Weekend 8.1


Hey guys! I though I’d pop in real quick, before all of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale craziness starts in earnest next week. Per usual, bear with us and our—admittedly—nuts levels of coverage for a bit…and then we’ll get back to business as usual.

I’m actually really excited about our coverage this year. Since we have access to the preview, we’re able to plan content in a much more thoughtful way. We’re focusing heavily on cohesive capsule wardrobes, and it’s making this sale feel much less overwhelming. When this is all over, I’d love to hear your thoughts on whether this year’s content was especially helpful.

Starting next week, we’re going to do some FB and IG lives for each new shopping period (Icon level, Ambassador level, Influencer level, etc,), so be on the lookout for that. We’re hoping to staff these live chats with various contributors over several hours…think of it more like a help desk and less like a show (although, we’ll also be showing pieces as we get them in). Pop on over if you have any questions, or want a bit of advice pairing things together. It should be fun. 

Lastly (at least from an NSale perspective), in our FB live last week, we mentioned that we always appreciate when readers use our affiliate links to shop. Since then, we’ve gotten emails from many of you thanking us(!!) for sharing this info, and asking clarifying questions. 

Wow, guys. That is really thoughtful. I’m kinda blown away by this response.

And since there were so many questions, I thought I’d answer them here, a quick little primer on how affiliate links work. (Don’t care? No worries — just scroll past…)

How Affiliate Links Work
(Aka How To Support Us During The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale)

When you click on any of our affiliate links (or any link to Nordstrom, since we are specifically talking about the sale), a cookie is set in your web browser that says, basically, “Oh hey, The Mom Edit sent you to Nordstrom.” In fact, these cookies are so specific that they actually say, “Oh hey, Kat from The Mom Edit sent you to Nordstrom” or “Oh hey, Shana from The Mom Edit sent you to Nordstrom.”

This cookie lasts for some number of days. If you make a purchase at Nordstrom during that time, we earn a small commission on that sale. This is how The Mom Edit earns an income, and how we are able to stay in business.

Here’s the thing: every link you click that takes you to Nordstrom (Nordstrom’s emails, Google Search results, ads) are all setting up those cookies. And the last one you touch before buying? That one gets the credit for the sale.

Here’s an example: If someone fills up their Nordstrom wish list with recommendations from The Mom Edit, their cookie is saying, “Oh hey, Laura from The Mom Edit gets credit for the sale.” If this same person waits until they can shop on Aug 10, and then clicks on a Nordstrom app notification or a Nordstrom email telling them it’s time to shop….Nordstrom’s cookie will wipe out Laura’s cookie.

So. If you like our coverage and would like to find an easy way to support The Mom Edit…we’d love if you could click on one of our Nordstrom links before you checkout. 

And yes: whatever contributor’s link you click on will get credit for the entire sale.

One reader (hi Lisa) asked if she should make separate purchases with different contributor’s affiliate links to make sure that each contributor got credit for the pieces they recommended…and wow. I mean yes, that would do it, but….Lisa, that sounds like so much work!! Just know that — based on previous years of data — it all kinda comes out pretty equally when it’s all said and done, so if you do want to throw some support our way, we’ll just all be pretty thrilled with literally ANY link click before you purchase. 

Seriously though: THANK YOU all for caring enough to ask.

Fun J.Crew Prints, Badass Undies & Beads Byaree 

As I type this, we’re driving back home from Michigan. We spent the last three weeks in my hometown swimming, kayaking, hiking and having nightly ‘floating happy hours,’ which are basically the best thing ever. I’d love to say that we’re returning home refreshed and ready…but this trip flew by, and I’m feeling pretty sad and uprooted. It’s a strange feeling, leaving your family when the world is in such flux. We’re hoping to go back in the fall, but it will be so dependent on how safely we can travel. Crazy times, these.

Frankly, I’m looking forward to the NSale as one big, luxurious distraction, like a glorious stretch when getting out of bed.

It’s these little things, I think. I’ll take it.

Before I forget….We’re going to be sending early looks of our at-home NSale selfies to newsletter subscribers, so sign up here if interested.

