Wearing: LOFT’s Orange Windbreaker (and baby-wearing too!)


P1168423 We received several comments from yesterday's post regarding LOFT's fabulous orange windbreaker.  Specifically, reader Dusti wanted to know:

"I'm thinking of getting the orange jacket, but I am wondering how to best style it with skinnies? I'd like to make it a staple for the spring…what are your thoughts of a few options what to wear under it?"

Ummmm…it just so happens that I bought that very windbreaker, and have been wearing it non-stop.  (Am I the only one who does that?  Wears a new item for several days straight?)

Here's a few pics from the last few days…. 

Going to the Park

I love how it dresses up a hoodie, jeans and cute rainboots. 


(LOFT windbreaker, Gap legging jeans, alternative apperal hoodie, Target rainboots)

Baby-Wearing At The Stock Show

It's Stock Show time here in Denver….and I'm loving this windbreaker over the Ergo.  Pax and I spent several happy hours wandering around like this…




Out To Brunch

I'm loving it over a man-style shirt…with the shirt peeking out at the bottom.


I couldn't baby-wear in these heels, but they are chunky and comfortable enough for small outings, or outings when Mike is also there to do the heavy lifting. (UPDATE: I am, actually, babywearing in these heels.  No problem)


(same jacket and jeans as above, Banana Republic boyfriend shirt, Clarks booties)

Hope this helps!!







  1. What??? They don’t ship to Canada? How surprising. Well…at least you have Club Monaco (yes…I know the states does have some Club Monacos…but not in Denver). And you have Roots. And MEC. And Joe. And Flare magazine. And that awesome drug store…what is the name of it? It carries a zillion high-end beauty brands? Aaaannnddd…Coffee Crisp AND Roger’s chocolates (my favorite is cherry). Sigh.

  2. So cute. I headed out yesterday after your post to pick the windbreaker up and grabbed a great spring scarf too. Best was using a sweater return from Christmas, making my total bill $2.
    Thanks for the styling tips.

  3. I love the loft, It is affordable and kid friendly too, but best of all for me it is 1 block from my house. I don’t like to shop, so I love reading your blog to keep me up to date. So glad you recommended the loft, now I feel cool.

  4. Thanks for the comments, girls! Lisa – I’m loving your $2 bill. Put that one on the credit card?? LOL
    Amanda – I’m glad I’m not the only one.
    Cheree – Wow. That proximity would be trouble for me…

  5. Loving your tips! What boots are you wearing in the picture at the Stock Show? Are they brown or black? Hard to tell by the picture. I am on a serious mission for new boots and am enjoying reading all of your hints. Thanks!

  6. Aaahhh…they are my favs, bought several years ago. The are frye’s buckled Carmen boots, I think. They are a really amazing brown that goes with everything. I don’t know if Frye is still doing the buckled Carmen, but I do think frye has the best leather colors – a perfectly faded black, a gray, and a million different shades of brown, tan, taupe, etc.

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