Weekend 8.29


He was at it again. “The armor class is higher, Mom, so the tank was slower…” I peer at him, bleary-eyed. How he’d get into this bed? “But the canons have a larger diameter. They’re 12.5 instead of — Mom are you listening??”

No. No, Mom is not listening.

“Raines,” I said. “I refuse to listen to tank stats before coffee.”

This kid is killing me. He always has — this obsession with WWII war machines (planes, tanks, battleships) started when he was young. Four? Five? I made a rule that I would only read fiction aloud before bed. Otherwise, I’d be trapped in there, on his bed, literally reciting stats from some reference book.

We spent the past few days in the Catskills — we’ve never been, and it was exactly what was needed. Raines also had fun, but clearly had something on his mind. Finally, over dinner one night, he came clean. “I know you guys don’t really like to talk about tanks…” he started.

Immediately we all started — weakly — protesting.

“No, no” he said. “I know you don’t. It’s only…I really like talking about tanks. I’m wondering if we can set up some time…where I can…actually talk to you guys about….tanks? Or planes,” he amended. “Sometimes I like to talk about planes.”

Mike was the first one to come to Raines’ rescue, “I LOVE talking about that stuff with you, buddy” he says. It’s mostly true — Mike loves talking to his boys about anything at all. I, on the other hand, have put in my time where tanks are concerned. I cannot.

Pax is grinning at Raines, his eyes glinting mischievously. “Raines, sometimes you remind me of Sheldon” he says. He means Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory. “Like how Sheldon was with flags? You are like that with tanks!”

Raines looks up, disbelief on his face. “Like Sheldon with flags??? Oh GOD,” he groans, getting it. “Like I need a Fun With Flags but with tanks?”

We are all dying laughing now, Raines included. “Tank Talk” Mike manages to gasp out. “Call it Tank Talk.”

Raines wipes at his streaming eyes, “This family are jerks,” he says fondly. “But Tank Talk sounds awesome.”

It’s the last weekend of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale…which means that I have to quick stock up on my fav underwear.  And if you haven’t yet picked up this micro-needling tool…I LOVE it.  I swear it helps to keep wrinkles at bay. You can see all of our Nsale best of what’s left, here.

My thing.  I do love an expensive t-shirt — the details, the fabric, the print — most have something to make them special.  Bloomies has a bunch on sale, and I’m eyeing up this long-sleeved rag & bone for Fall, this perfect, easy, gray tee from Current Elliott, and this cool graphic one from Maje

Tried and true. Gang, my favorite sweatsuit — sustainably made by NAADAM — is freaking finally on sale (hoodie, sweatpants). You can see it on me (and Mike in the guys’ version) here.

Turns out, it’s a Black-owned business, too. ONA Bags, the makers of some of our very favorite camera bags, are offering 20% off with code SUMMER2020. We love that their camera bags are designed to hold allthethings (cameras, lenses, etc.,) yet the vibe is that of a normal bag. Nothing about these bags screams, “thousands of dollars of equipment inside!!” like other camera bags, plus they’re legit cute.

Oh hiiiii. I like to drop in on Athleta, to see what they’re doing to my usual favorites. This time, my go-to leggings and my fav conscious crop top are currently available in this bright blue ’embossed’ fabric, that almost looks like snake print. It’s SO fun. Love. (Available in larger bust sizes, too.)

Men, this takes balls. InStyle’s article Why The WNBA Deserves Your Attention has me convinced that it’s time to start following women’s basketball. Talk about leading by example.

A real life super-hero. By now, I’m sure you are aware that Chadwick Boseman (the star of Black Panther) died yesterday of colon cancer. His death is heartbreaking, and the impact of his life cannot be overstated. I really appreciated the reactions that @Mommyshortssquad pulled together on IG.

#YouCantStopUs Nike’s latest commercial blew me away. It starts with narrator Megan Rapinoe stating, “We’re never alone” and features athletes from all different cultures, both able-bodied people and persons with disabilities. A woman in a hijab skateboards while you hear “if we don’t fit the sport, we’ll change the sport” and the ad goes on to address — in a powerful way — the current pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement. The entire ad is a testament to resilience and love, and I found myself in tears. It’s brilliant.

Happy weekend….





  1. OMG, my daughter needs her own channel devoted to all things Roman and Greek mythology, with a heavy emphasis on the works of Rick Riordan.

  2. Need a tank or airplane talker? I live with 4, ages 7-39. I feel your pain.
    Seriously, zoom me up and Raines can have his outlet and save you the random fun facts. We do navy vessels also. (Recent bedtime reading: US Destroyers, an Illustrated Design History and Modern Aircraft Combat.). 🤦‍♀️

  3. I’ve got one of those too but she hasn’t discovered Mr. Riordan because she’s still in “refusing to read anything but graphic novels” phase. Hmmm…. maybe I should try the first book on her (I’ve read the first few myself) and see if she relents.

  4. This made me smile and brought me back in time to the 70s…..when my big brother would constantly talk about WWII planes, destroyers, etc. It was endless! My other brother and I glazed over, rolled eyes, etc. while my Dad engaged his enthusiasm every time. Mom listened politely : ). My brother went to college on an ROTC scholarship, got his engineering degree and became a Naval fighter pilot. He served our country with pride and retired from the Navy 5 years ago at age 51. He works for a government agency and in his free time teaches young students to fly. His oldest son plans to attend the Naval Academy next fall. A life long passion……I’ll be interested to hear what Raines’ bright future holds. xo

  5. It’s Pokémon over here…I don’t know which is worse. And the Nike commercial is great, would be better if they didn’t allow their apparel to be made by Uighur Muslims in Chinese camps, though.

  6. When my youngest daughter took AP Environment Science – APES – we could never get her to stop talking about environment issues. She could turn any conversation towards the environment. She drove us crazy and I miss it.

  7. I’m thinking of those considering home schooling, or just slightly blowing off the zoom curriculum. My son is 27 now, but he was into the stats, equipment, battle strategy stuff He learned a lot of valuable stuff playing Civilization video games. I think it helped him do well on AP history. Check it out!

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