Voloshin X The Mom Edit, Drop 2: Prints


Gang, I couldn’t be more excited about the prints in our Voloshin X The Mom Edit collection. If there’s one area where Amy Voloshin really shines, it’s her prints. All of Voloshin’s prints are hand drawn by Amy, and her artistic process is so fun to watch. While there’s no doubt Amy does just fine on her own (check out her Printfresh designs) when we’re working on a collection together I am, ahem, expected to contribute something to the conversation.

Usually I start by just wandering through the racks and racks of vintage and handmade prints and clothing that Amy keeps in her studio. For inspiration.

I google.

I pin.

And then I send Amy a ton of photos of random things that made me swoon: a bit of wallpaper, an old sheet set, something I found online where I liked the lining, and, of course, my favorite prints from her studio.

Amy quickly sorts these things into categories and calls me. “You like conversation prints” she says.

I google it. She’s right, I do like conversation prints!

We discuss. I use phrases like “not boring florals” and “can we put a bird in there?” and we text each other yet more images of conversation prints. At some point Amy asks about color and I’m all “black and white and brown! But with color!” Linzi, who is listening in is both rolling her eyes at me and googling pantone colors. We put together a bunch, do some swapping. Color is hard.

At some point, Amy gives the thumb’s up. She’s either got enough to go on, or is inspired herself. She goes away for a while, and then – yay! – I get an email from Amy with our print. It is black and white and a really pretty, pretty brown with enough color and conversation (yes, even a bird hidden in there) that Linzi and I are both blown away.

Welcome to Voloshin X The Mom Edit, Drop 2: Prints!

Voloshin X The Mom Edit, Drop 2: Poppy Wrap Top

The Poppy Wrap Top is made from 100% linen, and is designed to fit at the top of high-rise jeans…or with the matching wrap skirt. The sleeves are loose (with a little ruffle detail) so this top is never too hot, even in mid-summer. I found that the button at the waist is a bit tight, so I sized up (but I’m the sort who gains weight in my middle).

ps. Our Jeni is going to pull together a quick tutorial on how to easily move the button if you’d rather not size up (all other aspects of the top are TTS), but if you tend to have a smaller waist, your regular size will be perfect.

Voloshin X The Mom Edit, Drop 2: Gigi Wrap Skirt

The Gigi Wrap Skirt is basically the summer skirt of my dreams. It’s the easiest length – that high-low hem means that it can fit tall girls like a midi, petite girls like a maxi – and yet will always work with heels, flat sandals, or sneakers. It’s made from 100% linen and can either be fancied up, or worn with graphic tees and sneaks. This might be one of my most-worn pieces in the collection.

Voloshin X The Mom Edit Drop 2: Bliss Bow-Shoulder Top in Print!

We loved our Bliss bow-shoulder top so much that we issued it in print, as well. Just like the solid versions, this top is 100% linen….

Voloshin X The Mom Edit Drop 2: Tate One-Shoulder Dress

The Tate dress, which we released earlier in June in both black and white linen…gets almost totally re-imagined in print. The vibe is wildly romantic and pretty. Like the rest of the collection, this dress is 100% linen and yup: POCKETS.

Amy, always such a pleasure working with you!



photo credits: Redfield Photography

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  1. Love the print! I think this collection is even cuter than the first one you did. I would love to support you all and generally wear an XL in most items sized like that. I see that some have XL sizes listed but not all descriptions include the XL measurements or there’s an XL measurement listed but no XL selection. Could you do break down of which pieces come in XL and what their measurements are? Also, does the skirt have measurements? Is the shoulder bow blouse my best option?

    • LauraB – GAH. I hear you….this has been the most frustrating thing about this collection: what happened to the XLs and XXLs? Turns out that producing garments overseas is tricky in the best of times…and during these COVID times, we couldn’t even recover when issues popped up. That said: The Bliss Bow-Shoulder top IS your best bet…followed by the Tate One-Shoulder dress. The top fits both Kat (size 20) and Syd (size 14-16) and the dress also fit Syd (but was a little tighter than she liked around her arms). The wrap skirt almost fit Syd (in terms of material), but the buttons would have to be moved. I can’t remember what her thoughts were on the wrap top – let me get back to you.

      I’ll also have someone go through and double-check the measurements listed in general.

      THANK YOU for hanging in there with us. It’s been crazy these last few months – on all levels. xoxoxoxoox

  2. I love this print! Is there a size chart? I love the skirt and am trying to figure out what size to order. Description says to order a size up but then shows TTS below so I’d love to just understand what sizing is. Beautiful collection – congrats!

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