on more sizes, on more body types, and with more stylings coming soon now that all sizes are in! Woohoo!!!! 



  1. Hi Linzi & Shana, I’m having a hard time deciding between a S and an XS for the Kate Trapeze top. Can you let us know your measurements? I’m 5’3″ and around 120lbs. For reference, I usually take a size S but have the voloshin Talita dress (recommended by Shana!) in the S and find it quite overwhelming on my frame. Thank you so much in advance!!

    • I would do an xs, Ann. I’m 5’2, 130 lbs, 32 inch bust measurement and the xs was good on me–or if you’re nervous, order both and return whichever one you don’t want to keep. I just confirmed with the Voloshins that returns are free–the return window is 30 days.

  2. Or actually, maybe I’ll just pop into a store soon. I’m only a couple hours drive away so can do a fun road trip. Thanks for the great detailed review!

    • Voloshin’s show room is gorgeous–I’m pretty sure they are open only by appointment at this time, though, so just make sure to call ahead of time if you’re making the road trip!

  3. Side Q: how do you like those Melissa sandals? I had a pair of Melissa slides once and they drove me crazy because all the slick plastic/rubber made my feet sweaty, blistery and – sorry for this! – made those sandal fart noises when I walked. But the ones you’re wearing look so good that I’m very tempted again! Thoughts?

    • Funny you asked-I’m putting together a post of a TON of the summer sandals I tried this summer and was just thinking about what I would write about the Melissas. In short–I really like them and wear them all the time. That being said, they’re not my go-to’s if I’m going to be walking the city all day long. My feet are a little achy after walking for several hours and the between-the-toe thing is okay, but feels less okay after lots and lots and lots of walking. It’s a very rubbery shoe–which is awesome because it can get wet no problem (which I love), but it also means it feels plasticy and not as soft as some of my leather and fabric shoes. The footbed is cushy, though, and it feels great if you’re not walking a ton that day. No noise “issues” for me—I hear a tiny slap slap when I’m walking (but nothing terrible) and if I wiggle my toes a lot and they’re wet or sweaty I hear a little squeaking (but again..nothing terrible). I’ve had shoes before that make the awful nosies when air gets trapped between my foot and the footbed…but I’m not having that with these. I’m guessing, though, with all of us having different shaped feet (and different areas for air pockets) it probably happens with different shoes for different people. Hope this helps!

  4. I think all of these pieces are beautiful, but the navy trapeze top with the navy beach pants look amazing together on you! It’s so, elegant, I guess! Love it. Also, I’m really loving your tan clogs! They’re a perfect neutral sandal! Love it all!

  5. Hi! Thanks for this great post. I love the beach pants. Do they seem like they would stretch and become saggy throughout the day? Also, I’m 5’10” and see that they have a 29” hem – would they look silly on a taller frame? Thanks!!!

  6. Funny you asked–that was my first question for Shana because she has been wearing and washing the beach pants on repeat. I hate stretched out saggy pants! She said that they don’t stretch out, but they also don’t shrink in the wash–so keep in mind the way they fit is the way they’re going to fit. I usually count on pants to shrink or stretch, so that was helpful for me. As for being 5’10–they’re going to be short on you, so I guess it depends on if you like shorter cropped pants. Hope that helps and sorry for the delayed response.

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