Weekend 1.06


Raines, my oldest, turned sixteen on Friday. SIXTEEN. And before you ask if I’m ready for him to drive (uh…no), rest assured, I have a little time. He’s enough of a city kid that he “doesn’t see the point” of getting a driver’s license. An Uber account, however? That he wants. But we’re in Vermont again for the winter and everyone drives up here, so I wonder if his perspective will change. It’s wild seeing the difference between city kids & Vermont kids.

Raines wanted a chill birthday – he’s enough of an introvert to not want a party (“Ugh, Mom, then I have to worry if everyone is having a good time” – fair enough, Raines, fair enough), so we did a few gifts and cake at home. He and his brother played Fortnite – screaming and laughing the whole time – while Mike and I chilled by the fire. It was a really good night.

At the end of the night, he checked his phone and groaned. “Oh man. My friends are killing my social status right now,” he said, showing me all the bad photos of him his friends had posted online: “Happy Birthday to my man Raines!” But he was smirking and groaning and I know he felt the love.

An introvert’s perfect birthday.

It’s the little paw in the pocket for me. Nordstrom is now using puppies to sell these Mother Jeans and it is 1000% working.

Important restock!! Adidas just restocked Sambas (I have the white, and am – finally – grabbing the black) and dropped new Gazelle colors. Both styles sold out at Nordstrom before I could mention it, so I wouldn’t wait if you want cute new sneaks for spring/summer. (Hmmm…I’m now debating between black Sambas and “Putty Grey / Aurora Black / Silver Metallic“.

Sportsball. How to subtly say you don’t care about the Super Bowl without saying you don’t care about the Super Bowl: this sweatshirt.

Snowboots, but pretty. I just picked up this pair at the last Saks sale and they’re terrific. Suuuper comfortable, walkable, and warm. I had actually wanted this pair, but the darker taupe is better for muddy Vermont. The big shearling cuff also can be unfolded, so they slide easily under jeans, too. For a similar vibe (at a much lower cost), this pair from Cougar has really pretty color combos, and most are on sale.

Team shrug. I’m intrigued by this cute set at Amazon. it’s a simple sheath sweater dress, but made more interesting (and practical) with the addition of a matching shrug. I swear, shrugs never get enough credit, and this set looks surprisingly chic.

Weekly outfit inspo: I really like the look of this simple outfit. While that Alice + Olivia turtleneck is stunning, it’s expensive. While I can find an obviously similar piece for less (this top or this one, for example), I’m pausing. Partially because prints are where designers really shine. Instead…I might consider a printed turtleneck that’s not as much of a match, but is equally fabulous. Like this stunning Staud turtleneck (swoon), or even this quirky Tory Burch (on sale for under $100). Oooo…I also could get on board with a ton of these printed turtlenecks – that’s an epic set of prints.

Vuori’s end-of-year sale is ending this weekend, and while the women’s sale items are a little picked over (there are onesy-twosy products left, in pretty colors, tho, like this), the men’s sale section is great. I especially like these sweatpants, this technical wool sweater (would make a good midlayer, too), and this seriously cool winter jacket. It’s lightweight & stretchy, but warm.

Faherty’s big one. Faherty, the makers of my favorite hoodie ever, are having their huge end-of-year sale. While my hoodie isn’t part of it, there’s a ton of good stuff, including some surprises that they just happen to sell, like these cute Danner boots (a lighter, updated twist on my classic pair) and Hestra mittens that rarely go on sale (iykyk). That said, don’t overlook the Faherty sale pieces – they do the coolest loungewear (zip-up & matching pants, sweater hoodie & matching joggers), and I love this quirky, tropical-meets-fair-isle sweater. If you’re planning a visit somewhere warm, this 100% linen dress is so cute, and this Faherty towel matches my sunburst hoodie. Love it.

Plus size pick: Halfdays makes the cutest parkas in sizes up XS – 2X, and they’re seriously warm. My top pick would be this one (the details are so good), but for extra length and warmth, go with this one. They’re 30% off this weekend!

Um. Hiiiii. These wedges, from Black-Owned business Arch NYC, are the sexiest wedges I’ve ever seen. Also in silver or black…but the blue is hard to beat.

Oof. Dull skin. I don’t know if it was the lack of sleep, the stress, the sugar (or – haha – the booze) but my skin has been looking pretty dull & lifeless after the holidays. I’ve been using Lactic Acid at night (this, per usual), but even that isn’t cutting it right now. What I need is a big ‘ol facial, but who has the time? I remember Scotti raving about Peter Thomas Roth’s Pumpkin Enzyme Mask so I tried it. It’s basically old fashioned AHA’s and I could immediately feel a light stinging. Which, frankly, I took as a good sign. And? It was. The results, while maybe not facial-level, for a quick 3-7 min product, I was pretty darn impressed – my skin looks better than it has in months. I’m going to use it twice a week for a bit (and drink a bunch of water, workout, etc) until I get my glow back.

A truly inspiring read: Adam Grant’s Hidden Potential is blowing my mind. The subtitle is, “The Science of Achieving Greater Things”, which, frankly, doesn’t accurately describe the book (and makes me want to roll my eyes a little). I like Serena William’s review instead: “This brilliant book will shatter your assumptions about what it takes to improve and succeed. I wish I could go back in time and gift it to my younger self. It would’ve helped me find a more joyful path to progress.” YES. That’s it, exactly – a “joyful path to progress”. We started listening to it on our drive up to Vermont (Adam himself reads it, which is great), and have even made the boys listen to parts of it. I can’t think of a better way to kick off a new year. It’s both inspiring and centering.

Happy weekend…