The Most Wearable Fall Trends of 2017


Gang, after several months of research – looking at both runways and retailers, as well as pouring over magazines and street style blogs – I came up with a list of the top ten Fall trends worth considering.  It’s not a comprehensive list (I couldn’t bring myself to add “PLAID” to the trend list because I was raised to consider Plaid a God-given right #yooper, much like Florals For Spring) and I suspect there are some trends on my list that, upon further investigation, will prove tricker than I thought.

But for now, I have a list of what I think are the most wearable women’s fashion trends. These are the trends that should fit nicely into your existing wardrobe, the trends that I think retailers will actually be stocking this Fall and Winter.

You can find our complete coverage of Fall trends in our Fall Trends SHOP,  including styling notes and round-ups of our favorite trends. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find over there…



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