Our Favorite Snowboots For Kids (Tested in the Polar Cold of MI)



 (photo credit:  Vafa-Coffman Photography)

It dawned on me, last winter, that I hail from a place with extreme weather.  Growing up, I always knew it was cold (40 below leaves no room for discussion) but it didn’t quite sink in – How extreme?  VERY EXTREME – until I had kids of my own.  Until Raines came in with blistered cheeks, just from playing outside for half an hour.  Until I realized that going anywhere (grocery store, coffee shop, Nana & Grandpa’s house) required full snowgear just to get to the car.  Or maybe the realization came as I was on that dogsled last winter, Pax in my lap, whipping through the most jaw-droppingly beautiful snow-covered path – in goggles and scarf and cursing the tiny sliver of skin showing between the two.






Yes, Pax. EXACTLY.

So as you might imagine, I have some strong opinions on winter snowboots.  With the kind of extreme temperatures and conditions we’re talking about (have you ever seen snow piled higher than your head?)…winter boots are no joke.  Here are our favorites:




  (photo credit:  Vafa-Coffman Photography)

Bogs have been our go-to winter boot for years.   Even at four, Raines could get them on/off without help – love those easy-pull handles – and they have been FULLY TESTED in our extreme Upper MI climate (even when Raines’ cheeks were blistered, his toes were fine).  If that wasn’t enough, Bogs are waterproof and have been R’s rainboots each Spring (meaning they’re comfortable on bare feet.  The kid only wears socks in extreme conditions.).  I’ve also been known to take the hose to his Bogs when the mud situation gets out of control.  (They dry out nicely.)

The only downside of Bogs (which is often considered an upside in extreme weather) is clearly illustrated here:



They come up so darn high!  If you have kiddos who wear skinny jeans or leggings this isn’t an issue, but the bunching pant drives R nuts.  (Unless, of course, he wants to play outside.  Then – miraculously – they’re fine.  I’m talking about the wearing-to-school situation.)  I wish Bogs would make a slightly lower boot for the older kiddos.

But Bogs does make some really cool designs.  (Raines l-o-v-e-s the skull print.)  Here are our favs (for both boys and girls).




Ugg Australia Butte II

Because of the height of the Bogs, Raines wanted to try a different boot this year.  We ended up with Ugg’s Butte ii boot.  It’s one of Ugg’s best sellers for adults, and so far, we’re thrilled.  We got a chance to put these puppies to the test over Thanksgiving when we went home to MI.




These boots don’t come up as high as the Bogs, so Raines has been wearing these – happily!! – to school.  They’re lined in Ugg’s signature shearling, but the leather & suede is completely waterproof (fist pump), and the lightweight rubber outsole gives him seriously good traction on the playground – even in icy Michigan.





Pax has always worn Kamiks. He’s always been a boot kid (Raines is more of a barefoot kid) so a boot with a soft upper that he can wear all day is key.  They’re easy to get on/off (he needs some help) but I love that the liner comes right out (and can be easily washed).  The warmth scale on these boots is off-the-charts.  They’re like Sorels, but lighter.




Our fav Kamiks:



Snow Patrol

These guys.  Aren’t kids the greatest?





wearing – Raines:

jacketCOLUMBIA Evo Fly Waterproof Winter jacket (sorry – originally had the wrong jacket in here!!  We love this one, and it’s less than the previously mentioned NorthFace.)

pants: Appaman cords (we also like Tucker & Tate cords, and they happen to be on sale)

bootsUgg’s Butte ii boot

hat & mits: hat is old…..North Face Waterproof Mittens (BEST EVER)

wearing – Pax:

jacket: an older version of the Patagonia Hooded Loft Jacket (we bought it second-hand…the zipper keeps breaking, though, so I think we’ll stick to North Face puffers next time.)

pants: old….but Volcom’s banded bottom sweatpants are right up his alley (and on sale)

boots: Kamik Coaster 3 Snowboot

hat & mits: old H&M hat….North Face Toddler Mittens (BEST EVER)



Also?  World’s saddest snowman.  (WOP…WOP….WOP)



(I think he shot it.)

On that note, I’m outta here.  At this time next week I’ll be packing again for Michigan….WOW.  I’m both thrilled and panicked.  (Christmas WHAT?)




A huge thank-you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.  As always, all product choices, thoughts, and opinions are my own.  (Or as Pax would say, “MINE OWN”.)  Thank you for supporting the retailers who help support The Mom Edit.

photography credits: Mike Draugelis (unless otherwise specified)



  1. We survived the multiple polar vortices of southeastern Michigan last winter and have now moved to the Denver area (related? yeah, probably). My five year old is rocking his second pair of these Tundras (http://www.zappos.com/tundra-boots-kids-quebec-toddler-little-kid-big-kid-black-silver) and they are *awesome*. He likes to play outside until I force him to come in and stomp in every puddle and every snow bank. These boots are IT. We’ve done Kamik rain boots and love them, too. Those Canadians know their crappy weather gear.

  2. Thank you! This is very helpful!
    I’ve shied away from Kamik because reviews online say they are not waterproof. Have you had trouble with leaking?

    • We’ve had 3 pairs of Kamiks for our daughter and have loved them all. She’s a boot kid like it sounds Pax is, so she’s gone weeks at a time wearing them everyday. They appear to be comfy, very warm, and dry. When we’re playing in actual deep snow we always have the tops of the boots covered in snow pants with elastic cuffs to keep the insides dry.

  3. Bogs fold down so you don’t have to always wear them so high. Easier to slip on that way too. My 3 kids wear them Fall, Winter and Spring here in Nova Scotia.

  4. Thanks for this post. My older daughter is so very picky about the feel of clothes and shoes. We’ve really struggled with winter boots this year. So far, I’ve got a pair of Kamiks that she SOBS when I try to get her to wear them (both from a comfort and fashion aspect, she hates them). So I bought her a pair of Tundra puffy boots. Very very cute and warm but after just 3 weeks, the inside sole is already torn apart. So those have to go back. I think it’s time to bite the bullet and head to Nordstroms to check out the Uggs and Bogs. She had a great pair last year from Lands End but they don’t have anything close to that style this year. (The only saving grace to a chid who is soo very very picky over clothing is that we can thankfully afford a few misses and she has a younger sister who will wear whatever you throw at her. At least those Kamiks will be worn 3 years from now….)

  5. I was going to suggest folding down the bogs and asking Patagonia to fix /replace the zipper, but people beat me to it so I’ll just second the suggestions and thank you for your great reviews!

  6. My daughter has been rocking pink Kamiks since we moved from the Oregon to Nebraska a couple years ago. They are great boots! My little guy is not quite 3 months old, so he’s still loving his furry Robeez boots. 😉

    • What boots might you recommend for my daughter once she turns 6 months in February? We have winter until April in the Keweenaw and lots of slush by the end of March and all of April while we usually experience frigid weather through February. I’m eyeing up the Northface Fleece Bootie at Nordstroms, but it won’t work in the slush if she’s trying to walk in the spring. Size recommendations too? Thanks!!!

  7. Any suggestions for really warm women’s boots? My niece takes horseback riding lessons and as a result my sister-in-law spends a lot of time at the barn or at the ring. The other day she was telling me how cold her feet get even though she wears two pairs of shocks. . I was trying to remember if there was an article on the site that reviews women’s boots. Any suggestions that may help a “barn mom” stay warm through the long winters in VT?

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