Preppy with a Twist: Waist-Tied Tops & Leopard Print Heels


Ahh, Spring. The perfect time (and temp) to switch up your style. Whether you’re going from parkas to sundresses or you’re a lucky one who’s been in shorts all year (cough, cough CAM) you want a little something new. When the TME girls gave me a style challenge, I was determined to take on “preppy” as best I could. Collared shirts, if we’re getting specific here. Damn, these girls are good at dishing out the hard stuff.

As much as I usually don’t like button-up collared shirts, I can’t help but be drawn to unique trends. Since I’ve been eyeing all the great new wrap-around style button up blouses I figured this was as good a time as any to try one.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE preppy style, I just feel like I can never quite pull it off.  Mainly, I don’t like feeling constricted. As a child, I refused to stay dressed because I couldn’t stand how suffocating clothes made me feel. Obviously, I made it through the ‘no clothes’ phase but restrictive clothing isn’t necessarily conducive to my lifestyle. I’m constantly moving while working; I spread out on the floor when painting and drawing and stand and pace when writing.

The top I was planning on ordering was sold out in my size so I headed to the mall where I found a similar style at New York and Company. I paired it with my Rocket Citizens and (in true preppy fashion) my low-slung pointed toe leopard heels.

Of course, in the store, the top was professionally tied in a lovely bow that I had to dismantle in order to put the shirt on.  I was never able to re-create their perfect wrap and knot but the long ties allowed me to get creative with styling and wrapping in different ways. I liked having it tied a little looser to give me some room to breathe and so my ta-ta’s weren’t too squished. My biggest concern of course was that it was going to be too constricting but the material was quite comfortable and had a nice bit of stretch for moving.  Plus, I couldn’t believe how many compliments I received while wearing it.

Mission: Successful.





Blouse: my top is from New York & Company, I found it while scouring the mall for collared tie wrap tops and hit the jackpot with this one. AND it’s 67% off for only $18.00! They have several tie waist collared top options, also on major sale!

Jeans: My “I Feel Like a Million Bucks” Rocket Skinny Citizens I don’t know how they do it but they’re worth every penny.

Heels: What is it about a dash of leopard print that makes it perfect for preppy style? I’ve been wearing these Dainna-L Steve Madden heels every chance I get. I’m not a complete crazy woman though, these heels are super modest at only 2″ height, they’re super comfortable. I even wore them dancing for five hour straight with minimal soreness the day after. Also, they’re marked down from $99.95 to $59.95 on Amazon and Steve Madden.

Purse: So I found my Metal Indian Clutch, $49.00, on Etsy, my favorite place to shop for unique one of a kind items. Etsy shops: ShopWEARRAW and TheArtisanTribe both offer several other cool design options. Also, check out St. Xavier brand clutches available at Revolve for even more styles.

More Preppy Waist Tie Tops



Comfy Low Slung Leopard Pumps


Happy May everyone! See you soon on the beach!

xx, Jess


  1. Oh my goodness! Before the tangent – the blouse looks fantastic. Love the shots. BUT I spent last week trying to find out of metal bags were becoming a ‘thing.’ I received one years ago and couldn’t quite pull it off but it’s been hanging around my closet and it’s your EXACT ONE! I’ll be dusting it off and wearing it on my big date night tomorrow!

    • Haha, no way!! I happened to see a metal bag on Etsy one day and I was immediately obsessed. That’s so cool! Good luck on your date tonight, you got this!

  2. The link for the jeans says, “they run small” do you find that to be true? Do you have other Citizen’s to compare them too?

    • Thanks Holly! These are my first Citizens and I didn’t find them to run small just…form fitting. Lol. But they have the perfect amount of stretch to them so they are really comfortable.

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