10 Random Home & Fashion Finds You’d Never Guess Were Walmart


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Welp, the title says it all on this one. Ten exceptionally good items that are worth making space for in your home or closet (quite literally in the case of this chair, which we reorganized two rooms to accommodate) — and they’re all from Walmart.

Friends. I am speechless. I mean, not literally, obviously. Here we are. But words fall short of how delighted I was by every item in this haul. Giddy, even.

I haven’t lived within reasonable driving distance of a Walmart in some time. As such, it’s admittedly not on my radar all that much. And then recently, a friend started raving about their Better Homes & Garden line of home accents. Abby did that stunning post on her upcoming trip to Paris that had me clicking through with reckless abandon. (I genuinely cannot remember the last time I was so utterly intrigued.) I dipped my toe in the water by ordering this cotton top that could, quite frankly, sell for three times as much. And I was hooked.

Like I said. Rearranging rooms to make space for purchases.

These 10 Affordable Home Accents and Summer Fashion Finds Are Shockingly Good

A gorgeous chair you’ll want to style rooms around? A cheerful summer tote that only looks expensive? Recycled drinking glasses that will give your kitchen an instant cafe upgrade? Mmmmhmm. And more. Here are just 10 of the random Walmart items I’ve fallen head over heels for of late.

1. Beautiful Drew Chair by Drew Barrymore


There’s a reason we’re starting with this Beautiful Drew Chair by Drew Barrymore. Almost six thousand 5-star reviews? Get outta here. I had to try it for myself, and if you have any excuse to add an extremely tasteful, extremely versatile accent chair to your home, well, this is your sign.

I don’t know what I expected for under $300 — maybe something scaled more to an apartment, or with more assembly required? Instead, this is a full-scale chair for full-scale spaces — large enough for me to comfortably lounge in or even sit on criss-cross applesauce — and it happens to be really well-constructed and absolutely gorgeous, to boot. The cream boucle looks genuinely expensive. And as for assembly, we put it together in 5 minutes, and it joins in such a way that I don’t doubt its longevity, even with young kiddos really putting the swivel function to the test. On that note: it’s also fun.

In short: I initially bought this chair for our bedroom, but it looked so dang good there we decided to try it in our living room — and then our office, too. It’s like that perfect white button-up that just elevates everything it’s paired with. Highly recommend.

2. Free Assembly Women’s Cotton Ruched Eyelet Halter Top

top (s)

We’ve all been searching for the perfect summer tops. Ones that feel eazy and breezy but have just enough interesting details to make them feel full of effort even if they are, indeed, effortless. Natural fibers, too, if you please.

Enter: this eyelet halter top from Free Assembly. If you’re somewhat new to this brand, as I was, it’s full of classic pieces, often with a tailored or unexpected twist. Perfect little white tees, cotton sundresses, surprisingly chic striped tanks. Bread and butter basics, but like good bread with that salted, cultured butter that makes your mouth water. Ughhh.

Anyway. This one nails everything on my summer top wishlist: 100% cotton, easy to wear, comfortable despite the fact that it’s a little bit flirty — and bonus points for the fact that there are multiple ways to wear it. Wear the shoulders up or down, tie the strings in a bow or around your neck, halter style. The eyelet details are beautiful, and there’s a smocked panel with a back zip, too, so it’s nicely tailored through the torso. The construction is actually shockingly good for the price. I can see it going for three or four times its price — which happens to be $26. Also available in white, which I’m strongly considering if my size comes back in stock. (I’m wearing a small.)

3. No Boundaries Women’s Woven Beach Tote Bag


This is the cheeriest, on-trend tote with charming embroidery and beach-friendly mesh — and while it looks like something you could certainly score from the highest-end department store, it’s $20. I love the other available iterations, too, but the yellow absolutely sucked me in at first glance. The size is great, too. Plenty roomy for a towel, water bottle, sunnies, snacks, sunscreen, a handful of beach toys and more.

