Want, Need, Wear, Read – What the TME Editors REALLY Want This Year


I mean, okay. What we all really want is world peace. And also an end to racism, fascism, bigotry, oppression, and misogyny (just to name a few off the top of my head). But now I’m getting all fired up and mad, and this is supposed to be about cute slippers.


So. Here’s the short list (want, need, wear, read) of stuff the TME editors would actually want to see under the tree this year. Some are cutesy, some are useful, and some will make you think.

Happy holidays!!

If Santa's not kissing Mommy, he better leave her something stunning under the tree. See what's on the editors' Want, Need, Wear, Read wishlists.

WANT: Dyson Hair Dryer – I can get away with air-drying my hair *most* of the time come summer…but winter is a different story  Almost everyone* who has tried this hair dryer LOVES it, and raves about the huge reduction in drying time and resulting shiny locks.

*the one person who wasn’t blown away by this hair dryer was my own stylist, Shannon. But she’s freaking amazing with any hair dryer, and could probably make my hair look good with a dish rag and a toothpick. We do NOT have this talent in common, so I’m going for the big-gun hairdryer.

NEED: Anthro Edlyn Bed – We need to get the guest room mattress off the floor. SIGH. The plan is to move our old bed into the guest room, and replace it with….this one? We love the cute legs (Mike is a leg man, haha) and the textured velvet headboard (or maybe linen? Hmmm…just ordered swatches). It comes in a ton of colors, too.

WEAR: CAMI NYC Racer Top / Rag & Bone Aslen Boots | Voloshin Earrings – This might be boring, but I really do tend to wear the same thing every day. And my daily uniform is typically one of these silk camis layered under a cashmere sweater, jeans, and flat boots. I love the fit and feel of my leopard print Aslen boots so much that I miiiiiiight get the black ones. (rag & bone boots tend to last forever.) And I’ve found that the darker colors of the Cami NYC camis can be machine washed on cold, and then hung to dry. It does change the look/feel of the silk, but I’m totally OK with it.  Lastly, local designer Voloshin just launched some jewelry, and it’s amazing.  I’m vowing to wear earrings more often, so this pretty everyday pair caught my eye.  But if you are looking for something with impact….these.  (SWOON)

READ: Good and Mad by Rebecca Traister – Named as one of the best books of 2018 by everyone from The Washington Post to Wired to Elle Magazine….this book takes on feminism in a post-Trump era, without shying away from addressing white fragility and race. I’m also hoping to take on HuffPo’s list of 16 Books About Race That Every White Person Should Read this year.

(In a totally un-related note, I’m also picking up a copy of Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking – I’ve been following this blogger on Instagram for years, and I’m obsessed. She focuses on plant-based recipes that are easy to throw together and mostly gluten-free, too.)

If Santa's not kissing Mommy, he better leave her something stunning under the tree. See what's on the editors' Want, Need, Wear, Read wishlists.

Leave it to me to pick almost all black for Christmas. Cheery! I pretty much want to live in this collage right here though…cozy up in that chair, wearing the PJs and reading a good cookbook. Pure bliss. And, of course, I had to include some boots. For good measure. Tidings of comfort and joy, dear friends!

WANT: Everlane Cashmere PJs – Um, yes. Please. I never have matching pjs, much less a set this amazing. The nice thing is you could totally wear these out, too, mixed up or not. Try a trench coat and white high tops and a fun red beanie, and yes. Welcome to my new momming outfit. #everyday comes to mind. And I love Everlane as a company; they offer sustainable and ethical practices. Win, win, for sure.

NEED: West Elm Phoebe Chair – Our armchair has served us for many years now. And many paw prints and dog naps later, it needs to be replaced. I’ll probably be talked into getting a recliner (don’t worry, I’ll be picky), but what I really want, no, NEED for our living room is this gorgeousness.

WEAR: Splendid Clooney Point Toe Booties – You may have seen me try these on in my IG stories (@elletrain) They. Are. Fabulous. They’re very well-made and gorgeous and rad. I love the heel height and that they are a bit lower rise on the ankle. The tiny studs are cool, too. I’ll wear them with wide leg jeans, skinny jeans, straight leg…all the things. I’d size up 1/2 size if you plan to wear anything but a thin sock.

