Wearing a Suede Shift Dress During Pregnancy (Yeh, it happened)



Remember that post I did on suede? I made this sort-of-promise to try out the trend and now I’ve found myself in a non-maternity suede shift dress…while pregnant.

Here’s what went down…heh. I tried on the dress about a month ago (which might as well be a year ago in terms of bump growth) and it fit perfectly in a size up – the length was spot on. Fast forward to a month later and I tried on the dress again (with some long-awaited over-the-knee boots that have been on backorder…for forever and a day)…hmmm. Something looks different here. Oooooh right – the baby bump has grown in the past month: they tend to do that. Now the dress is just a tad bit on the short side and by tad bit I mean maybe too short. I wasn’t giving up on it that easily though!

Obviously, I couldn’t do bare legs. I tried that. NO. Hoochy. Bad. Could I de-hoochify the look by adding tights and over-the-knee boots? I was game. I wanted it to work. Actually, I was insistant on it (pregnancy ego was being slayed at this point) so I decided I’d play around with it. I then got pics to prove I had at least tried…and am now sharing the result of my suede dress toils on here. Hey, maybe I like embarrassing myself a little in an almost-too-short dress to be be wearing while pregnant. heh.




So, YEP. That’s short. I’m pretty sure if I bent over too much (or at all)…no bueno, my dears. Not exactly a practical outfit for a mom, I guess, butbutbut I didn’t even realize it was that short until I saw these pics (so that means it was fine, riiiigght?! ha). Regardless, I felt rockin’ in the ensemble. Moral of the story? I’d say that the way to fix the length problem and make this dress work on a more realistic basis is to go with leggings or even really thick tights. There IS a way to wear this suede dress damnit. lol.

If you’re thinking: HELL NO, Cams. You crazy? Consider this. If you’re any shorter than me, even by a mere inch, the length would be more spot-on for ya. In fact, if you’re closer to S’s height it’ll probably almost graze your ankles. Just joking on that one…sort of. 😉

Gosh, I really do love this suede dress thing (for pregnant mamas and non-pregnant ladies alike)…and I’m not just saying that to try and feel better about almost showing off my derrière to the world wide web. Not at all.


dress: Wayf faux suede shift dress (wearing a size large) – really like the dress. It’s very comfortable and the color is beautiful for Fall/Winter. Again, if I wasn’t pregnant it wouldn’t look as short…and I’m tall (5’10 tall), so just keep that in mind. I just came across this Painted Threads Faux Suede Dress which is another cute option and may even be a bit longer.

wrap: Kensie Blanket Poncho Sweater – one of my favorite purchases for the season. It’s ridiculously comfortable and…it just looks so good.

boots: Dolce Vita ‘Neely’ over-the-knee boot – they seem to be selling out left and right. I was on the wait list for these babies for a while and I think it’s because they are one of the more affordable options in this style. You know the Stuart Weitzmans that everyone is going gaga over? Beautiful, but a bit more mula.

hat: some hat I found on Amazon last year – this looks like a cool hat…and comes in a variety of colors.



He’s just so smoochy I could die.

I was unknowingly mooning everyone that drove past…winning.



photos: Brandon Brown (who so nicely tries to coach me with, “look happy!” or “something really fun is happening, so smile and look happy!” and……….I do try. I do. #restingbitchfacefolife)


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