Weekend 3.28


So we’ve been running this fine line between what I’ll call ‘escapism content’ and ‘real stuff’ this week. (NOTE: the photo above was NOT taken this week.)

How have we been doing?

I’ll admit, I haven’t been at my best.  While I am technically calling the thing I do all day “work”, if I were to break it down, it’s more like…stares at screen….starts random (unimportant) task…scrolls IG…suddenly remembers important task…finds necessary documents to do important task…stares…scrolls IG…gets coffee…thinks of third task…stares…gets interrupted and yells at interrupter “OMG MOMMY IS WORKING”….starts third task….scrolls IG…wait no – need to do important task…stares…re-finds all necessary documents for important task…gets distracted by unimportant task…stares…scrolls IG…gets interrupted “MOMMY HAS IMPORTAN—“

So yeah, ya know…work.

Homeschooling, on the other hand, is going much better than it did last week, probably because I dropped it altogether. Ha!

But in all seriousness, I did sit down with the kids and figure out the set of things they can actually do on their own.  I was literally like “Mom cannot help you.” Thankfully my kids are just old enough that this approach seems to work. We agreed on 20 minutes each of the following:

They each have a Chromebook, so I just made sure they had logins to all of the above websites and DONE.

I’ve also started “remembering” chores whenever they ask me for something, which is turning out to be highly effective.  “Raines, I’d love to make lunch.  Ooo…look how dirty this floor is.  Tell you what:  While I make lunch, would you please sweep the floor?  Oh hi Pax – ooo…that whine is hurting Mommy’s ears.  Can you take this bucket and mop, and follow behind your brother?  You don’t know how to mop?  Well I’ll bet if you use your big strong brain….”

Yup.  They figured out their own lunch the next day.

By using those big strong brains.

But I am reminded – daily – of how lucky I am to still have a job.  I received an email from Molly, who has been a reader for a decade now.  She wrote that she and her husband have had to close down their restaurant/club in Manhattan, and have no idea when they’ll be able to open up again.  She’s sick to her stomach about the furloughing of staff and bands, and has been rage-unsubscribing (a perfect description) to emails about buying anything. “…I have not had the heart to do it to you guys,” she wrote.  “How can I support you, a community of women, and still stay open? I am at a loss.”

I don’t have any answers, but I do understand.  The Mom Edit, in addition to it’s contributors, has a staff of 5 full-time employees.  Many of whom rely on The Mom Edit for their healthcare.  One of whom is a single mother.  These are responsibilities I take very seriously.  And as retailers cancel their affiliate programs and back out of collaborations, as we all collectively take a step back from buying (even us ‘shopping enablers’)…I am worried.  I am scared.  I too am holding my breath, waiting to see what this means as the story eventually plays out. 

We’ve had many discussions – the TME team and I, about what to do.  What a company like The Mom Edit can do to stay afloat…while being true to what really is in our hearts and minds right now (’cause it sure as hell isn’t shopping).   We are doing our best to be helpful, to be a space of support, and sometimes…to provide a much-needed distraction. 

I genuinely want to know your thoughts:  How are we doing?

Because the one thing I do know is that community matters.  And this little community we have is worth fighting for.   So if you, like Molly, cannot shop, let me be very clear:  


I don’t care if you ever buy anything again – you are always welcome here, you are valued.  Just stick with us – keep weighing in, keep helping us stay on the right track.  If all we’re left with, when this is over, is a stronger community….well.  

That’s still something.

The best way to support local restaurants?  In our emails back and forth, Molly said something I found really helpful.  I had asked her if there was any way we, this community, could help people in her situation.  She said, “As for us small restaurateurs, we need our communities as well, and more than ever now. People have been so supportive and are buying gift cards to use towards future visits. To us (and the thousands more small businesses affected) this will be the way we will have the funds to be able to reopen as quickly as possible (once we are allowed to) and can rehire all of our staff and musicians.” 

If you are one of the luckier ones, we’ve researched the best ways to give (see our full article here). But to reiterate Molly’s point, please consider buying gift cards from local business to help them get back on their feet.  Linzi has been buying small gift cards from a local coffee shop and handing them out to our corner grocery store workers – an idea I love

And if you happen to be in Manhattan (or are planning to visit someday)…Molly’s restaurant sounds so freaking cool.  It’s the Smoke Jazz & Supper Club on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. I just picked up a gift card for…someday.  Can’t wait.

