Weekend 1.20


The first thing you need to know is that my friend Amy is a little lying liar. Which is really the only way I can explain why, in the last two weeks, I have run over six miles. Twice. It’s funny – I’ve been trying (unsuccessfully) to get past the 4 mile mark for months. I ran a bunch this summer – always 4 miles – until my knee started hurting. Since then, I’ve been sticking to just 1-2 miles.

“Let’s try running,” Amy said. “We don’t have to go far, ” she said. “We can walk whenever you want!” she said.

So I joined her for – and this is key – a “short” run. Like…maybe 4 miles? Of which I could walk “whenever” I wanted. And to be fair, we did walk a bit. Especially on the hills. But at some point, as I’m huffing and puffing in the 18 degree temps, I realize that we have been running forever. Where was that turnaround point she promised? Are we lost? Is this just my life now, running through the backwoods of Northern Vermont, never to be heard from again?

“Ooooohhhh,” says Amy. “We somehow missed that turnaround point. Oops! Good thing this loop isn’t long! We’ll just finish it!”

She didn’t actually admit that the full loop was 6.2 miles…until we finished running. “Don’t you feel SO PROUD of yourself????” the little lying liar exclaimed, giving me a high-five.

I mean. I did, though. And because I’ve always been a sucker for a really tough coach, we did it again the following week – in a blizzard this time! But Amy had convinced Taice, another friend, to join us. I figured it was for my moral support – I’d classify Taice as “normal” compared to most of these crazy Vermonters – and she did walk the hills with me. But then, as we hit that last mile, Taice starts talking about this “epic 10 mile trail” that she just knows that I’d love and I realize: Taice crazy too.

ps. While the idea to stop and take a photo was, technically, Taice’s, the photo credit actually goes to Amy, since Taice can’t take photos for shit. I’ll give Taice art direction credit, tho, for telling me to run away from the camera because my bright red face looked “rough” and bellowing “YOU ALL WORK FOR ME NOW” as Amy took the shot. (ha! love you both.)

The big boot debate. I keep getting questions about the best, warmest snowboots: Moonboots or these UGGs are my top picks, but Moonboots aren’t for everyone and the UGGs are pricey. That said…I’m eyeing up this pair. While admittedly Moonboot-adjacent, they’re less insane (said with love), a little more chic, but still retain that playful element. They’re rated for weather up to -22, waterproof, and the colors are soooo pretty (check out ‘gold matte‘).

Hello, my pretty. Nordstrom just started carrying Prada beauty and this eye shadow palette made me swoon. I do not know how to wear yellow eye shadow, but now I very much want to try. Or the – gasp – bright orange. It would match the bright orange Prada lipstick that I’m now convinced I need. Seriously, go look at 0176, ‘nacarat’. It’s the softest, most diffused, popsicle orange.

Make it match. I have a thing, lately, for matching my winter beanie to my sweater. It’s like a winter version of the matching set, and I’m very much into it. Usually I just look for similar tones, but this rag&bone sweater and exact matching beanie (both on sale) take this idea next level. I seriously can’t stop thinking about it. (With lightwash jeans! And some sort of lighter, rugged boot!) ps. That sweater looks MUCH better irl than the model shot. I honestly don’t know what retailers are doing sometimes.

Like a sexy farmer. I don’t know if it’s the details (that perfect dark navy color, the contrast stitching) or the fresh, wide-leg shape, but these Madewell overalls are cuuuuuuute. They strike me as really different & fun.

Which one? I texted Maureen, co-owner of Social Threads, “why can’t I stop thinking about these cheesy, grandpa cardigans? A sailboat? Who am I?” She came back with “They’re amazing – I have several” and now I’m in a serious debate between the sailboat and the apres.

Outfit Inspo. I love everything about this outfit. Let’s break it down: start with perfectly faded denim (like these), add a simple graphic tee (obviously this), silver heels (this pair), and, of course, that exact stunning statement coat (on sale, but almost sold out). If you can’t move past that coat (trust me, I get it ), I found it fully stocked here, but not on sale. HOWEVER! I also found coats with a similar vibe: Try this patchwork Alice & Olivia coat for 70% off, check out two options on Etsy (this seller looks amazing, as does this one), or even this short quilted jacket would work. (And I also think the quilted FP jacket I mentioned last week would also be great. In ‘dusk combo’.)

