Wearing A Dress Over Jeans (and the diaper bag I should have had two kids ago)



For those times that you really want to wear an oh-so-comfy dress, but bare legs and chilly weather don’t mix.  Or perhaps a heel (even a wedge) makes the dress just a bit too short for that weekend adventure with the kiddos. (I know, flashing is fun, but…)

JEANS. That is all.


>>the epic diaper bag is from Lily Jade<<










dress: BB Dakota Ruger Plaid Shift Dress – love this thing. I ordered it in a size larger (Medium) for the bump. It’s soft, comfortable and I’m thinking of wearing tights and over-the-knee stunners with it pretty soon. Maybe a certain biker jacket, too? Ummmm…chyaaaaa.

jeans: H&M Maternity Jeans, old. These MAMA skinny jeans are pretty darn similar. FYI: I was really surprised with how much I liked the look and feel of H&M maternity jeans. I was expecting them to feel cheap, ya know? Not the case. I wore them during my last pregnancy and am now wearing them again. They were affordable, look awesome and are not falling apart at all. I appreciate the heck out of them. >> an awesome reader (thanks, Kim!) reminded me of the fact that H&M’s sizing, at least in maternity, is a bit…weird, so definitely order a couple sizes to try on. I am usually a size 4/6 when I am pregnant, but the size 8 fits me best at H&M.

>> if you don’t happen to be pregnant at this time, H&M’s Slim Fit jean look awesome…higher waist. Nice.

booties: DV ‘Garim’ wedge bootie (cough cough currently on sale for $79)- I was trying to decide between these and an edgier pair, but I kept coming back to this more simple, versatile boot. I was thinking they might be too much for adventures with kids, but nope…didn’t kill my feet and made the whole dress and jeans things work. I wore them for at least 4 hours (on my feet the entire time) and my feet were fine…and then I promptly took them off in the minivan on the way home, because…well, they are technically heels and I am still pregnant. 😉 However, if you’re looking for a bootie with some heel to it, but don’t want to sacrifice all comfort for the height…go the wedge route.

diaper bag: Lily Jade’s Meggan (in Brandy) – This bag. It is THE diaper bag of all diaper bags. The removable insert is one of the best things ever invented for mamas. Genius. I stick all of the kids’ necessities into the insert and can then just pull it out when I’m running out alone (what?) or are just running out on a quick errand with the kids. I now have magical organizational skills. ha-ha. Not to mention the fact that it can be converted into a backpack, which is the way I carry it most of the time…so much easier to have free arms and hands with the kiddos. So, yeh. I am more than happy to have it this time around with baby numero 3…considering I will have even more stuff to bring along with us. Yay…STUFF. 😀

I do love a simple way to change-up an outfit and make it more wearable for wherever and whatever. Plus, doesn’t the dress look so cool with the jeans?…like…whoah, that mama knows how to wear a dress with jeans. DAYYYUUUM. lol. haha…ha…ha. Sorry. I’m done. I need to go…and eat the entire bag of Halloween candy that’s “being saved”. The kids have both been sick for the past five days (yes, FIVE) and I am literally losing. my. mind.

Oh! Wait. Before I go and eat my pregnant weight in candy…check out Lazy 5 Ranch, especially if you’re in the NC/SC area. It’s the coolest. Zebras roam free…and there are GIRAFFES. ‘nuf said.




  1. I have the Lily Jade bag too. But I have mixed feelings. The pros are all things you mentioned but the cons are that it’s very heavy, the backpack straps are difficult to get on and manage (because it’s really just one big awkward strap), and unless there is a lot in each one of those pockets they are very flimsy and hard to put stuff into. A lot of the time the insert just ended up smushed at the bottom.
    It’s still a nice bag, I definitely had a love affair with it at first. And it couldn’t have been too bad because I used it for over a year. But to be honest, I used it longer than I should have just to justify the cost. But hey, maybe they’ve made improvements.
    I recently switched back over to a big structured tote with all the kids stuff just in a zip lock bag or two and I’m liking it much better. To be fair, we are out of the baby stage, so there’s a lot less stuff to manage now, yay!
    Anyway, I hope this helps someone who might be thinking of buying it.

    • Heavy, yeh. Maybe a bit at times. When I think about it though…any of my “kid bags” that are meant to carry all that we need for a day are a bit heavy and bulky. What I like about the Lily Jade bag is the fact that I can wear it as a backpack…and the insert has actually kept me semi-organized. hehhh. Cheers, Christy. I loved your comment!…and that it informed readers of another’s experience with the Lily Jade bags.

  2. +1 for the H&M maternity jeans. I’m 30 weeks with our second, and even though I have some very nice “premium” maternity jeans, I have found myself wearing the H&M jeans most days for both pregnancies. They don’t stretch out and look and feel much nicer than I would expect given the price point. I did find that there was a lot of variation in size and fit though, so trying on in store was pretty much essential.

    • YES, Kim. Glad to hear someone else has had the same experience with H&M’s maternity jeans. Also, I meant to mention in the post how the sizing is a bit…weird…and you definitely have to try them on (or at least know how many sizes up to go). Cheers. 🙂

  3. Do you have a pic straight on? I’m trying to figure out this look and all I see in this post is long cardigan and jeans. My challenge is I feel like the jeans make the dress bulge at the waist. Maybe im not picking the right kind of top? I’m also short so sometimes I feel like a kid playing dress up. Help!

  4. I’m in love with that bag! I’m still carrying around the Marc by Marc mama bag that everyone has – and it’s fine. But I love the idea of having a bag that looks like a BAG, not an obvious diaper bag I am sadly dependent on. Baby #2 due in Jan – maybe it’s time for an upgrade!!

    xoxo http://www.touchofcurl.com

    • It’s a great one! Yeh, I’m with you on that. I’ve always kind of stayed away from the DIAPER BAGS. You know the ones? Although, I will saaaaay…there are some great functional ones that look like they keep things organized, yada yada. Hard to make the decision when it comes to looking good vs functionality. Haha! 😉 I do think Lily Jade does a very good job though. Cheers, Colleen.

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