We’re also working on a series of articles, highlighting our favorite local haunts. You can see Em’s Half-Moon Bay favorites here, Laura’s Portland favs here, and Annmarie’s Philly fav’s here (although, she admittedly left out a few additional favs because Linzi and I are both covering some, too, so stay tuned). Likewise…if any of you readers would love to play along with a little tribute to your local favorites….shoot us a message at hello@themomedit.com with the subject line ‘local loves’. (My Denver girls, I’m going to be bugging you directly. xoxo)

Reader plea: NJ Jersey hospitals need old baby video monitors. A few enterprising nurses started using baby video monitors to check on COVID patients. It’s proven so helpful that some New Jersey hospitals are now accepting them as donations. If you have one to donate, it might be worth a call to your local hospital. JFK Medical is one such hospital. (Thanks, Beth!)

I think they made this top for Linzi. The TME team fell in love with Philadelpha-based Voloshin’s Ella top years ago (and keep stealing it from each other). Amy, the designer behind the brand, had remarked last year that they might discontinue the top and I think Linzi cried. Well…Voloshin came out with a black one, and Linzi has been wearing it on basically every zoom call. It’s a little dressier than a tee…yet comfier, too. And I know Amy and Leo are personally handling shipping during these crazy times, so ordering from Voloshin both supports a local business AND doesn’t violate social distancing measures.

Eternally optimistic. Well…that tinted face oil I had such high hopes for was a total bust – it’s going back. So I’m still looking for a little something to wear at home…something lighter than a foundation, but something glowy. Gwen started a discussion on Facebook about Laura Mercier’s Tinted Skin Perfector, and everyone seems to either be raving about that product, OR Bare Minerals’ Complexion Rescue which is interesting because it’s a gel cream. Or maybe I’ll just douse my face in Charlotte Tilbury’s Flawless Filter because that is pretty much foolproof, now that I think about it. (If you recall, Scotti explained how to use it, here.)

Expensive, but worth it. Remember those Vince sneaker boots? Well…they’re 40% off at Nordstrom, and I ordered a pair last week. I’m completely blown away. The new version (which is also on sale at Saks) is made from insanely soft leather, has a cushy, flexible sole, and my years-long search for classic black Chelsea boots is finally at an end.

Dear god no. I physically recoiled when I came upon this bizarrely expensive crocheted top in Nordstrom’s sale section. Two words for you: kangaroo pocket.

Wanderlusting… All of our upcoming trips are cancelled. Obviously that’s not the worst thing in the world, it just makes me feel…itchy. I’m fighting back with some serious armchair travel. Starting with The Travel Book – A Journey Through Every Country in the World, and maybe even Wanderlust, a Traveler’s Guide To the Globe, which has lists like ‘the best places to stargaze’ and other tips for building up a bucket list.

I’m just over here, smugly cooking dried beans. For some reason, canned beans are still hard to come by in grocery stores right now…and since we rarely eat meat, I’ve been (low-key) wondering if there’s any issue with eating so many canned beans. I keep meaning to make my own beans from dried but…ugh. Even typing “make my own beans from dried” makes me both tired and annoyed (sounds so smug). But thanks to Alton Brown’s article, I successfully made a batch of dried chickpeas in the slow cooker. I literally dumped them in (rinsed first), and let it go all night (well into the morning because I forgot they were there). They were perfect and brainless. Huh.

To offset all of that sitting. One of my beloved pilates instructors, Sue, is doing mat classes on Zoom, and I’ve now learned that she doesn’t need to be physically present to kick my ass. She’s offering a first class for $5, click here to schedule. (And here’s a link to Sue’s main scheduling page, as well as her IG, @opal_wellness_studio.)

Best thing on IG right now. Kevin Hart’s “Confessions from the Hart”. Mike and I both DIE laughing. It’s a nice break at the end of the day.




  1. I’m enjoying your posts even though I rarely shop. It’s window shopping for me without leaving the house. I’m enjoying your posts especially now that we are in lockdown here in the UK.
    I have a husband home with COVID-19 and currently worring about the rest of the family til the 14 day incubation period has ended.
    Keep smiling & keep posting. x

  2. I think you guys are doing well. For me, I’m doing less shopping… mainly because I’m not working as much as I need to… the consulting life, dontcha know. Working on it, but given the times… it’s not easy. Money spent on groceries and cat food. But I am still reading, enjoying the content because one day, this WILL pass and we will be able to enjoy everything again. And this helps give me some hope and makes me smile. And the community you’ve built is awesome. I look forward to all your musings… so keep up the good work. I don’t find anything offensive…except for $450 GG sneakers (ha! slightly kidding!) but those are choices that you make and if it works for you, then KILLER! Go for it! I, meanwhile, will chuckle, read the whole post, and then go to the next one.

