Weekend 9.19


“Well,” Pax said. “Today I learned that if I blow out of my mouth as HARD as I CAN while covering my mouth — LIKE THIS” — here he demonstrates, blowing his cheeks out, hand-over-mouth, face red, “then my cheeks really hurt. Like…WHOA.”

Is virtual school going better for Pax?

You tell me.

I’ll admit, though, it’s been a treat, watching them work. This week I peeked in while Raines read his ‘about me’ poem to the class. He has such a cute way of…just…being. He does this sort of half-grin thing, and his cheeks flush — so I know he’s kinda dying inside — but he holds himself still, looks directly into the camera, and his voice never wavers. There’s always this subtle undercurrent of humor in his voice that makes me want to leap out of my hiding spot and squeeze him.

But — and he’s very clear on this point — that is firmly in the category of Embarrassing Behavior. No matter how many times I tell him that I’m A Cool Mom, Raines…he is NOT having it.

This week, though, was long. SO long, in fact, I realize I am writing these words on a Wednesday, instead of my usual Friday writing routine. Why? Because after a mere two-and-a-half days of virtual school…it feels like this week should be over and we should be well into Saturday by now.

I literally thought it was Friday today.

On Wednesday, this 187th day of March….

In my defense, this week has been heavy. On our team call, Laura — who lives in Portland — mentioned that they’ve been inside for almost a week straight, due to hazardous air conditions from the fires sweeping the West Coast. On top of the pandemic. She is, of course, going nuts. And I can’t even imagine what the residents of Florida and Alabama are facing — “catastrophic and life-threatening” flooding??

Hurricanes, flooding, fires, a pandemic…and a gnawing feeling, deep in my bones, that the wheel of climate change — the one associated with those dire predictions we’ve been hearing for years — might not only be turning, but actually picking up speed.

If you haven’t yet read the NYT piece, “How Climate Migration Will Reshape America” it is absolutely worth a read. I have now read it three times, and the article gets no less chilling. It opens with a photo of Azusa, CA on fire. I worked in Azusa for a time, and remember driving to work, marveling that everyone seemed to have lemon trees growing in their backyards (so exotic!!). Now they are burning, and the thought makes me feel slightly sick inside.

The NYT piece helps to make sense of how we got here — state-subsidized insurance companies, for one, that allow us to rebuild over and over in those high-risk areas, and the effects of climate change, for another, that are creating firestorms once thought to be “impossible” now decimating areas previously believed to be “zero-risk”.

“Buffalo may feel in a few decades like Tempe, Ariz., does today, and Tempe itself will sustain 100-degree average summer temperatures by the end of the century.

By 2040, according to federal government projections, extreme water shortages will be nearly ubiquitous west of Missouri. The Memphis Sands Aquifer, a crucial water supply for Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas and Louisiana, is already overdrawn by hundreds of millions of gallons a day. Much of the Ogallala Aquifer — which supplies nearly a third of the nation’s irrigation groundwater — could be gone by the end of the century.”

The article goes on to project that a migration out of America’s high-risk areas will begin, and what that may do to the American economy, as well as the impacted cities (hint: nothing good). The question, I can’t help but wonder, is when? And do we have enough time to fix it? Are we already too late?

“The wave begins when individual perception of risk starts to shift, when the environmental threat reaches past the least fortunate and rattles the physical and financial security of broader, wealthier parts of the population. It begins when even places like California’s suburbs are no longer safe.

It has already begun.”

Well. I happen to know Duluth, MN is a lovely city.

So there’s that.

UPDATE: By now, you guys will have already heard the tragic news of RBG’s passing. We’re all so heartbroken. May her memory be a revolution.  

“Women will have achieved true equality when men share with them the responsibility of bringing up the next generation.”

Early voting for the 2020 election has started!  Residents of Virginia, Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan, New Jersey and South Dakota can vote now. According to this Cnet chart, Pennsylvania is also on the early voting list, but it looks like you’ve gotta request a mail-in ballot first (which can then be mailed back or dropped off in person). 

Looking for a VOTE tee? Highly recommend Levi’s custom VOTE tees and hoodie. I have an article coming out Sunday, but you can see a sneak peek on our IG (@themomedit) here.  (Also, this MOTHER Denim voter tee is awesomely aggressive.) 

MY Face Mask. MINE. Despite their lack of pattern, my entire family is fighting over these Athleta masks. They are easily the most comfortable masks to wear, and the ear adjustment means that they fit everyone, from little Pax to my husband. 

Fall trends. No, but seriously. We’re coming out with a guide to Fall Trends soon. And by “Fall Trends” I mean the REAL ONES. For 2020. Like…face masks and house shoes.  (The full guide will only be available to newsletter subscribers because, down with Facebook, so sign up here and get excited.)

The latest in eco-friendly denim...Liverpool just launched an eco-friendly collection and sent over a few pieces to try.  The big (surprise) winner? This denim jacket. The fit is perfection, it’s soft and stretchy, and I’m tempted to cut the bottom few inches off and spoof my (much more expensive) L’agence denim jacket. Pics coming soon.

A perfect top for hiking. We received a recent reader question about what to wear hiking. This will eventually become part of a longer post, but I just found this boxy cropped top (sustainable, on sale) that is almost exactly like the one I wore in Iceland. I’d layer it over a tighter tank or long-sleeve while hiking. It’s the perfect lightweight layer that doesn’t leave me feeling like I’m in some skin-tight catsuit when paired with leggings…yet is thin enough to layer sweaters over, as well. 

Almost 90% vegan. That was my New Year’s resolution, to have us eat *mostly* vegan, and while we’re not quite at 90%, we’re pretty darn close. I’ve been trying to mix it up by looking for new vegan weeknight recipes to try, and this one is next on my list.  

You’re welcome. I don’t know where this tweet came from or what or why… but it involves Jen and Brad, and is easily the best distraction I’ve found. (Also, why is he still so hot? Confusing.)

Hang in there, gang.




  1. I’m gutted by the news about RBG. And by the multiple posts I’ve seen citing where she said that a sitting president should be able to appoint a new justice into the fourth year of his term. The hypocrisy is mind boggling. This year really just keeps throwing punches. Thank you for continuing to share your information with us. I look forward to it every week. And an even bigger question…how is Jen even hotter now?🤔

  2. This chickpea recipe looks great! There are so many vegan cooking websites out there. I’d love a post on favorite vegan recipes that have worked for your family! I’d love to move in the direction of vegan but have been unsure of where to start with kid-friendly items that aren’t super carb heavy. Thanks for all you do!

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