Is Vuori Sexy Enough For Me? (A Try-On With Hits & Misses)


I have never been drawn to Vuori, despite the wonderful things I hear about it (especially from the TME crew). I’ve heard that it’s oh-so-soft and comfortable, and, despite owning this Vuori tank (a gift from Linzi) that is oh-so soft-and-comfortable…I’ve never been convinced that Vuori would suit a girl like me who is drawn to color, shine, and sparkle. I tend to prefer workout/athleisure pieces in really sexy cuts, rather than cool-girl neutrals.

Eventually, the team’s undying love of Vuori made me want to check it out – just to fulfill my curiosity, if nothing else! And since Vuori had recently opened a store in Philadelphia, a quick trip in-store seemed like an easy way to satisfy this curiosity. So. I recruited Aliya (our Social Media gal) and ventured in. Just as expected, I was confronted with a beautiful, organized space, filled with muted colors and design. 

vuori store review philadelphia

At first glance, the colors and styles appeared…boring. No sparkle, shine, or sexy cuts anywhere!! Aliya, help!! (She was laughing at me.) But then, for the sake of research (this is TME, after all), I really got in there and looked through the racks with an open mind. I touched (ok, yes, soft), inspected, held up (hmmm), and imagined life with all the pieces in the store. I pulled about 4-5 outfits I could mayyybe see myself wearing in the gym, dancing and walking around town. And I avoided the usual TME faves until the very end, just for fun…

A Vuori Try-On: What I Took Home & What I Left Behind

Vuori square neck bra and leggings review

Bra (m) | Leggings (m)

My favorite pieces, surprisingly, were the Evolve Legging and matching Square Neck Bra set – plain! Neutral! But much sexier on than it looks on the hanger. And this jumpsuit is tied as a favorite.

As for the rest, I was honestly pretty impressed by each item. Impressed because each piece is so comfortable, soft, lightweight, versatile and very good quality. There was something I liked about everything I tried on…buttt also a few things that were deal breakers. 

Let’s get into it.

Outfit 1: The Evolve Legging and Square Neck Bra

Vuori square neck bra and leggings review

Bra (m) l Leggings (m)

While I’ve been steering away from leggings lately (I haven’t been in the mood, nothing feels fresh), Vuori’s Evolve leggings were a surprising win. They provide compression, but not too much, are soft, comfortable and breathable…they are ALL the things. They’re perfect.

Secondly, this square neck sports bra is a complete win. I love this cut, I love this look, and it feels very feminine and sexy to me. As I dove deeper into their website while writing this post, I’ve noticed that they have a lot of pieces with this same square neck. Check them out here.

Outfit 2: The Lux Jogger Jumpsuit

Vuori lux jogger jumpsuit try on

Jumpsuit (m)

This jogger jumpsuit is amazing! It is so freaking comfortable, and is exactly what I picture pulling on after a sweaty dance class or gym sesh. Peeling off the gym clothes and slipping on this easy-breezy, lightweight jogger sounds delicious to me, and the weather is finally warm enough. Perfect for running errands, brunch or hanging out around the house. In fact, I’m wearing it now as I write this post.

Outfit 3: The Elevate Daily Legging And Energy Top

Vuori elevate daily legging and energy top try on

Leggings (m) l Tank (m)

These leggings are a Mom Edit favorite; Shana and a few others on the team have them. But I am so conflicted with these leggings! I love them and hate them at the same time lol. I don’t love the look of them — they remind me of football player pants, minus the pads. At the same time, I kind of like the way they look, on. Confusing, I know, but stick with me for a second: They are a flattering legging if you can get over the whole football thing. The tie is cute and helps the legging not roll down. And like everything else I tried on, they feel amazing and are super comfortable. Ugh, I’m very torn with these leggings! In hindsight, perhaps I should’ve tried a different color? Maybe moral of this story is avoid the light gray.

But this tank I can recommend with zero reservations. It’s the the one Linzi gave me, and I wear it often. It’s ridiculously comfortable, versatile, and the perfect essential.

Outfit 4: The Villa Cargo Jogger and Pose Plyo Tank

Vuori villa jogger and rose pylo tank review

Tank (m) l Joggers (m)

I wanted to love these Villa joggers so badly. They feel so nice to touch and even more so when they’re on. They’re lightweight, flowy, and a perfect material for hot weather. However…the waistband is not good. I felt it looked so outdated, not modern or sexy like my style. If the waistband was different I could get on board and would have taken these home, too.

This tank, however, is awesome! I love a built-in bra, especially in the summer. This one has medium support which is a definite plus. I love the cut and it hits right at the waist. This tank can be worn as a workout top OR a regular top, too. That fabric is sneaky technical, but looks like a regular ribbed tank.

Outfit 5: The Villa Wideleg Pant and Lux Cami

Vuori villa wide leg pant and lux cami try on

Top (m) l Pants (m)

Woa — the Villa Wideleg Pant looks just like my all-time favorite (screaming it from the mountaintops forever) Athleta Brooklyn Heights Wide Leg Pant. But… Vuori’s failed me and I am disappointed. I wanted to love these pants! Again, I’m not a fan of the waistband, just like the joggers above. I feel like I am borrowing my grandmother’s pants. They aren’t flattering to my body; the leg falls straight down from the super wide elastic waistband, and, if you have curves, they disappear.

Vuori villa wide leg pant and lux cami try on

Top (m) l Pants (m)

The difference between Vuori’s wideleg pant and the Athleta Brooklyn pant is, most importantly, that the Brooklyn pant doesn’t have the wide scrunchie waistband. The top part of the Brooklyn Heights pant is form-fitting so you can see that you have a body, and then the leg flares out. Are these Vuori pants comfortable? Absolutely! They are breathable, soft, and all the things you would want in a pant. If I didn’t care what I looked like in them and could just lounge around the house, I’d grab them. Buttttt I do care. 😉

This tank, on the other hand, I wanted to buy immediately. I love thin straps and love a low back! It has a shelf bra so no bra is needed! I can easily wear this out dressed up or down as well as dancing Bachata and Salsa.

More Pieces I Think I’ll Try From Vuori

As I was writing this, I did a lot of surfing on their website and noticed that a lot of pieces that are closer to my style than I thought, and was pleasantly surprised! Check out more of my faves here:

I like to add a little ✨ spice✨ to my athletic-wear and that was a challenge to find in-store. But they do have some good finds mixed into their regular selection online. I would recommend this brand for its comfort and their quality, but you’ve gotta dig if you don’t care for ordinary cuts and colors. Although, their ordinary cuts and colors do come in handy for your essentials. 😉

Let me know what you think about Vuori. If you’ve tried the Villa Pants I am super curious as to your thoughts!



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