Wear it Pregnant, Wear it Later! Non-Maternity Dresses for Pregnancy


Are you currently pregnant and the thought of buying a lot of maternity clothes and other maternity stuff makes you cringe? You’re not alone. I spent most of last year pregnant (summer, fall and winter) and tried to navigate it in the most comfortable and affordable way…affordable meaning pieces that would give me a lot of wear for the money (read: non-maternity clothes that worked beyond pregnancy).

As you can see, I found refuge in midi dresses – yet none of these were maternity dresses! I wore them everyday – whether running to the grocery store, having lunch with my son,  or going out on date night. I even think they can be a great alternative to leggings (especially when really big).

Part of my process (before buying clothing) is to check fabric composition,  and the type of knit or weave  (did you read the chambray post?).  So, I want to tell you the few characteristics a dress needed to make it in my pregnant closet – these have allowed me to keep wearing most of them now that I’m not pregnant:

First and most obvious was the fabric. Knitted was my best friend. You may see some woven fabrics with a percentage of elastane or lycra but they don’t give or stretch a lot for a pregnant body. The two most common types of knits are ribbed and jersey. Both are great but ribbed has a wider range of stretch and recovers its original shape easier. The dress I wore for my baby shower was ribbed. It accommodated my belly perfectly and I just wore it a few weeks ago. There was no trace my bug belly had been there.

Second, the length. Maxi dresses look so cute while pregnant but I don’t find them as comfortable for an everyday basis. Midi length allowed all the kneeling, bending, running I do in a day and also allowed some space for my belly to grow without going into top territory.

Third (and not as important depending in your due date) was the color. I was due in January so I went for solid colors or prints that worked for all seasons. I needed to stretch its wear into the winter so that I could later layer with turtlenecks, sweaters, jackets and coats.

Other things I looked for were v-necks so I could wear while nursing and ruched details that are great for bellies. Extra points for curved hems and side slits.

As always here on TME we try to make your life easier so I used these guidelines to find great non maternity dresses that you can wear while pregnant and beyond. I let you know first thing whether it’s ribbed or jersey.

  1. Black tank dress: Ribbed – This type of dress is a must in a closet. Love the slit and the scoop neck is great for nursing. Also in Olive.
  2. Pink racerback dress: Jersey – The ruch is in the perfect place and comes in 10 colors!
  3. Black front to back midi dress: Ribbed – This may be the best dress I found. It has a convertible neckline. One side has a high-neck and the other a v-neck. Pregnant, nursing or not, this dress is great.
  4. Blue open-shoulder dress: Jersey – One of the reviews says she’s wearing it at 8 months-pregnant.
  5. V-neck cream dress: Ribbed – The color block in the slit is gorgeous. The rib in this dress stretches a lot!
  6. Pink slip dress: Ribbed – Wear it by itself, with a light tee or a turtleneck later.
  7. Gray racerback dress:Ribbed – Gorgeous! It’s ribbed so it stretches a lot.
  8. High-low tank dress: Jersey – You can just move the waist up under the bust and you have a great maternity dress! I did that with the red dress in the pics! Also in black and pink.

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If you have a dress you have loved while pregnant please share, I’ll keep adding to the boutique.
Chao, Chao Juileta


    • I didn’t size up in this type of dresses. They stretch a lot, and believe me my bellies get huge. The type of huge people stop me in the streets and ask if I’m giving birth anytime soon when I’m only 7 months pregnant or if I’m having twins. But if you prefer a more relaxed look you can always size up.

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