Plus size pick. Plus size denim is too-often boring…but these trouser jeans from Wit & Wisdom have good details and an actual, trouser-like vibe.

The hill I will die on. I’ve been on a hunt for a long-sleeve workout top that wicks sweat, don’t restrict movement, and is actually cute. I do not want a crop top and I do NOT want a tight top, either. I do not need to work out in second skin. This is not advanced beginner ballet when the teacher needs to see if my hipbones are in line or if I’m splaying my ribs. I mean seriously. Stop it. Stop it right now. Get out of here with highlighting my extra middle squishiness. The amount of monies I have spent trying to find a not-tight workout top that I enjoy wearing is…well. Is TOO MUCH. This has become something of a rage point for me until…guys, I mean….until I stole Mike’s workout top yesterday. It’s his beloved 100% merino wool long-sleeve tee from Nobull. This top is a *little* precious (aka it can only be air-dryed) but it’s…freaking fantastic. The merino wool is thin, soft, and gloriously drapey. I’m just wearing his size medium (runs a little small), and it’s slouchy & oversized, but reads effortless & cool. Like…I’d easily put this thing on with a pair of jeans. As a workout top I can half-tuck it into leggings or joggers without looking stupid, and it can be knotted at the waist or tucked into a sports bra (if you do want that cropped shape). Nobull has some seriously good colors, too (love that they’ve got that gender neutral thing on lock) and now I want more.

Winter legging recommendations? We’re in a cold snap, so I headed to Athleta to pick up another pair of fleece-lined leggings (the pair I’ve been wearing for running and skiing), but they’re completely sold out. They do have the Ranier tights fully stocked (more compression, still lined in fleece but not as thick), or these fleece-lined tights from Free People look really similar. You can basically see how thick the fleece is just by looking at the FP photos – but I’m annoyed by the price tag: $148 is…steep. Which brings me to Alo. Has anyone tried Alo’s winter leggings? Lined in fleece, really pretty colors, and a more reasonable $108. Oh – more colors here, too. Talk to me, Alo fans.

Winter safety tips from the Vermonters: Go buy these exospikes for walking (or running) in icy conditions. I just got mine and they’re total game-changers. (And I found that they’re easier to use if you check the size chart…and then size up one.)

Something to swoon over. These clogs from Black-owned Autumn Adeigbo made me smile. Sometimes fashion just needs to be fun, and these are a good reminder. (Pieces this fabulous tend to be trend-proof, too.)

Admittedly, not cute. But these fluffy sweatpants and matching hoodie from GAP are on bananas sale, and make me so happy. I literally look forward to wearing them each morning, and/or putting them on at night. Are they what we’d call…attractive? No. But Mike called me a “sexy stuffed animal” and Nieve goes into a biting frenzy whenever I walk into the room so. There’s that. (You can actually see a photo in this week’s WSR sneak peek on IG.)

Dog toy review. In my constant quest to prevent the fluffy monster from eating our house (or my sweatpants), I bought another new set of dog toys. This was destroyed in under 5 min, this one was promising initially…until she lost her mind and went crazy, trying to tear out the ribbons…and THIS ONE was the big winner. She tried (unsuccessfully) to eat it, but eventually started rolling it around to get the treats out. We got a solid…20 minutes of peace before putting it away for a bit. I’m calling it a win. (As always, I’d love recommendations!!)

Smitten Kitchen, coming through. I’ve been looking for some sort of vegetarian Sunday night dinner idea that felt like Supper, if you know what I mean. And Smitten Kitchen’s French Onion Baked Lentils & Farro sounds perfect. I’ll either finish with vegan cheese, or maybe some gruyere-adjacent made from goats (it’s not bad!!).

Happy weekend, Gang. Hope you guys are staying warm. Might I suggest…a RUN? MWAH HA HA…



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