READ: Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering The Elements of Good Cooking – If you haven’t watched this beautifully shot, down-to-earth, gorgeous show on Netflix, do it. Tonight. There are 4 episodes and it’s all based on this lovely cookbook, which I now definitely need in my life. Not only does it contain beautiful recipes, but the chef worked with her friend and illustrator who complements each of the pages with lovely artwork. I cannot wait to peruse this while sipping my Christmas morning coffee, in my new pjs? (ahem, Santa)


If Santa's not kissing Mommy, he better leave her something stunning under the tree. See what's on the editors' Want, Need, Wear, Read wishlists.

When I’m feeling tired out and kinda crazy from it all (#motherhood), I try to find things that can uplift me and keep me moving along. My picks are all about that — throwing in some sparkle, comfort & a good read. Not to mention, a fantastically epic boot that would make me smile every time I put them on.

WANT: Wolky Hayen Knee High Boot (Oxblood Leather) – I have been wanting a pair of high boots, but haven’t really found a pair that hits the spot…have been kinda bored with the options. These knee high boots, with their deep red and the lace-up back, are really amazing.

WEAR: Metallic Blazer + Metallic Ankle Pant – I tried this matching set on, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved it. It’s festive and full, all while being something I can move around in. I’d wear together or separately with different things.

NEED: UGG Wrin Slipper – I had a pair of fuzzy UGG slippers for a couple of years, and they were amazing for wearing around the house…every day. Well, then our pup got to them and I cried. I think it’s time for a new pair! I like the stitching on these and the furry ankle.

READ: Crazy Rich Asians – one of my oldest (and best) friends raves about this book. She says she’s hesitant to watch the movie, because of how well-developed the characters are in the book…as well as the entire storyline. I am really looking forward to getting this one and diving on in!


If Santa's not kissing Mommy, he better leave her something stunning under the tree. See what's on the editors' Want, Need, Wear, Read wishlists.WANT: Jason just reviewed my full holiday wishlist with me via iMessage. And then deemed me to be a teenage boy at heart. There is in fact one of those trapped deep in my soul. I’m good with him; we understand one another. And yes, I did shamelessly send Jason 5 pairs of kicks; because we only sorta understand one another. And he needed to understand that I MEAN IT. So then I sent him 5 pairs of joggers and 5 hoodies too. I will wear the heck out of all those kicks, so stop it. I’m just practical. If we only choose one of those five though, these are for sure it. Because when Pharrell Williams and Adidas get together, we just all get on board with that and get happier feet. The end.

NEED: My knees. Just. Can’t. I am absolutely a Just Do It kinda girl. And right now, and for the past 18 months…my 44-year-old knees just can’t do it. I spent so much money on physical therapy that I’ve already bought 3 of these. And now I just need one. B/c this is the only thing between me and sanity + my currently well-cushioned six pack. Raines told me the other day he can feel my abs…in there…somewhere. My neighbor/idol Yvette has one. And I will soon too. Arguably, this is the BEST Looking ONE...but you know…budget. And really, is it more important that I look and feel good or that the machine be good looking? Jason? Santa? Self-care. I think we file this one under self-care.

WEAR: I like gold and I cannot lie. And why would I? Mornings are rough. And cold. And this puffer makes them better. Gold puffer for the mom who gets the kids to school, homework done, permission slips signed, lunch packed, braids tight, state capitals memorized. Who needs a medal? I’ll take this and call it the warm pat on my back…all…day…long this winter.

READ: S gifted this to C. And now we have 2 extra copies, and a request that I papier-mâché her ceiling in it. I love a girl with an imagination. So heck yes this is what I will spend my ‘off’ time doing this winter break. Stay tuned, great photos to come. We’ll even include the ones of the process, which will be painful and ugly…but so freaking worth it. Alright Alice, and Cecilia Seton…here we go…one ceiling closer to Wonderland…one page at a time.

If Santa's not kissing Mommy, he better leave her something stunning under the tree. See what's on the editors' Want, Need, Wear, Read wishlists.

