Wedding Weekend Wrap-Up!




Mamas, we are finally back from our MI Summer.  My sister is now happily (ecstatically, joyfully) married to a man we all love and adore.  Except for a severe case of homesickness on my part, all is right in our little part of the world.  

Now.  As promised….wedding deets and pics!  All pics here are from Glow Photo Studio in Marquette, MI.  Not only did Danielle and her team get some ah-mazing shots (and we're just using a sneak-peak here – the rest are still coming) but she was a joy to have around.  

Let's talk about how cute my boys are!  (Totally self-indulgent.  I know.  I'm still not sorry.)




Have you come across the Etsy shop The Baxter Boy?  Oh, Baby.  It's good.  And affordable!  The Baxter Boy was where I found Raines' cool suspenders (they are actual fabric, not that weird stretchy stuff) and Pax's polka-dot bow tie.   I know, I know.  They had me at polka-dot bow tie too.

Raines' purple bow tie, however, came from Nordstrom's (sold out online – here's something similar).  I had stumbled upon The Baxter Boy too late for a custom order, and we were trying to match my sister's colors.  But Nordstrom's kid's department is actually pretty awesome for silk ties and bow ties.  

Raines' hat and pants both came from a lucky find on Gap's clearance rack, but to keep things fancy-fancy, we put him in Crewcut's Tuxedo-front shirt.  It helped to offset his skull TOMS.  

Wanna see our dresses?


I love the feathers in Scotti's bouquet, and my gorgeous Calla lilies.  

Now Mamas, get ready.  We have on some fabulous big-girl shoes.  I was so excited!!



Scotti's shoes are long sold out, but my dancin' shoes are Nina's Levina in silver.  Truth be told, these shoes only made it through the first few shimmies, and then I had to change.  But at that point, I had been wearing those babies for about 8 hours straight.  And we are pretty serious about our dancin' up in Marquette, MI.  Pret. Tee. Serious.



Look how cute pregnant Amanda is (on the left) shakin-shakin on the dance floor.  J.Crew's Blakely dress was adorable with her bump.  And that's our Lane in the middle, flashing the peace sign. 

Sigh.  It was a blissful day, and a crazy-fun night.  Everything a wedding should be.  

Enjoy your weekend, Mamas!  We'll be doing something low-key for a change.  I'm thinking we'll wander into the city to drown our homesickness in one of Philly's awesome beer gardens, followed by Franklin Fountain's $15 hot-fudge sundae.  Worth. Every. Penny.







  1. Scotti too hottie got married!?! we were in DG together at MSU! love that girl…you 2 looked radiant ๐Ÿ™‚ congrats to the bride, the wedding looks amazing. nothing like the UP in the summer time.
    i’m only mildly obsessed w/ this blog, btw. hope i don’t scare you ;P

  2. Hey Shana, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for posting about my shop and sharing the link! You are too nice and I appreciate all that you said. I definitely love how cute your boys look in their bow ties & suspenders! Mind if I post one of those pictures on my facebook page?
    Thanks again. I owe you! If you ever want to order again let me know & I’ll send you a coupon code ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. wow – an abundance of beautiful in those photos…from the kiddos, to you, to your gorgeous sis, to your sweet husband! Your boys are VERY cute!!! the blonde hair! the stylish hat! the polka dot tie! dying of cute.
    What did you do to your hair to get it to look like that ? It looks amazing!

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