Weekend 10.14


I have finally reached the limits of Etsy, the bounds of which sellers do not go.  And of course it was in search of a Halloween costume.  Raines has decided to go as a Roman Legionnaire this year,  but wants a historically accurate shield.

This shield has become the bane of my existence.

It is NOT, apparently, one of the many, many, many shields we already own.  It needs to be rectangular, almost as large as him, curved slightly inward, and have “real metal” on it somewhere.  Which will be amazing for Halloween night.  Not hard to carry at all!  So….let’s just assume that Mike’s costume will incorporate two human-size shields.  OK?  Ok.

Assuming we can find them.  Etsy did have this one.  But $250 is not a reasonable budget for a child Halloween costume, ya know?  And googling “Roman shields” or “Roman Legionnaire shields” leads me to either round shields (#no) or sites like Swords of The Forge! that seem to take these types of things verrrrry seriously.  They do have one (of course), but it’s $110.  Which….even if I combined it with his birthday gift, Pax (whose entire life is Halloween) insists on going as whatever his brother is going as so I’d end up getting two, and…that’s when I start asking myself:   At which point did I become a person who contemplates spending over $200 at Swords of The Forge??

Life’s twists and turns, man.  We’re probably going to have to DIY those shields.

[insert the sound of S’s friends rolling around hysterically laughing]
Admittedly, DIY isn’t my strong suit.  Eff.


Costumes to SWOON over.  If you guys see this in time (so annoying, I know), Chasing Fireflies has 30% off all costumes until midnight tonight (use code CFTREATS).  And they have the BEST costumes.  We’ve done these for Pax’s birthday in years past, and they result in hours and hours and hours of creative play (for years).  I’m obsessed with this Joan of Arc costume, and the fact that they use girl models in the Firefighter and Police officer costumes.  High five.

Three words: Facial Cleansing Oil.  My all-time favorite skin care line, Colleen Rothschild, is 25% off sitewide with code FAM25.  You can see my nighttime routine here (with links to all my Rothschild favs).  Don’t miss the facial cleansing oil, and extra muslin cloths.

This Vince cashmere is 50% off.  I’m not sure what happened here – the picture looks nothing like the sweater – but this black, 100% cashmere sweater by Vince is gorgeous, and 50% off.   I have a pic of it coming out soon – will throw it up on the TME IG (@themomedit).

Barney’s Warehouse is having a Fall Refresh Sale.  Take an additional 30% off of already reduced items.  Here are my favs:



Cooking Vindication.  I’ve been making my Mom’s (or my Grandmother’s, actually) vegan “Depression cake” for years….but doubling the amount of cocoa powder and using only olive oil…..just like Smitten Kitchen recently discovered.  (Deb – I also use decaf coffee instead of water and throw in extra-dark chocolate chips.  It doesn’t need to be frosted, and the kids can easily make it on their own.) I’m suuuuuper excited for Deb’s book tour, too.  She’s coming to Philly!

Agile Development is our love language.  Mike and I recently started using Agile development methods to manage our family life (two nerds, it’s what we know), and it has made a HUGE difference.  Now this guy has a whole Ted Talk about how to go Agile at home.  Should be interesting – maybe we’ll pick up a few tips.  (Thanks for the link, Alexis!)

Time To Get Serious About Fall.  I’m obsessed with Hipcamp’s Fall Foilage map.  It tracks where the leaves are turning, and recommends the best places to go camping.  (They also sent me an email with the top ten Fall hikes on the East Coast – are you guys interested in seeing it?)


Gang, be sure to pop over to our IG channel (@themomedit) – Julieta is taking it over this weekend!  It’s a trip down memory lane to see her juggling a toddler and a baby.  It’s such an intense time – so sweet and demanding all at once.  It does get easier.  (As I finish typing comfortably in bed, with coffee and morning chocolate at my side, my children having fed themselves hours ago.)

Happy weekend!



ps.  A new Just Delivered video will drop later this weekend….




  1. How to DIY that shield:
    1. Get a piece of 1/8 inch baltic birch plywood and have it cut to size (Home Depot cuts in house)
    2. Sand down the rough edges
    3. Use a ratchet strap and S hooks to bend the plywood by connecting the long edges together and forcing a curve
    4. Check every 24 hours to see if the curve holds when the strap is removed
    5. When the curve holds, it’s ready for paint
    6. “Real metal” can be applied with HVAC metal tape and shallow furniture upholstery rivets
    7. TA-DA!

  2. My husband suggests talking to your local High School Latin teacher. Apparently, these things accumulate due to years worth of projects…

    Though, the post above with step-by-step sounds awesome, too (though…heavy?)!!

  3. Good luck! I like the above two options as well. But you could always tell them tough luck and use one of your already many swords. That’s just the type of mom I am!

  4. This weekend update post has quickly become one of my favorites on TME. You always have such interesting articles! Loved the TED talk about Agile for families–a lot of what he said really resonated with me and I could see my own parents in a lot of the positive attributes he was mentioning. I don’t have kids yet, but this approach makes a lot of sense to me and I’ll keep it in mind for when I do.

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