    Oh, if you could do a post on crafts to buy and do as a family during this time… that would be awesome too. So hard to get puzzles, etc.

  3. I just tried to find your pilates instructor and the link just sent me to the Schedulicity app (but not her specifically). Help! Thanks!

    • I just re-checked the link…and it does send you to Schedulcity, but it should be her specific page. Her page name is Opal Wellness Studio. I’ll also update the post with a direct link to both her main page and IG. xo!

  4. Y’all are definitely a welcome distraction and always an inspiration for changing up my momiform. And finding cool and educational new kids toys/games. And skincare products. And knowing where the sales are. And what are some amazing deals from said sales. Basically, love reading your posts and cheering you ladies on! I especially like these S weekend posts. A nice mix of thoughts and shopping.

  5. Travel…our spring break is next week. Trying to brainstorm some sort of travel activities for the kids. (basic books, movies, simple foods we have on hand or even local restaurants).

    Always love this blog. The shopping is really secondary. You all are just lovely and fun. With depth. 😉

    Thanks for your honesty. All the best during this tough time.

  6. TME…you all are amazing and I absolutely look forward to your daily postings. The distraction your site creates is just what I need. I know I need to be informed but I hate the doom and gloom attitude that comes along with it. I’m scared but I’m holding out hope and staying as optimistic as I can.

    Going off your foundation search…I learned that Urban Decay discontinued my Naked One & Done so I ended up at Sephora and learned about Ilia. Purchased the Super Serum Tint SPF 40 Foundation…I love it. It’s a nice light weight coverage. I would love to get Scottis thoughts on this brand.

    Stay kind, stay hopeful, stay healthy.

  7. I love Trish McEvoy beauty balm! I’m super minimalistic when it comes to makeup. Just a small amount gives me a little something that makes me feel put together. And it feels so nice on!!!

  8. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your site – both now, during these crazy times, and for the past ten years. Your weekend updates are always some of the posts I look forward to most because I love your writing and enjoy the more personal posts from you, Shana. For me, reading about sales and all things shopping is a welcome distraction from the more grim things we are all focused on right now. Even if most of us are trying to shop less, it’s refreshing to spend a few minutes every day reading about something that isn’t depressing. However, I love that you and the writers at TME are not just ignoring current events and pretending it’s business as usual. Basically, I think you and the team are doing a great job with that fine line you mentioned. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and sense of humor, and more than a decade of good style advice 🙂

  9. Your commentary at the top of the post is why I love The Mom Edit. So many times your words just hit home. I still look back at your running post and cry because I just feel so seen. Keep it coming even if we can’t buy right now.

  10. I love TME so much. It’s the perfect mix right now of frivolous and serious..mom stress..work stress..world stress..It doesn’t feel like escapism so much as the messy, mixed up feelings we all have right now. I’m love seeing your content because browsing say the Nordstrom sale gives some semblance of what normal used to look like (even if right now I buy rarely) and makes me feel still connected somehow.

  11. Even though I’m buying less now, I love seeing your sale posts especially since so many stores are now giving deep discounts. I can actually get great deals on some of your recommendations from the past. Love ALL of your content though!

  12. I have loved this blog for many years..I think
    I started reading when you were showing us how to style
    Frye boots! My husband is moving to a hotel
    For 6 weeks so he can work at A NYC Hospital on the front lines. So I Could use any distraction (fashion, what you are shopping, wearing, putting outfits together from your closet). I especially look forward to your (Shana’s) !articles. No one appreciates a Patagonia jacket, Vince bootie, or perfect tee more than me. So thank you for continuing to work!! I much appreciate it

    • HA! Styling Fryes – a longtime reader, indeed. But in all seriousness, I was so sad to read your comment. I will be thinking of you and your brave husband throughout all of this. xoxoxo

  13. Hi TME
    I love you all and wish you the best in this trying time. Shana, thanks for your transparency.
    So I meant to sent this to you earlier:
    Here is the link to the Vince boots at Nordstrom. I ordered them and cant wait for them to arrive.
    They have all the sizes still in stock. Not sure why the link changed.
    I love ‘shopping’ with all the links even though I am not really buying much right now. We are looking at how we can support our locals: gift cards, etc. Most of all I am saying thank you to everyone still working. It has been so rewarding to see how happy a simple thank you makes our local people.

  14. Please keep your posts coming! They are the perfect distraction these days and hit exactly the right chord. We’re all worried. We all have a little cabin fever. We’re all losing it a bit. We’re all struggling and this blog touches on all of that. And provides a bit of escapism once in a while. And I thank you all for that!