4. Better Homes & Gardens Aztec Cream Decorative Pillow


Have I paid upwards of $50 for pillows just like this one? Yep. Is this little cream Aztec pillow (note: it’s definitely more taupe than cream) under $13 and just as tastefully designed, perfectly proportioned and ideally stuffed? Mmhmm. Not the first pillow I’d snuggle up with for a nap, but it’s much softer than it looks, and the natural texture is such an easy way to add a little modern organic aesthetic to almost any room. In fact, I want to style entire rooms just to use this pillow over and over again.

5. Better Homes & Gardens Clear Green Glass 8-Pack


We’ve been in the market for new drinking glasses for a few years now (our once-charming collection of mismatched pint glasses seems to dwindle every time Mercury is in retrograde), so I picked up these Better Homes & Gardens Clear Green Recycled Glasses on a whim, spurred on by the great reviews. They’re now everyone’s favorite glasses in the house. One hundred percent recycled glass, stackable, super durable (read: absolutely dishwasher safe), and the glass feels almost slinky — super comfortable both for drinking and in the hand. Like an upscale cafe glass. And under $20 for the set.

6. ChicSilver Sterling Silver Initial Necklace


I wear the same gold pendant every day and have a couple of silver chains I mix with it from time to time, but I’ve been wanting to include something with an initial for some time. (Almost all my loved ones have a J for either their first or middle name.) This little necklace is just so sweet. It’s marketed as if it’s for kiddos — or teens, maybe? — but I’m wearing it here on the shortest adjustable setting with inches to spare, so it just feels like a super dainty necklace for adults, if you ask me. Sterling silver, and the price point (usually $52, now $19) is pretty tempting. Would make a charming little gift, too.

7. Better Homes & Gardens Bamboo Plastic Bag Storage Drawer Organizer

drawer organizer

We don’t use plastic bags much anymore, but real talk: we still have a box of each of the most common sizes on hand almost all the time. The bigger issue? The sandwich baggies were in the junk drawer. The quart baggies were hidden behind the potato crate in the pantry. And we were actually going into the laundry room every time we needed a gallon storage bag, because…that’s where they fit…?

When I checked the dimensions on this bamboo plastic bag drawer organizer and realized it would actually fit into our shallowest kitchen drawer, which was honestly just a waste of freaking space before this, I audibly inhaled in joyful disbelief. All the bags in one place?! Game. Changer.

8. Better Homes & Gardens Glass and Wood Propagation Station

propagation station

This is technically a propagation station — which has me extremely excited (I have a philodendron just begging me to make babies out of it) — but it also makes for such a striking centerpiece or accent piece even just filled with a few garden cuttings. Talk about a lot of bang for your buck. I can’t wait to use this all year long, too. Can you imagine the bulbs filled with tiny fairy lights and little sprigs of holly and fir tree trimmings? Eeee!

9. No Boundaries Mid Heel Platform Thong Wedge

flip flops

The fact that flip flops are back feels like such a gift, and these platform flip flops make my heart straight up sing. The ones I wore in college were even taller (with studded straps, if I recall correctly), but these are the perfect height for all my swishy wide leg jeans and summery drawstring pants. True to size.

10. Dave & Jenny Marrs for Better Homes & Garden 12″ x 6″ Carved Wood Tray


This simple, handmade wood tray is the perfect size for collecting keys and sunnies at the door, jewelry on top of a dresser or a few pockets’ worth of shells and beach glass. Would be perfect as an accent in a guest bathroom, even (ooooh, piled with tiny bottles of skincare samples or a pretty soap). Carved from a single piece of wood, so every tray is unique. Super giftable, too.

But Wait (As They Say)…There’s More!

My saved cart is already loaded with more random, surprising finds for mulling over, so here’s a glimpse at what’s in it at the moment.

And while we’re here, it’d be a crime not to mention Walmart’s preowned designer bag situation. They’re clearly labeled by condition with detailed imagery and thoughtful pricing, and you can even sort by brand. There’s some treasure hunting to be found there, for sure. But maybe we’ll save that for another day.


Thank you so much to Walmart for sponsoring this post. I was delighted as heck with the quality, price and shipping speed(!!!) of all of the items here — and my saved cart is just brimming with other finds I can’t wait to bring home. And if you’re reading this, big thanks to you, as well. There are so many ways to spend your time (and money) online — we’re truly appreciative of your support here at TME. Cheers!

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