Weekend 4.25


I’ve been having a little trouble with anxiety this week. It’s not been crippling, mind you, just more of an oh heyyy hi haven’t seen you in a while, low-level kind.

The kind that likes to sneak around undetected, then suddenly come looming out at a good opportunity. REMEMBER ME?

I suppose a global pandemic would be exactly that.

I’ve been dealing with anxiety for most of my adult life. I mean…there’s a reason I gave up drinking caffeinated coffee in my 20s: it was literally making me crazy. So perhaps my current hobby, Stress-Eating Dark Chocolate by the Pound, is — and this is just a wild guess — ill-advised.

Pax had a fever last night. That alone is really nothing to worry about since the kid gets a fever whenever he’s overtired, or — I don’t know the scientific term for this — whenever it’s really inconvenient. Big meeting? Pax gets a fever. About to get on an airplane? Pax gets a fever. Global pandemic? Yup — Pax gets a fever.  

Pax’s fevers are never that high (99-100) but I’ve found that one can only argue with the school nurse so many times before they start to look like an asshole.

At least now there’s no school nurse to argue with! YES! SILVER LININGS!!!!

But since we are no longer living in a normal world, we are living in an Upside Down World, Pax’s propensity to fever is…problematic. [she stuffs dark chocolate in her mouth]

So I’ve been Googling all the fun things: Coronavirus symptoms, COVID in kids, is 99.5 a real fever, etc etc. [she stuffs in more dark chocolate]

And now he has a sore throat! With the not-really-a-fever-fever! [darrrrrk chocolaaaate]

Mike, of course, is completely unperturbed. “Babe, he’s barely been out of the house in six weeks. He’s had zero contact with anyone who isn’t us. He’s fine.”

Of course Mike would think that. Mike, with his annoying logic and his data, and his ruling out of possibilities.  

That said, Pax did just wake up from a Forced Nap with no trace of fever.


I’ll just be over here….ordering more dark chocolate. 

It’s fine. I’m fine. We’re all fine. 

Open-minded. I opened this J.Crew sweatshirt and thought, “UGH!!” I mean…it was neon pink. As it turns out, I look amazing in neon pink. It also happens to be the best-fitting sweatshirt I’ve ever worn so now I have the matching pink shorts. If all of this pink is making you uncomfortable…get the white. Totally worth it. (ps. special Sunday night newsletter will have a selfie with the pink sweatshirt. Subscribe here, if you’d like.)

Goes with exactly nothing. Neon pink is a tricky little beast to actually wear with stuff…so now I’m contemplating this pair of pink-ish sneakers or this pair of pink men’s sneakers. Both feel appropriately irreverent. If neither work, I’m going with the Madewell tie-dye slip-ons Linz featured in her Spring Sneakers Guide.

Speaking of white sweatsuits…I’m crushing hard on this short-sleeve sweatshirt and matching shorts. They’re part of Anthro’s 30% off event this weekend (clothes only). I also find myself eyeballing these black tie-dye joggers, but we all know tie-dye anything doesn’t stay in stock for long.

Gwen was horrified. Retailer photos often don’t do a piece justice…but Gwen swears that this Everlane jumpsuit is wayyyyyyy more flattering in real life. Which might explain the 150+ glowing reviews. She’s been living in hers.

Next-level. This chic backyard bean-bag toss game also includes (on the flip side) a way to play tic-tac-toe by throwing the bags. I think it might work for our back patio, too. The kids could throw things off the deck and down into the “board”.

For fake blondes. My roots are obscene, but the rest of my hair color has been holding up quite nicely, thanks to this Oribe shampoo. I’ve never put it to such a rigorous test before, but, well…let’s just say that my last salon appointment was literally the day AFTER the stay-at-home order was put in place. Boo. Now if anyone has an answer for those roots….