  15. Thanks for all you do! You all are a welcome distraction. I am able to shop a little, but rarely can I afford to purchase the beautiful stuff you post ($158.00 for a shirt??), but it gives me styling ideas for what I already own. I do love your jeans recs…I have been searching for the perfect pair for so long! I need to find jeans that come in a long length (a 34 inseam is not long), are comfortable, and stylish…not all that easy. Anyway, keep posting, I love reading your blog!!

  16. I have been a reader since ANMJ days and appreciate your balance of the reality of momming and the goal of not looking like a mom. But I miss the family activity and kid activity recommendations that have inspired/ rescued me many times. Linzi’s post last week on organizing unstructured days with lists of what could be done was perfect-not Pinterest homeschool printable perfect- but parenting in a new reality simplicity perfect. At this time of trying to keep my kids (about the same age as P&R) entertained and engaged, I would love recommendations for “family book club” by age group, games to play as a family but also games to play across platforms with friends and cousins, and perhaps some classic movies for family movie night. Thanks.

  17. Hi! 3 things:
    1) Keep on keeping on. I look forward to reading my TME newsletter every day! It’s a very needed break in the chaos. Thank YOU so much for your hard work and thoughtfulness during this crazy time.
    2) my favorite tinted moisturizer is Elta MD UV Physical Tinted Face Sunscreen with SPF 41. It’s oil-free, mineral based (Zinc) water resistant (if I’m ever going to the pool again!) and always gives me the perfect amount of light, dewy coverage. I order it on Amazon.
    3) We also eat meat pretty infrequently. Have you ever made Smitten Kitchen’s “a really great pot of chickpeas?” They’re amazing. Instant pot instructions are hidden in the comments. I also make her “quick pasta and chickpeas” pretty frequently for lunch and loooove her “everyday yellow dal” recipe. When I shopped for groceries last weekend I had to buy an entire bag of organic lemons because the individual guys were sold out, so I am attempting her “pink lemonade bars” this afternoon in an effort to use up my lemons before they spoil!

  18. I look forward to your weekend edits every week, please don’t ever stop!
    Try Glossier skin tint, sounds like exactly what you’re looking for!

  19. Thanks for keeping it real, Shana. I’m not shopping right now either – and I miss it. Maybe this would be a good time for some “shop your closet” posts? Reimagining what we already have, with links to similar items so those who are shopping can still help you all earn some money? Another idea would be to talk about the styles that best flatter different body types or disguise specific areas that people might want to hide, with links to wear to buy those styles? For example, I’m sensitive about my belly – and find that tops with banded bottoms or dolman sleeves work great to define my shape at the hips without clinging to my belly. I’d love more ideas for the best pieces for my body! And maybe I can use my “shopping time” to do a smart clean out of my closet to better reflect what looks good and makes me happy.

  20. I want to thank you all for showing up everyday. You make me laugh, give me joy, and make me think. I love seeing your fashion inspiration as much as I love your honesty and empathy. I look forward to better times, but you are definitely a much needed bright spot for me right now.

  21. Please keep doing what you’re doing! The content is just right for what we’re all going through right now. ❤️. Thank you TME!

  22. I have a recommendation for a glowy light foundation – RMS Beauty’s “un cover up”. Its super light and natural. It provides a glow and is made from all-natural ingredients. Its best used with their brush and mixed with a little bit of oil. Getting the “right” color might be tricky, but company might be able to send samples? https://www.rmsbeauty.com/products/un-cover-up

  23. I love the distraction of non-COVID content on blogs and IG right now. And I appreciate the small business shout outs. I’m trying!

    My favorite somewhat recent discovery for sheer, glowy face coverage is Iris & Romeo’s “Best Skin Days” (I think this link should give you 20% off: http://irisandromeo.refr.cc/alexisb). I already ordered a second jar, and I am only halfway through the first one. It has SPF 25 (zinc oxide) and supposedly blocks blue light as well. I love their philosophy. I also tried one of the lip balms, and it’s just meh, but the Best Skin Days is lovely.

  24. Mom edit is one of the things I look forward to! You just inspired me to check out Voloshin and ordered something. I look forward to the what to wear to Welcome Back to normal activities when that happens! Sooner rather than later!

  25. I think I found you a few years ago when I googled “what to pack for Italy.” It makes my head spin to think how much has changed in the world! I will be shopping less, but love your styling tips that help me look & feel current. Thank you!

