Weekend 6.20


I turn the shower off and grab a towel, wrapping it around my head. I gingerly step out onto the bathmat, looking for another towel. I can see one — just barely out of reach — but it’s on the floor, which basically means it’s dead to me.

Air-dry it is.

I walk over to the dirty dirty fungus towel and pick it up, intending to throw it into the laundry basket when I spot Mike’s underwear, also on the floor. Busted. I pick those up too, and walk into the bedroom where the laundry basket — the big, white, plastic kind, is shoved up against the wall.

Littered around the laundry basket are little Mike droppings: sweaty running shorts in a pile to the left of the basket. A dirty t-shirt, a foot away. Another dirty t-shirt is on the floor, close enough to actually touch the plastic basket (but god forbid make it inside). There are socks and shorts and more underwear, each in their own pile, making an almost perfect circle around the laundry basket. There’s just something about this arrangement that seems particularly willful. I lose it.

“MIKE!!!!” I holler. He comes in, surprised by my tone, blinking behind his glasses.

I gesture to the piles. “Babe. I know your aim isn’t that bad. I know that you weren’t, ya know, trying to throw these in the basket and miss…” Mike, still blinking, looks around the room and nods. “But seriously? Look at all of these!! There’s an OPEN BASKET RIGHT HERE. You didn’t even TRY to put them in the basket!!! Why, Mike?? WHY??”

He thinks. Looks around. Pushes up his glasses, then clears his throat. He’s trying to maintain a serious face, but I see his lips twitch. Bastard!

“I was listening to a podcast the other day…” he begins. I feel both rage and a laugh boiling up (damn him!!) and start storming back into the bathroom to save face. “What are Things, really?” Mike is saying. Just as he launches into a speech about entropy, I “slam” the door in his face but the door, unfortunately, is one of those sliding barn door things and instead slides sloooowllly closed as he openly cracks up. I bang a few things around in there, just to make up for lost effect.

Mike slides the door open a crack, and peeks in, grinning. I recall something my mom used to say:

Good thing he’s cute.

Happy Father’s Day, baby. Love you to pieces.

Tanks, Tops & More Human Links

Still on the hunt. I can’t seem to find a really great basic tank. I like my tanks on the looser side, with a low-ish neckline and oversized armholes — the kind you must wear with a pretty bra. I don’t want tight tanks anywhere near my body. Topshop’s U-Neck tank was just restocked (prob my current fav, but size up because it shrinks a little in the dryer), this AllSaints tank is basically perfect but is low in stock, and I’m seriously considering this rag & bone tank (currently 25% off). Has anyone found anything similar? The lower-cost ones I want to love all read too conservative for me (especially after washing).

Maybe cool tops, then? While I’m struggling with basic tanks, I have managed to find a ton of seriously cool tops. I just ordered one of these vintage off-the-shoulder button-downs (with matching mask!!!) from Grant BLVD, and that cool art piece top I love is now on sale at Verishop for 25% off. Actually, Verishop’s sale is sitewide (25% off clothes, 15% off beauty and home), so I’m going to grab this strapless top and probably this cute little bralette.

Speaking of genus…LINZI. Linz stopped by to drop something off and was rocking the Bliss top from our recent Voloshin collection. But instead of tying the straps into bows on her shoulders…she turned it into a halter top. SO GOOD. See it on our IG, here.

But let’s talk about these pants. I had challenged the team — a while back — to find their perfect pair of white jeans. Imagine my surprise when Gwen (5’9″), Cam (5’10”) and I (5’2″) all picked the same pair: sustainable DL1961 Hepburn High-Rise, Wide Leg jeans. I obviously have to hem (hack?) mine, but these are everything I’ve always wanted white jeans to be: graceful and leggy, but with a cool-girl vibe. Love them. Currently part of Verishop’s 25% off sale.

I know, I KNOW. Kat just wrote a post that was literally titled “Beyond OTK Boots: Stuart Weitzman Has All of My Pre-Fall Favorites“…but you guys? She also pointed out that my beloved OTK boots are literally 50% off, and fully stocked in the most gorgeous tan. GAAAHHH…can’t….resist….

Oh hey. This Topshop straw bag is a similar size (and vibe) to my beloved Clare V honeypot bag…but only $40.

Saw it on Laura. Laura was rocking the prettiest everyday lipstick on our team call this week…it was Lip Bar’s Miss Independent. Sounds about right. 😉 Just ordered that one and ‘socialite‘ for fun.

HIIT Me. I started working out over Zoom with a couple of friends, twice a week. It’s the only way we can force ourselves to actually do it. Our current obsession is Mad Fit on YouTube, especially this 30 min, no equipment, apartment-friendly workout.

The best thing on IG..has a book coming. If I had to narrow my IG follows down to just three accounts, @humansofny would make that list. Brandon, the creator, has a new book available for pre-order, and I’m so excited. It’s two years behind schedule, includes hundreds of stories from over 40 countries, and is — I hope — going to be the ultimate coffee table book, one I secretly hope my kids dig into. Pre-order it on Bookshop.org or Amazon.

Did you celebrate Juneteenth? Nothing feels that festive in the midst of a global pandemic…but we did talk as a family about Juneteenth. I think I’m going to try and get us all to watch the 13th, that powerful Netflix documentary about the US prison system. I’ve been hearing that if we want to better understand systemic racism…start here. (And Netflix has actually provided it for free on YouTube.)

On being black. If you haven’t yet read Jennifer Williams’ illuminating article, Our Pain Is Not Your Classroom, it is a must read. It is an incredible piece, one where she simply documents — some — of the ways she has been treated because of her skin. The casual racism is glaringly illuminated — again, a must-read, especially if you are white.




  1. Can we see those Hepburn jeans on all three of you? I’m so tempted to buy them but would love to see them on different bodies first.

  2. Have you checked out Z Supply? Looks like they have at least a handful of tanks that may be worthy of your quest! Particularly the two knit ones Maya and Aulia and the scoop neck, racer back, henley…

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