WANT: If I didn’t already have the old kindle, the new paperwhite would be a NEED for sure, BUT for now it’s a want. Badly. It’s lighter than the one I have (it actually DOES make a difference if you’re reading for hours in the middle of the night with a baby attached to your boob) and . . . it’s waterproof. This changes everything.  Seriously, I never want to take my kindle in the bath with me in case I drop it. Now I’ll have hours of uninterrupted reading time during a nice relaxing hot bath surrounded by bubbles and candles a few minutes to read during the quickest baths ever.

NEED: As I get older, I need to wear my glasses more and more. I hate contacts, so prescription sunglasses are almost as necessary as regular glasses. I LOVE Warby Parker for their price and the convenience of their at-home try-on service. But, their Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program is the best part about them — they’ve distributed over 4 million pairs of glasses to those in need since the company first began. (Gift cards make a great gift!)

WEAR: When I visited Shana in Philly, she wore leopard print booties with everything. I loved it. I wanted to find a pair that were actually comfortable but didn’t cost hundreds of dollars. These boots have a memory foam footbed, a low heel and “Power Path™ technology” that “helps guide the foot naturally while providing shock-absorption, stability, and energy return for a truly comfortable stride.” So, yes, these sound comfortable.

READ: If you haven’t read “The Untethered Soul,” by Michael Singer, I highly recommend it. It’s basically about how to live life in the present moment through developing your consciousness. His follow-up book, “The Surrender Experiment,” is the story of what happened in his life when he learned to let go and have faith that the universe was in control. As someone who feels the need to always be in control, I’m always looking for ways to relax and go with the flow. I’m hoping this will help! lol

If Santa's not kissing Mommy, he better leave her something stunning under the tree. See what's on the editors' Want, Need, Wear, Read wishlists.

WANT: Flawless skin is never going out of style! My current face scrubber has served me well, but it was a random drugstore brand purchase. I wanted to see if I like the technology before making a more significant investment, and I LOVE it…it needs a few tweaks. Enter the Clarisonic Mia 2: It’s rechargeable (huge deal for me), and has two speeds and a timer, so I don’t “over polish” my skin. I’ve found that, even when I’ve followed through my entire skincare regimen, my skin still revolts without a face scrubber! That’s reason enough to give the O.G. Clarisonic Mia 2 a try. The Clarisonic site was the only place that still has the Mia 2 stocked, so don’t forget to grab a few extra brush heads while you’re there.

NEED: I generally travel with minimal jewelry because, no matter what I do, it gets tangled, lost, etc., I just lost the earrings I traveled with this fall! Who knew there was something as functional and chic as this travel jewelry portfolio? There is literally a place for EVERYTHING, and it still folds into a clutch. There’s a binder version (zips instead of folds), too, and both are customizable. Definitely get one for yourself, but it would also make a darling gift for friends/family, especially if you’re planning any group trips next year. If you’re in a gift pinch, here’s a similar option you can’t personalize, but will be delivered ASAP.

WEAR: You guys, I’ve been wearing the same puffer for seven long years! It finally ripped and I’m thinking of replacing it with a Faux-Fur Lined Parka. It’s the only thing I figured would be as warm as a puffer, but more flattering. It was harder to find than I imagined, so I was floored when I found this parka that took the style factor up a notch. The gorgeous colors drew me right in and it also comes in green with navy lining. Both are great options for adding warmth and color into my winter wardrobe.

READ: I’ve long admired former First Lady Michelle Obama and have been waiting on her book, Becoming  for a long time! I just finished it this week and it was the memoir I’d hoped it would be, down to the epilogue. It’s real, raw, and thoughtful. It’s both comforting and frustrating to hear her perspective on everything she endured during her tenure as First Lady. If you get the hardback, also consider the audiobook (or Audible membership). It felt like an intimate chat with Mrs. Obama…a girl can dream, right?

WANT: Hövding Airbag-Style Bike Helmet – I have a bike helmet. It might be good enough, which means it’s not a need; however, it was a hand-me-down, I drop it often, and it’s out of date. Then we’d call a new one a need. BUT, a $300 inflatable Swedish helmet that doesn’t mess with your hair unless you have an accident is definitely a want. That’s right, you wear it like a collar, and it inflates on impact like an airbag. According to a Stanford University study, it’s eight times more effective than a conventional helmet. I’m going for the 2019 Vaga, which is supposed to be better in ALL the ways.