  26. Love what you guys have been doing. It’s a nice mix and a welcome distraction. Thank you for keeping at it even while you are also juggling all the things we are. Thank you!

  27. You guys are doing beautifully. I look forward to your posts each and every day; I get especially smiley on Fridays bc of the sales report post comin’. There’s something really reassuring about that still happening each Friday and also there’s a special joy and comfort hearing snippets from each of you in one post. And Shana, your Weekend posts are especially good for my soul. Thank you for all you do and continue to do!

  28. My immune compromised kids and I are staying with my parents while my husband recovers from covid19. He was never sick enough to be hospitalized thankfully but he’s been miserable. I really appreciate you balancing the normalcy of your Sunday post (which I look forward to every weekend!) and your acknowledgment that everything is messed up right now. It helps!

  29. Food industry reader here too. And yeah, reading about things we should buy, when we’ve let go of 80% of our employees in a week, makes me physically ill. It was that or perish. It’s not like the last financial crisis, where we managed not to lay anyone off, kept paying for their healthcare, and tightened our belt. This is drastic and terrifying after being in business since 1948, a small family owned business and the last of its kind in St. Louis.

    If you have any St. Louis area readers, a fund has been started to provide monetary relief for employees and owners of independent restaurants, bars, and shops called Gateway Resilience Fund. At their website, you can both give aid and apply for aid. Our business is partnering to raise funds through our sales, so it’s a cause we are supporting even as we reel from the crisis. Adapt is the name of the game.

    Lastly, since my husband and our employees are part of the food chain, they can’t stay home. Please, remember as hard as it is to stay home, it’s a privilege during this time, and staying home helps protect those who can’t do the same for their families.

  30. I’ve loved your blog since I found it 4 or 5 years ago. I read it daily, you are all such style inspirations, you keep things so real, and although things in the world have drastically changed your content has kept up with the world we’re in. I’m shopping less but I’m always finding a little something! I work at Nordstrom and personally thank you for always supporting us! We’re all in this together and I know we’ll come through this stronger than ever. Sending prayers to you and your families!

  31. I absolutely love the idea of a “shop your closet” post. Revisiting those standard items we all probably have…white t-shirt, jeans, street sneakers, neutral sandals…the oldies but goodies…great idea Miranda.

  32. I am in healthcare and have read your blog x years. Right now I toggle between scared for my patients, scared to bring COVID to my family, scared for my community, and a sense that perhaps we will figure out that we together can move mountains. The only things I have shopped for are blue light glasses (thanks for that recommendation) since I am doing so much more telemedicine, and some 6th grade math workbooks that I only am hoping my girls are cracking open. PLEASE keep writing. All of you are insightful and have unique voices. It is clear that you have built a community, and I feel lucky to follow along!

  33. I look forward to your posts. It is a nice break in my day. I maybe buying less but I am still inspired to look my best.
    Thank you!!

  34. I would like a review for home hair dye options. My hair appt for this week got moved to … sometime in the future. I can do my root touch-ups, but I need a real dye job with highlights at home. For myself when I look in the mirror. Thanks!

  35. I love these post. 99% of the time the words you write as basically how I am feeling. It is so nice to hear that others are experiencing the same thing. I love everything, the fine line of shopping and other stuff is great. I do have one suggestion, not something I have seen before but maybe that is why it would be fun.

    Quarantine hair. I would love a whole post about what to do with your hair that isn’t a top knot. Because that is all I am basically doing right now and I would love some new fun ideas.

  36. Def keep being you – all of you! You’re a much needed distraction and your tv show and board game suggestions have saved us over here. But on a serious note, can you find out what is going on with Everlane? Rumors are everywhere about why they let go of a substantial amount of their employees and I’ve seen people call into question their true sustainability. I love their clothes- but am really trying to shop small businesses and companies that are doing their best to help our environment.

  37. I just love you all and I love this blog. I think you are doing a wonderful job balancing this crazy stuff going on. It is all so scary and stressful. I will only be spending money on groceries for a while, but I like seeing what’s on sale and seeing your blog posts. I hate the fact that I’ve been wanting posts about sweatpants for years and unfortunately, this is how I get them. *thumbs down* Didn’t somebody go to Las Vegas recently? I had to cancel a trip there that was scheduled last week, I would love to see her trip and outfit post. Also I would love to see hair styles to try while we can’t get our hair cut.

    • Hello hello! That was me! I went to Vegas and had every intention of doing a post on packing a little Vegas capsule wardrobe, but in the absence of travel at the moment, I put it off. Maybe we’ll have to bring some aspirational travel wardrobe pieces back into the mix!

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