Can I Wear Leather To Work? Here’s How We Would


Annabel, one of my long-time best friends, was home for her sister’s wedding recently when I asked her to help me with my latest assignment: wear leather to work.  Since I pretty much ask her for fashion advice let her dress me when she’s home,  I knew she’d be insanely helpful.  She’s a talent agent at WME in LA and says, “I love fashion, so it’s fun for me to find ways to incorporate current trends into my professional wardrobe.” Teach us your ways, Annabel!
wear leather to workSo aside from Annabel’s amazing leather pants, I learned this genius trick from her as well: she wanted to break up the black on black look and grabbed her boyfriend’s button up to layer underneath her turtleneck.  It was the perfect oversized shirt to peek out and break up the black.  I never thought to layer under a turtleneck before, let alone with my husband’s shirts.  (His closet better watch out.)

I’ve never tucked a sweater in before (they’re usually too bulky or too long) but this one actually worked tucked in.  Did I mention it’s cashmere?  (For under $98 . . . my kind of cashmere.)   The (faux) leather skirt is comfortable and didn’t ride up like lots of other high waisted skirts I’ve tried.  It runs true to size – I’m normally a size 6 and didn’t have to size down because of the high waist.  And these shoes . . . I’m in love.  (They’re on sale and almost sold out in black but come in other colors

wear leather to work wear leather to work

Wear Leather to Work Outfit Details

(On Annabel, left)

Level 99 Skinny Jeans in Leather (sold out, similar here) If you’re not into the investment for real leather, these Trouve Faux Leather Leggings are amazing

J. Crew Black Turtleneck (similar)

J. Crew Daphne Topcoat (size small for reference – also in petite and tall sizes and in navy and bright red)

Stuart Weitzman The Nudist Pearls Sandal

Men’s Slim Fit White Shirt – Currently 40% off!

(On Scotti, right)

Express High Waisted Minus the Leather Pencil Skirt (true to size, wearing size 6) Currently 40% off!

J. Crew Everyday Cashmere Crewneck Sweater in Vivid Burgundy (size small for reference)

Imagine Vince Camuto d’Orsay Pump (on sale and available in multiple colors and textures)

Lily Jade ‘Madeline’ Diaper Bag (Comes with the best insert that I use in every single bag I own . . . this is the bag I used exclusively for the first 6 month’s of G’s life)

Shop Leather to Wear to Work




  1. Watch out, U.P., you girls are rockin’ this look! Seriously gorg. Not sure about the leather-pants-with-heels look for work, though. My office has no dress code, but I think the old-guy engineers in my office would cower in fear, lol. (I’m in Boston not LA tho!)

  2. The clothes look cute, but leather won’t fly in most traditional or even semi-traditional offices. Please: a few more wear to work posts?

  3. I’m in SoCal and can tell ya that those looks at any office won’t fly, especially with my clients in hi-tech where those judgy boys will give you the stink-eye. BUT…I wear leather pants for client lunches, when I work from home or at Starbucks, just styled really differently (no open toe, more subtle make-up, etc) – more low-key. That being said, you both look great for a fun night out!

  4. I’m a physician, and these looks would be absolutely appropriate for my work. We wear a white lab coat over clothes, so we can get away with more edgy looks!

  5. I have to admit I don’t really get the comments on every work post about whether the outfits are appropriate. I’ve worked in four major cities and these would have been fine in all of them. Would they fall in the exact center of the bell-curve of outfits in your office and therefore help you blend so seamlessly into the background that people accidentally walk over your toes on their way to the coffee maker? No–but I’m guessing if that was your goal you wouldn’t be wearing leather anyway 🙂

    Also, in case it needs saying: If the men in your office would have a problem with you wearing any of the above, f*ck them. That is their problem, not yours.

  6. Chiming in as a lawyer who has worked in NY and Paris – these outfits would not only be fine (well, probably not the open toe), but they are very cute! Thanks for a great idea!

    • Exactly!! If I swapped out the open-toe for a closed-toe shoe, these looks would’ve been completely appropriate at Lockheed (east coast, Denver AND San Diego offices). I actually LOVE the idea of conservative leather for work – it’s both a little badass and seriously professional.

  7. I totally rocked leather pants to work last week….I’m a lawyer in Denver (and mom of 3). I made it work appropriate with a blazer. (I was admittedly and annoyingly hesitant before walking out the door w my leather pants on…but the clients didn’t seem to care…they hired me!) I have so much leather in my wardrobe: leather trim or detail on about a dozen work dresses and tops, leather jackets over conservative wrap dresses, leather sleeves on cardigans…and definitely a leather skirt with classic pumps and a sweater or blouse. I love adding edgy details like leather and challenging the “norms” for how attorneys or “professionals” should dress. Loved this post.

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