Post-Holiday Sales: My Shopping List


Happy holidays!!! As we start to wind down after the flurry of holiday festivities (and gear up for the New Year), if you happen to be in the mood for shopping…I’m your girl.

Speaking of…the Lole puffer coat and Clare V mini duffle bag I’m wearing in the photo above are both on major sale.

Wardrobe Investment Pieces To Buy On Sale: A Post-Holiday Shopping List

I’ve structured things a little differently this time. Instead of grouping my sales picks by retailer, I’m grouping them by, uh…seemingly random categories. (cringe) I KNOW. But they’re not random, I promise!! The categories represent how I’m actually shopping. The intention is to give better insight into why I’m shopping the things I’m shopping, and maybe get out of shopping ruts.

You with me?? (And if you absolutely hate this, let me know. I’m always open to suggestions.)

Stalking wardrobe investment pieces at discount prices? We're on it. After-Christmas & post-holiday sales are the place to be. Here's our shopping list.

1 // 2 // 3 – faux-fur coat & cami // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13 // 14 // 15 // 16

Straw Bags

I know this is a tough sell in late December…but the sales are so freaking good AND straw bags are basically forever products so your June self will thank you. Heck, your June self will be ecstatic.


One of my very favorite denim brands right now. Their flares (style name: Carla) are basically making my life right now (the only jeans that really do feel fresh and modern) and their skinnies (style name: Karolina) manage to be skinny without looking painted-on. I’m obsessed. Net-a-Porter and Revolve have the best sales, but you’ll have to rummage around to find your size.

Tall Taupe Boots

This is where my head is right now. I really want a pair of tall boots in taupe, but with some major slouch, and a very walkable heel. I plan to wear them with dresses & skirts…and maybe even skinny jeans.

Interesting Black Sweaters

Basically what I wear 99% of the time. Not even going to fight it.

Striped Tops

I’ll never be over striped tops (or sweaters). Classics for a reason.

Cashmere Sweaters

360 cashmere is one of my new discoveries. The cashmere is thick and soft, and they don’t skimp on the sleeve length.

Soft-Focus Sweaters

I’m really feeling ivory & white sweaters right now. Such a pretty, fresh update for winter.

Cardigans I Don’t Hate

Well…the name says it all, really.

Cute Sweatshirts (To Wear Year-Round)

Wear them now with jeans and cute snow boots…or on a cool summer night with cut-offs and flipflops.

Cozy Thermal Tops (That Are a Little Sexy, Too)

Basically the only top I feel like wearing in the winter. (Otherwise I’m all sweaters, all day.)

Cool & Unique Day-To-Date-Night Tops

Not to toot my own horn…but tops this good are hard to find in sale sections. YOU ARE WELCOME.

My Fancy Uniform: Faux-Fur & Cami NYC Silk Camis

You likely have a faux-fur by now, but if not…these are my favs. (And keep scrolling — I’m almost always wearing one of these silk camis with it. I layer them over a tee and under a sweater when it’s really cold. See the whole look here.

My All-Time FAVORITE Puffer Coats

I cannot overstate how amazing these coats are. Insanely lightweight (like the coat-check guy is surprised when he picks it up) and insanely warm. I don’t think Lole’s website does these puffers justice — they look better IRL. You can see a bunch of pics of them on, here.

Jeans, On Sale

I’ve gotta keep looking, I think, because the denim selection was a little ‘meh’. The picks below, however, are great. There were just so few of them….

Practical (& Cute) Winter Boots

These are all boots that I own, have tried on, or are seriously considering. They’re also all boots that I would legit wear on the daily.

Completely Random Things (That Didn’t Fit Anywhere Else…But Are Too Good To Miss)

Swimsuits (& Spring Break Dreams)

Another tough sell in December, I think. HOWEVER: the discounts on these verrrry expensive swimsuits are steep. This is easily the best time to buy swim. (And keep scrolling for a few warm-weather favs to pack on your next trip.)




  1. Great list! I’ve been eyeing the NYC Camis for a while now but am worried about fit. I’m busty and a sizeL to begin with. Any thoughts on how they fair for C cup or higher?

  2. I like the list organization too! You’re discussing why you’re making certain selections, instead of just buying because items are on sale. Happy New Year!

  3. I also like this organization. Maybe it wouldn’t be ideal for every post, but it’s fun to see how you approach your wardrobe so I can take elements of it and apply them to my own life. I imagine it would be fun to see other contributors give us the same inside look, too!

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