Weekend 1.18


“OK, Guys….” We’re all in the office, clacking away on laptops. “Anyone find something interesting for the weekend post?”

Syd spins around in her chair. “DUDE. OK. There’s this epic easter egg hunt that will span generations in Doom, no, not Doom, hold on…,” Syd spins back to her laptop, types fervently for a sec, then spins back around. “The Trial Evolution Riddle and apparently all the keys have been found at different coordinates all over the world BUT” and here she pauses for effect, “the holders of the keys have to meet in Paris at the base of the Eiffel tower in — GET THIS — 2113!” Syd is gleeful, and starts rattling off something about GPS locations and keys in graveyards and apparently there was Morse code hidden in the waves of a song and something about a man in a top hat?

“ALSO,” she is still going strong. “Cyberpunk77 just got pushed back five months, but that means major overtime to the devs. And we’re all like….whaaa??” She gives me a pointed look. “WILD.”

I am reminded that Syd can always out-nerd me.

“Uhhh…anyone got anything else?” I ask. “Literally ANYTHING ELSE?”

But it’s January, sooooo…here’s that link to the Trials Evolution easter egg story, and a tweet that best describes Syd’s feelings on the Cyberpunk77 situation, and she also helpfully offered up this feathered collar as a possible upgrade to a boring winter wardrobe.


Basically 50% puppies, 50% clouds. My ivory Bobeau hoodie (pictured in above photo) has been restocked! It’s SO soft that one reader quipped, “what’s it made from? Puppies and clouds?”. I typically layer it over this insanely soft faux-wrap top, and the whole outfit is just easy and cute. Done.

Speaking of hoodies…I’ll bet this one sells out. So cute it hurts. (Sustainable, too.)

I always did like a bubble hem. This blush pink Free People sweater caught my eye. It’s ever-so-slightly sheer, which means it has solid Valentine’s Day potential, but in a subtly-sexy kind of way. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I ended up making it the hero piece in this Nordstom look (with a faux-fur Vince hoodie lookalike — you are welcome) and now I want the whole dang thing.

I know it’s cold, but…the best beach hat goes to Social Threads. They just re-stocked these bad boys, and by summer they’re always sold out. My favorite is the original, but you can see all three styles on mahself riiiiight here.

It’s called THE FIREMAN. I love Cami NYC’s simple and gorgeous Raine cami (OK, I also like the name), and I’m tempted to layer it over this bright red bralette? Too much? Or cute for Valentine’s Day? And heck, while I’m putting together a little Valentine’s care package: matching underwear and a vibrator named, no joke, The Fireman. (And if you haven’t shopped at Verishop before, the whole experience — including returns — is lovely.)

For the coffee table…Laura recommended my latest obsession, Daily Bread. The author had kids around the world record everything they ate in a week, and then he painstakingly recreated every dish, laid it all out and took photos from above. The results are gorgeous, and the peek at our eating habits (in an increasingly global economy) is fascinating. Seems like a really good book to spark interesting discussions with kids.

Mayhaps a style challenge? Our first style challenge of 2020 just got kicked off, and if you haven’t yet read Syd’s write-up…it’s a gem.

Oops. We had a newsletter glitch last week (it didn’t go out on…Wednesday?) and our tech guy is sitting on a beach somewhere with an old buddy of mine (ha — I know he’s now rolling his eyes) so you may have missed Em’s Anthropologie dressing room selfies. If nothing else, go check out that opening sweatshirt-cardigan-coat-thing.

Happy weekend…




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