Weekend 1.2


We had the best NYE we’ve had in a long time. Partially because — bye, 2020! -—but also, I suspect, because expectations were at an all-time low. Personally, my favorite parts of past NYEs were the parts where we just, uh, get ready, so we simply leaned hard into that.

Scotti did makeup (an advanced, NYE version involving lots of glitter) and I poured the bubbly. With no pressure to go anywhere or be on time, we just…enjoyed.  

Once we emerged from Scotti’s makeup room all VOILA! BEHOLD OUR GORGEOUSNESS to spirited applause (the guys were deep into Negronis at this point), we ate some food (Ritz crackers — my kids were in heaven), and started the karaoke. 

Suddenly, it was midnight. And — just like that — 2020 was over.  

I can’t help but feel a little hopeful. There’s no doubt that 2021 is going to continue to be a really tough road. There’s no doubt that we have so much work to do (on many levels). But I’m feeling more inspired than I have in a long time. In many ways, my path feels…clear.  

On a personal level? 2021 is going to be about low expectations, and being intentional with my time. For example, I know that ‘being intentional’ usually means getting outside everyday…and the low expectations part (the part I’m realllllly bad at) might just mean…for a walk around the block. Boo.

I mean fine. It’s fine! It’s better than nothing and that, my friends, is the point. “Better than nothing” could probably be reframed by someone more cheerful as…oh I don’t know: baby steps to happiness?  

Oof. Terrible. [S bangs head on desk.]

So my 2021 mantra (since I can’t reframe without sounding like a bad self-help book) is  ‘Shoot for better than nothing!’ 


Fine. It’s fine.

In any case, professionally, I’m really excited about our 2021 content. The team and I have been brainstorming, and the idea of being intentional with purchases keeps popping up. We’re always trying to balance the idea of fresh content vs. boring everyone with our most-worn pieces over & over & over again, but we’re hoping to really toe this line in 2021. It’s more authentic to who we are as people and better fits with our values of cost-per-wear and sustainability. 

We’re also going to be focusing more on our community. You guys are — easily — the best part of The Mom Edit, and we’d love to be the platform of shared voices. Representation matters, and we remain committed to amplifying black and brown voices. We’re also hearing that you guys want to see more size and age diversity as well. So. At a minimum, expect to see more style & life interviews in 2021, and let us know if there’s someone you’d love to see featured (or if you’d like to be featured).

But if I make only ONE solid, concrete resolution for 2021, it’s going to be this: Be more like Scotti and always have — at the ready — a karaoke machine, disco balls (yes, plural), flashing lights and glitter eyeshadow.

For, ya know, those 2021 Friday nights.

Getting serious about those resolutions: Karaoke machine, disco ball w/lights (and a traditional disco ball), and, lastly, party lights.

Long live the t-neck. Our top 5, biggest selling products of 2020? They were (in order): this cashmere turtleneck sweater, Vince Henderson boots, the “EW, DAVID” sweatshirt, the “stupid pants” (as nicknamed by our FB Insiders, ha!), aaaaaand…this Schitt’s Creek Moira Rose vocabulary calendar.

Back in stock (and on sale): My longtime favorite puffers, Lole’s Kayley Jacket (a short puffer) and Lole’s Katie Limited Edition Puffer (a long one) magically appeared at Nordstrom Rack, 51% off. I had been gifted the long one three years ago, and liked it so much I picked up the short one, too. These puffers are impossibly lightweight and shockingly warm. (Lole is based in Canada, so…yeah. They know cold.) I still swear by them all these years later (literally just wore the short one), and have been happy to hear that a ton of readers have liked them, too. Nordstrom Rack also has Mike’s favorite lightweight puffer (think: The North Face, but with a cooler fit and less logo), as well as Lole’s cable knit mittens (lined in fleece and super-warm).

Back in stock, part II. I keep trying to cover Beyond Yoga’s twist-front tank because it’s so dang flattering on…but it keeps selling out. However! Nordstrom *just* got a pretty gray version in stock, so. The twist does realllllly nice things for the girls.

Flawless. Scotti bought me the Yubi Brush for Christmas, and it’s fantastic. It even makes my ‘skin tint’ go on more evenly, and I love what it does with actual foundation, too. The brush is the softest thing I’ve ever put on my skin, and the whole experience is lovely. Support Black-owned business Yubi directly and take 25% off sitewide + free shipping.

Hallucinating. I was midnight browsing, just to get inspired, when I clicked on Nordstrom’s new arrivals section and was confronted with THIS. Tory, Tory, Tory…no. At the time I took it as a sign to go to bed (obviously a hallucination?) and YET THERE IT IS. ps. it’s $500.