You've got to love YouTube for viral videos of acrobatic cats, cute toddlers with British accents and cringe-worthy coverage of kids who are still breastfeeding. . . at 8, but being (well) over the age of 18, female and um, kind of busy with my actual life, I must admit that YouTube is not a frequent stop on my Internet browsing history.  Until now, that is, as I'm drooling over the holiday yummies offered up by one of YouTube's newly-launched original content channels, Kin Community, which debuted last week with brief, charmingly quirky videos geared towards grown-up women.  The new YouTube channel is rolling out series about food, fashion, parenting and personal stories over the next few months, beginning with Kin Eats and Kin Style, with new content added weekly (subscribe for updates!).

CasseroleIf I'm able to function after bringing forth a human life next week, for example, I'm planning to whip up the Christmas Morning Casserole by Jenny Park ( to feast on after the gift opening madness.  Who knows?  Perhaps the uber finicky boys wonder may wrap the year with a new breakfast fav (!).

BrieAnd even though my family has understandably albeit shockingly low expectations of me for this year's Christmas dinner at my parent's house, I'm fantasizing about impressing them with Beth Le Manach's Brie & Fig Jam Crostini.  They could be just the ticket for a newly-delivered holiday mama.  Not only do they look mouth-wateringly delicious, but I love her tip: prepare a few on a platter (so guests know what to do) and leave the fixings out to be assembled to-order (read, little-to-no work for the new mama).  I can shop for everything but the bread now and show up Christmas Day looking like (ok, maybe just giving the faintest impression of) some kind of postpartum rockstar.  Luv it

Olive cheese puffsIn the New Year, I'll wow the relatives, friends and fellow board members alike with Dana Joy Altman's ( retro Olive Stuffed Cheese Puffs. Um, olives? Cheese? Carbs? These may be my new breastfeeding staple, Mamas.  I'm going to pop them like crazy while I still have a nursing metabolism, and they'll be perfect for all the wine tasting I'll be doing after my pregnant prohibition.

Kin Community's style channel, Kin Style, is also bringing the goods.  Rebecca Wolf, everyone's favorite mom blogger (Girl's Gone Child), offers up simple yet crucial postpartum fashion advice ANMJ can definitely stand by: drapey on top, skinny on the bottom, accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. . .

Happy holidays, Mamas!

– M.


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