Wear It Now & Into Fall – The Three Unexpected Colors that Look Amazing With White Denim


P8134955 Are you ready for the end of summer?  I'm not.  We've been in Michigan for the past month, spending each waking minute either at the beach or my parent's lake house in Big Bay (pictured).

Michigan has gorgeous summers.  With fantastic storms – lightning all over the place. One of my very favorite things is to watch storms come in over the lake.  Gives new meaning to the word foreboding.

Any other Michigan water babies out there?  

But I had promised to talk pants.  White pants, specifically.  Which I had previously labeled as not mom-friendly.  I now rescind my comments.  (It turns out that OxyClean does work.  Hunh.  Who knew?)



White + Blush

While white will always pair well with bright colors and always looks classic with black, right now I'm loving white with pale blush tones.  Something warmer than nude, but taupe-y-er than pink.  This color combo feels sophisticated, but fresh.  Perfect for the end of summer, no?


(wearing: J. Crew linen v-neck tee, Kut From the Kloth white skinny jeans c/o Shop Adorn)

White + Army

The army green + white combo feels well-balanced in a masculine/feminine type of way.  It keeps my white pants from feeling too preppy.


(wearing….on S: Salt sunnies, vintage army jacket, Edun tee, woven Sperrys, Kut From the Kloth white skinny jeans c/o Shop Adorn….on R: Nano tie-dyed man capris, Echo sandals, target white tee, silly bandz c/o Aunty Scotti…on little Pax: C&C California tee, Imps&Elfs organic striped pants )

White + Denim

I first saw this pairing…in either a Madewell ad or someone's blog.  (Shoot!  I'd like to give credit here….let me know if you think this is you.)


(wearing….on S: Miley Cyrus for Walmart denim shirt, straw fedora from Kohls, Kut From the Kloth white skinny jeans c/o Shop Adorn….on R: Hanes ribbed tank, Nano plaid man-capris…..on little P: Oakkies gorilla tee, Nano striped shorts)

In any case, I'm smitten.  Denim shirts are practically a classic these days, and this pairing is almost elegant.  Of course, come fall, I'd throw on some moto boots and add a black cardi.  

Is anyone else crushing on white pants this summer?  Planning to wear them post Labor Day?  (I'm giving a resounding YES over here…three cheers for rule breakers!)

Enjoy the rest of your summer, Mamas.  School starts (for the first time – sob!!) next week….



ps.  I thought Pax was being awfully quiet down there….LOL



  1. You guys are too cute for words! Love all of the combos, especially denim. And I have one to add: tomato red. One of those insanely bright red cardis from JCrew would look fantastic with those white pants, especially with cool wedge booties.
    PS–TOTALLY with you on the white. I forgot the miracle of bleach!

  2. You have such great white pants! I have a huge problem finding ones that don’t show the pockets. It truly drives me crazy. I’ve cut out pockets in the past and sewn the pockets closed, though they never seem to lie quite right after that. I’m going to hunt down the same pair!
    I’m a Michigan water baby too. I live in AA currently, but grew up about a mile from the beach in Grand Haven. I’m off to visit my parents tomorrow with my 7 month old, she’s already had a season of swimming lessons and will be in Lake Michigan this weekend!

  3. I like the white pants too! I’ve always been afraid to wear them, but got a great hand me down pair of white maternity capris this summer and have worn them a LOT! Think I might have to invest in a nonmaternity pair of jeans or capris now!
    School starts for us for the first time too (in about a week, yikes!) New baby, new school year, lots of crazy transitions.
    And just think, you missed the hurricane (and other assorted extreme weather events) out there in Michigan. ๐Ÿ™‚ At least you’ll come back to some nice weather–the humidity finally broke.
    Oh, and Nest just opened in Center City–you might want to check it out with P in the fall. Great space. nestphilly.com

  4. Oo! Oo! Meeee!!! We spent three weeks in Grand Haven at my parents house. I miss those beaches so much, especially after enduring yet another crappy Seattle summer. I was even telling my mom about your blog while I was there ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I’m from Michigan too and grew up on Lake Michigan and our local lakes…summer = being at the lake and I misss it soooooooooooooo much! Stuck in the DC swamp now =(. I love all your pairings but especially the denim & white and the fedora is great with it, thanks for the tip on transitioning that outfit to fall!

  6. So my question is…can I still not wear white after labor day…even if it’s hot? I’ve been wearing my whites for two weeks straight now as labor day is so close and I’m so sad to say goodbye. So what’s the word? Still taboo?

  7. I’m in Wisconsin right on the shore of Lake Michigan, and I think the weather is probably similar. Summers are gorgeous here.
    I have the SAME pair of white denim pants that I won from another blog’s giveaway, and I’ve sadly only worn them once this summer. I need to have the waist taken in and I’ve put off making the call to the seamstress…until I saw this post. THANK YOU! I had been thinking my window for wearing it was pretty much closed, but now I’m excited to rock a few new looks. I even have a denim chambray shirt that I haven’t known what to do with. (Question — are you wearing that tucked in, or tied in a knot in front?)
    And finally, I can’t believe Pax is sitting so well! My nine-month old would flop over for sure. But he could compete with your guy in the chunky leg contest. Funny how their legs are like those of old Polish ladies, but so much cuter on them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Three cheers for MI! S your pics make me miss MQT!! no white for me yet since I can’t seem to keep anything clean these days. I was determined to have a water baby but now I have a boy that can find water anywhere. I swear the boy is forever getting wet. Oh well, small price to pay for a boy who loves the water!

  9. Yay!!  All of these MI water babies!! Love this place.  @Beck – I will be wearing my whites all winter long.  Once the weather turns, I'll post some pics.  @Kay – I just had the shirt out (it's pretty slim fit), but tucking or tying it would also work.  @Nell – Raines is also a huge water magnet.  It's pretty common for me to throw 3-4 different outfits in my diaper bag once the weather gets warm.  ๐Ÿ™‚ S
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  10. Funny…I fell asleep last night while daydreaming about Lake Independence, especially swimming at night under a clear sky full of stars. I’m a little jealous. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. I’ve loved wearing my white jeans this summer – and will keep wearing them into fall! I also discovered the miracles of Oxy. And baby wipes help in a pinch too. I spilled coffee on my white jeans in the car recently and got most of the coffee out with baby wipes (which are always on hand) and finished the job later with oxy!

  12. I’m from Michigan, too, and the summers are the only good part. Too cloudy the rest of the year. Harrumph. You are adorable and I love white pants! Why am I scared to wear them these days?

  13. Hey Shana! I’m on the hunt for good white jeans too – but my pooch is much bigger than yours, I’m an apple-shaped 12 right now post baby 2 – just am not seeming to get it down that fast so in the spirit of dressing the body you have— I’ve tried the nydj, which are ok, but problematic in the way that spanx can be above the slimming-ness, and wondered about those KUT jeans- – like AG, maybe they hit in the middle, and can be worn with the kind of pooch-hiding tops I wear all the time these days anyway…but: are the KUT at all see-through, or no?

  14. Emily – the KUT are marginally see-thru.  If the size you go with is skintight, they might be more see thru than you'd like.  However, KUT's are much better than others I've tried.  Even so – still a little see-thru.  I have, however, heard good things about Paige's skyline jeans in white…
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