Our two most-played family games are…Anomia (it’s what we’re playing in the photo above) and Munchkin. Anomia also comes in a kid edition which I might actually pick up (the boys are at a major disadvantage when they have to name a ‘composer’ or ‘producer’ for example)…and Munchkin, while daunting at first is fun. We were able to teach Linz and her guys Munchkin via Zoom and it’s addicting. If you’re just starting out, maybe try one of the deluxe sets (choose any of these with the word ‘deluxe’ in their title). These come with a game board which isn’t necessary, but does help keep track of levels. And the themed versions will just be witty and fun.

I’m done. I had a few more articles to include about life during the pandemic…but frankly, I need a break. If I still find them as insightful next week, I’ll include.

I did, however, want to thank you guys for the overwhelming support on my last weekend post. This week was…better. I still haven’t found a good balance between my work and their school (or “unschool” or whatever we’re doing now), but our time together is so much more enjoyable.

I hope you too are starting to figure out how to keep yourselves and your loved ones sane, healthy and happy. And I wish you a bit of blue sky to gaze into this weekend.

Carry on, warriors.




  1. I’m not sure if this is comforting or not, but after 2.5 weeks of isolation, my 9yo developed strep from out of the blue. I kept asking where it could have come from, and there really isn’t a good answer for it other than one of us was somehow an asymptomatic carrier. We got an antibiotic. He took the antibiotic. At 4 weeks of isolation, he came down with another low-grade fever (100.5) for two days. No other symptoms. Doctors don’t know why. Obviously he picked up a microbe somewhere, maybe a bacteria from all the mud he was digging up in our yard?? Anyway, it happens! Don’t panic!

  2. Ugh. This week was a bad one. I have had a terrible headache for the past two days and of course, I think that means I have coronavirus. Could it be that I wear a mask at work for 13 hours straight multiple times each week? Could it be that I am totally stressed about work? Or about people protesting states being shut down? Or that my husband is out of work? Or that my teenage sons are just not doing schoolwork and I keep getting emails from teachers? Could it be that allergy season is probably starting and it’s a sinus headache? It has not been a good week, to say the least. I have been trying to remember to say the Serenity Prayer when I am feeling really overwhelmed. So right now, I’m reciting that and browsing the Adidas website to see what I can get with my healthcare provider discount. Between the prayer and new sneakers, something should help, right? Hope everyone is hanging in there and that next week is a little easier for all.

    • Oh BABES. We continue to think about you alllll the freaking time (your ears ringing? Mike asks “have you heard from Elizabeth Rafter lately??” at least twice a week). Did you happen to see pics (on IG) of nurses – in full scrubs and masks – physically keeping the streets around the hospitals from being blocked by protestors? Heartbreaking, but such a powerful statement. Know we’re sending so much love your way.xoxoxoox

  3. To quote a family member whose wife was stressing when her kid had a sore throat and a fever but had been home for over a month “other germs don’t die just because corona virus is around” ?. Hang in there.

  4. Thank you so much! I’m thinking Mike and I should just exchange emails or something because I am constantly wondering what he is seeing and how his research is going! ? From what I can tell (when I was last there Friday am, at least), it looks like we’ve leveled off a little. The numbers aren’t going up, but not down either. I think we have a lot of positive employees, but I don’t know if the numbers are consistent in other facilities or not. I’ve actually had to stop watching the news (and just brief glances at Facebook) because I get so stressed by some of the images I’ve been seeing. It’s just too much right now. Thank you so so much for keeping me in your thoughts! And keeping me distracted with cute tie dye loungewear and fun spring sneakers. It’s so needed right now! ?

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you! What this world do without our amazing, dedicated nurses? Sending up some prayers for you and your family and hoping Adidas sends you just the right pick me up. You deserve it!

  6. Hi Shana I want to say a belated thank you for last week’s post. I’m a doctor in a clinic,still seeing a few pts and doing a lot of telephone visits. Last week I spoke with a grandma struggling to educate her 6 yr old grandson. She was having a hard time figuring out the logins , etc for all the schoolwork. Reflecting on your post I was able to guide her to some other ideas about educating without stressing out about all the assigned work that she can’t access. She came up with an idea about using piano to teach him math! It was great to have your example/blessing and she was so grateful. Thank you ,and glad to hear this week’s a little better. Hope Pax is ok.

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