12 Wayfair Picks For Your Summer Outdoor Space


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One thing about Wayfair is they know precisely when to have the most helpful sales. Right now, their Big Outdoor Sale is happening just in time to refresh our deck, pool, yard, and/or patio spaces for chilling out there all. summer. long. And then into fall.

Agh, hanging outside is one of my favorite things ever. I mean, I’m happy sitting alone, blanketless on a rock… but if friends, a cozy seating situation and mayyybe an outdoor game, bonfire, or ice cold lemonade is involved… I’m beaming. It’s kind of all I want in life.

Ending today, get up to 50% off Wayfair’s best selling items for summer during one of their biggest sales of the year.

Refresh Your Space For Summer With These 12 Wayfair Picks

If you need some refresh ideas, here’s my top list for outdoor hanging/entertaining in the summertime:

Ps. There’s no bad weather… just bad clothing choices. Soooo I’ll be hanging outside year round with these pieces. Who’s with me?

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1. Joss & Main Domenica Bar Cart

bar cart

I just love anything with this French rattan bistro style. Manifest a little Parisian cafe right in your backyard with these chairs + this gorgeous bar cart. It’s just so pretty + the fact that you can remove the top tray is fab. 68% off!!

2. Foldable Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis

table tennis

I can’t think of a bigger family-pleaser than a ping-pong table. We’ve had one in my basement for years and it’s always in use – my little cousins to my grandparents are big fans sooo.

3. Modern Adirondack Chair


An Adirondack chair is such a classic – but this one has a neat modern twist that I really like. This ‘sand’ shade is 30% off, but it comes in 15 great colors. Offff course I like ‘tangerine’ too hahaha. Just a lil less sophisticated, but definitely more playful? 😉

4. Omkar Stainless Steel Beverage Tub

beverage tub

Such a polished, pretty way to offer your guests drinks. And I just really love the way those refreshing Izze bottles look in it haha. Comes in 2 sizes.

5. 50ft Outdoor Weatherproof String Globe Lights


Need I say more? The ambiance that string globe lights provide is dreamy during summer nights. My family leaves ours up around our deck year-round and it just makes me so happy. It’s preeeetty.

6. Quattro Giant Four In A Row Game Set

game set

An oversized, nostalgic wooden game just gets me. I’d put this outside on my patio just for funzies. So cute & fun.

7. Permasteel 80 Qt. Rolling Patio Cooler


I have a similar rolling cooler and it’s the best. The bottle opener with little cap catcher is genius & bottom rack is really helpful for storing more boxes of bevs, towels, whatever. Perfect for parties – these can hold 110 12oz cans and keep ’em cold for 36 hours.

8. Awa Libbey 16-Piece Tumblers & Rocks Glass Set

glass set

These glasses are SO cute!!! The rippled polka-dotted design is unique and playful without disrupting the rest of your glassware. I mean… those things are just begging to be filled with lots of ice and a refreshing drink. (Also, $35 for a 16-piece set?!)

9. Solo Stove Yukon 2.0 Select Bundle Fire Pit

fire pit

We’ve waxed poetic about Solo Stoves for forever, so I was pumped when I saw this one included in the sale. They’re smokeless, travel-friendly, and simply a happiness-booster for outside hangs in any season. Love a bonfire with all my heart. And s’mores.

10. Barros Wood Outdoor Raised Garden Planter


How gorgeous are these plant boxes?? I love how large they are and how simple the design is. And that wood stain color is gorgeous. Such a great way to add some life to an area of your deck or patio that’s lacking a little somethin’. I want one just for tomato plants hehe.

11. Reva Rattan Flat Wall Mirror


I just think this thing is so freaking cute. Yeah, it mayyy be a little absurd to switch out interior wall decor with the seasons, but rattan is seasonless, IMO. It just really pops in summer.

12. Theodore 4 – Person Outdoor Seating Set

outdoor set

If you’re really looking to level up your space, Wayfair has some seriously great deals on outdoor seating sets. This one is my fave – I love that wood color and light, neutral cushions. Timeless & really well reviewed.

Happy summer!

Xo, Abby

Thank you to Wayfair for sponsoring this post!!! Your wide variety of pieces is always a dream to peruse – let alone your way affordable prices and really great sales. You make prepping my space possible for any season!

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