NEED: Embrace Lace Molded Bra – I hate trying clothes on — especially bras; that’s extra cold. I also tend to ignore that I need a new one until it’s way too late. So here I am. Trying to size myself (this is something I still haven’t figured out without Googling), then ordering, trying, returning and repeating. I may be ready to try Third Love. I need a decent amount of support (“dense breasts” has been stuck in my head since my first mammogram), but I want something pretty, even for everyday. And who knows…maybe even sexy? Am I allowed to have that as a need?

WEAR: Lana Saratoga Stud Boots: Anyone who knows me knows I have an amazing pair of cowboy boots that I have led a long life with me (they’re older than Goose). They’re on their third sole, so I’ve been desperately looking for a replacement for the past two years. Even though they’re SO worn out, I still get compliments on them — even from old white dudes in suits walking down the street. More on that in an upcoming post. Right now I’m still narrowing down my search. My old boots were basically magic — I could handle anything in them (or so said Single-Girl-Traveling).

READ: The Gifts of Imperfect Parenting: This is a tough one. So much I want to read, so little time between that minute when I slide into the sheets and the five minutes later when I fall asleep. But if I could wrap all my reading, self-education wants into one, it’d be this: something mindful, something that allows me let go of the quest for having it “all together”, something that breathes compassion, and something that helps me navigate this labyrinth called parenting. I love listening to Dr. Brené Brown when I hear her in interviews, so time to read her books. Funny story: the other night, Goose read A Rock is Lively to me after dinner. I thanked her for the bedtime story. She told me it was not a bedtime story — I said, “what, a bedtime story can’t be nonfiction?” She said it’s not nonfiction, it’s an “informational text”. I let her know that they are one and the same, and that I love reading nonfiction — I do so every night before bed. She was aghast that one would do such a thing. #truth.

WANT: Sephora Ready To Roll Brush Set – Nothing screams “I’m an adult now” quite like a matching, better-quality makeup brush set. I’ve heard that when you splurge on these tools, your makeup will be that much better. True? Scotti?

NEED: Smeg 2-Slice Toaster – S has this in the prettiest turquoise but I’m not fun enough for that color. This one will go perfectly next to my black Nespresso and they will be best buds. In all seriousness though, this toaster works really well and looks SO good on your countertop. No more hiding away my space-missile-sized Oster. Ugh.

WEAR: AGOLDE Roxanne Leatherette Skinny Jeans – So these are *almost* a need because they’re just that good. I tried them and immediately fell in love, and wasn’t dying to take them off like I would a true faux-leather pant. These stretch, have a great high rise and look stunning on. I know I’d wear these a TON. They fit TTS, by the way.

READ: Pick Three: You Can Have It All (Just Not Every Day) –  Do any of you follow Jen Atkin? I know, I know she’s a Kardashian hairstylist, and we probably have mixed feelings about that…BUT, I like her. I think you would too. She suggested this book and I think we could all use a little direction on squeezing it all in.

Team TME

PS – Head over to our full page of 2018 holiday gift guides for more seriously cool gift ideas for all your loved ones (or whoever).


  1. I can’t wait to read the post about boots!

    Shana, if you need a new mattress, look into Happsy. As far as I know, they are the only non toxic bed in a box available, I love mine, I paid extra for their mattress topper because we like a very soft squishy bed.

  2. Hi Shana-

    I love your blog, the other contributing writers, and try to hop on once a week for great updates, I am still in shock sometimes the amount you are suggesting one should pay for a camisole (and other pieces for the wardrobe). I am not sure whether you actually purchase them or they are sent to you for free, but almost $200 for a cami is a bit ridiculous. Just feedback from one mom to another. I love your style, and we tend to have similar taste, but it would be great if you could do a piece about less expensive versions. I agree that you sometimes need to pay for staple pieces, and your post on Eileen Fisher was great. I have her stuff from over 10 years. A post for the trendy items at a less expensive prices point would be great.


    – Single Working Mom Here

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