Weekend 10.14


This has been a long, awful week. While writing is almost always my outlet, I find myself – still – completely unable to articulate the depth of my horror at the attacks in Israel and the bombing of Gaza. Netanyahu’s 24 hour timeline to evacuate Gaza – a timeline that has been called impossible by nearly all humanitarian organizations – is running out, and I fear the worst. I am not a praying kind of person, but I find myself praying to some sort of nebulous idea (the universe?) because I simply do not know what else to do.

Weeks ago, we had decided that this past week would be an intense, in-office get together with the intent of pulling together the most exciting holiday gift ideas we could find. While we were all in a bit of shock, work – as silly as it felt – called and so we continued on.

This upside-down, out-of-body feeling has happened before – where the world is burning for so many and yet there we are, same as before – and yet it is no less disorienting.

To our Jewish readers, I find it important to say that we stand with you. We, too, see the echos of the Holocaust in the horror that was just unleashed. I think it’s important to name it, to call it what it is to help ensure that history will not repeat itself.  

To our Palestinian readers, I find it important to say that we stand behind the belief that all people have a right to freedom and safety. I will never pretend to understand the complexities of this region, but I do believe that the absolutely tragic conditions in Gaza – conditions that have existed for decades, in a place that is currently 50% children – cannot be allowed to continue.  

For those who are feeling as helpless as I am, Doctors Without Borders and Together Rising are both working on aid in the region. Please consider donating. 

If anyone needs a distraction, my usual weekend post is below. If you are lucky enough to be with loved ones this weekend, squeeze them tight. Pax is currently at a Bar Mitzvah, and this celebration of young life seems especially hopeful right now. 

Understated cool. This cozy Zella hoodie & jogger set comes in two really beautiful shades: an ‘ivory egret’ and something they’ve aptly named ‘tan taupe’. Both are stunning, and they look effortlessly cool. Reviewers love the hoodie (but I’d size up for a slightly oversized fit).

Cute. Social Threads sent a bunch of stuff to the office and this sweater is coming home with me. Looks MUCH better in person and is one of those easy pieces that I don’t have to overthink. PSA: It’s super soft and NOT WOOL (for those of you asking for non-wool options).

Okaaay. I want this. Sandro’s cropped sweatshirt is one part Varley and one part prep school and I’m verrrry much into it.

Before I forget: Social Threads just restocked the jeans I’ve started thinking of as my ‘sexy’ jeans. They’re the ones I put on for date night and I get a ridiculous number of complements on them. You can see a photo on our IG, here. Size down one from your normal, designer denim size (or, like, 8 sizes down from your Mother Denim size, har har).

Everybody wants one. As I mentioned, we’ve been working on gift guides all week (dropping soon), and the whole Philly team went kinda nuts for these Missoni winter beanies, on sale for under $100 at Saks OFF. Gahhhh they’re normally $265, Gang.

Soft pants that aren’t sweatpants. I’m looking for something that look like real pants but are as comfy/cozy as sweatpants. I do not want swishy, cold-feeling fabric, but neither do I want cashmere (it’s not nearly cold enough for cashmere pants yet). I just need something that bridges between sweatpants and jeans. These Paige trousers are…knit? Like, a sweatpant knit? Can’t quite tell, but I’m intrigued – also in gray, FYI. I’m also eyeing up these Misook wide-leg knit trousers, too (also in this gorgeous tweed).

BLUE. GAP’s cropped ‘big puff’ puffer jacket looks…pretty darn cool, actually. The blue looks amazing.

Weekly outfit inspo: Go and watch Em’s YouTube video on styling horseshoe jeans – it might be my favorite thing she’s done…ever. It’s seriously so good, I was blown away. Warning: you’ll definitely want a pair. I’m amazed by how horseshoe jeans seem to be the most perfect jeans for sneakers. I’ve been wearing the heck out of my Free People Moxie jeans, but I might also try the Pilcro pair she recommends – they come in regular, tall, petite and plus sizes.

Plus size pick. This Eileen Fisher denim (chambray??) dress is on sale for under $100. The neckline is great, and the weight of the fabric is light enough for summer, but I’d wear it now with a black turtleneck, tall boots, & a trench coat. (Also in straight sizes.)

Hmmmm…which one? For the holidays, would I rather wear this stunning velvet and sequin top or this, uh, let’s call it, “embellished” tee? HAHAHAHA.

Raines thinks I’m cool. My one outfit that garners complements from my teenage son…has just been restocked at Adidas (hoodie, here and matching joggers, here). I have it in black, but this season’s colors are ivory or turquoise (go with the ivory).

Genius gift idea. Black-owned business, PinkMahogany, makes really sophisticated vehicle scent diffusers – they just attach to your heat vents on the dash. You can choose a fragrance before you order (“Clean Citrus” is calling my name).

Stocking stuffer. My favorite thing from Amazon’s Big Deals day last week – this charging station and these seriously cute portable chargers – are still on sale and would make perfect stocking stuffers.

Cozy nights in. We came across The Game Night Cookbook during our search this past week, and now I can’t stop thinking about it. Such a fun gift for a host, or could be part of an epic gift with some sort of cool, new board game. The 3rd edition of Betrayal At House on The Hill came out (sorta) recently, and has some improved gameplay. We loved the old one, and it’s perfect for a Halloween-themed game night.




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