Hey there!!  The Voloshin X TME Collection has allllllmost arrived stateside.  (Well, it technically was supposed to be here two days ago, but there were some shipping delays and anyway. Pre-orders should all be shipped out on Thursday.)

We were totally blown away by the amount of pre-orders.  I couldn’t be more thrilled that you guys are as excited as we are!  In particular….we all seem to be dying over the navy dress – it sold out SO quickly*.

*wanted one?  keep reading….


Through some bit of seriously good luck….there was enough fabric left to order 50 more!! (Don’t get too excited – it’s basically only 10 of each size.)  So if you missed out the first time….you can purchase one of the navy dresses (Round 2) HERE, and they will ship out July 15th.  

Furthermore, since we have a few more navy dresses to play with, we thought we’d do a little giveaway.  I can’t think of a single person who wouldn’t swoon after touching this cloud-like navy fabric. It’s SO freaking soft and flattering and…machine washable.  

Giveaway: Enter To Win a Navy Carina Dress For You….And a Friend!

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A comfy dress that looks cute with sneakers, straw bags, and denim jackets will always be my jam.  And when that dress is A) navy and B) organic and C) made from clouds and the soft downy fur of (organic) puppies (haha just kidding)….






  1. ok. I tried to resist. Then it sold out and I thought I was safe. Then I figured when you ordered “10 more in each size” that my size would run out in 10 minutes so I would be safe. So I put it in the shopping bag, taught 2 sessions, and figured it would get sold out and I would be safe. 2 hours later it was still there waiting for me and winking at me. I was not safe 😉 good thing the 2 sessions paid for the dress…

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