Stormtrooper shoes. My first thought when seeing the new Adidas Superstars

I’m boring. But OK with it. I’ve literally been wearing almost nothing but our Bliss bow-shoulder top this summer…and, based on frequent Zoom calls, so has Linzi. I really need to do a little at-home styling (5 ways to wear or something), but will probably get derailed by the Nsale for a bit. But suffice to say: the top is GOOD. One of my best buys of the summer.

The cutest print.  The whole J.Crew X Edie Parker collab is worth a peek…but my favorite is the strawberry print bikini. I’d snap it up…but I just bought this ruffly number during J.Crew’s last sale. It’s so flirty and fun to wear.

Mermaid skirt. While you’re at J.Crew…check out this cute skirt that could easily double as a Halloween costume. But it’s legit good.

Badass undies. I’m obsessed with Naja, a sustainable business started by two women of color who are trying to disrupt the way lingerie is marketed to women. They did away with the sexualized model poses, and their factory primarily employs single mothers or female heads of households. And these undies are made with 100% recycled material and are ridiculously cute. 

The best powder for aging skin. Scotti just turned me onto By Terry’s Hylauronic Hydra-Powder, basically a powder form of the super-moisturizer hylauronic acid. It fills in fine lines and wrinkles with moisturizer, yet leaves behind a matte, flawless finish. It was amazing — my skin wasn’t greasy or shiny, even when it was applied over sunscreen. Scotti wouldn’t let me steal hers, however, so now I have to order my own. 

The DMs don’t lie. I totally loved the IG DM’s that my “skin looked amazing” — seriously I need to start paying people to leave those comments. It was a combo of the By Terry powder above and Supergoop’s GlowScreen. To be honest, I thought the GlowScreen made me look greasy, yet every time I wear it…compliments. So Glowscreen it is.

YASSSS…Huge congrats to Areeayl Goodwin, the woman behind Beads Byaree. If you recall, I had ordered her cloud earrings and custom choker back in June…anyway, her jewelry line was just featured in Beyonce’s movie, Black is King, and now Areeayl has a note on her website that handcrafted orders are taking 10 weeks to fulfill. Well-deserved success.

Campfire cuddles. I received several questions about Kelty’s camping loveseat I featured recently on IG stories (either @themomedit or @shanachristine — can’t remember)…anyway, I picked ours up at Backcountry. It’s now sold out, but Amazon still has a few in stock. Backcountry also has Kelty’s lower version in stock, which would be especially good for sharing with littles.  

Towel for two. Continuing with the theme of side-by-side seating….we brought Pendleton’s gorgeous towel-for-two up to Michigan and it’s insanely, deliciously big. It’s also 25% off, and almost sold out, FYI.

Happy weekend, Gang.




  1. Wow, do I hear you on leaving family in Michigan. I’m currently typing this from my parents’ guest room in my hometown in the Lower Peninsula. My son and I have been here for two weeks, will be here for at least another week, and I’m already dreading the trip back to DC. We figured out tonight that it will probably (maybe?) be Christmas before we all see each other again and it almost broke me. Strange, strange times indeed.

    • Ugh – we’re having the same conversations. I’m hoping it’s OK to at least DRIVE home…but then we have weather to deal with. It’s all so hard right now. At least everyone is (for now) healthy. xoxo

  2. I placed an order for the rainbow earrings (size small) from Beads Byaree through your post months ago. They finally arrived this week. Not only are they adorable, and I can’t wait to wear them when I teach via Zoom, but she also sent a couple of rings as a thank you for being patient. L<3VE

  3. We usually spend 6 weeks in Michigan every summer. Unfortunately our family was hit with covid in March and I am still recovering. I haven’t seen my family since last Christmas and am not sure if it will happen this Christmas either. These are strange times for sure, but we are trying to focus on the silver linings as much as possible. Stay safe out there!

    • OH NO!! Teri, I’m so sorry you guys got hit with it. Sending so many good vibes your way for a speedy (speedier?) recovery. Shit. xoxoxo

  4. This is the second time I have copy and pasted something you have written about covid-times. Just to reread when I need it — first one was about schooling and the impossibility of the month of april and this time, the feeling of leaving family. We are one week out from leaving our summer family time — back to LA. I am already feeling sad and constantly telling my internal self to buck up, enjoy now and cry later. You put it into words perfectly.

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