Weekend 10.19


Mike and the boys have been using my shampoo.  Apparently theirs ran out.  And technically speaking, it’s mainly just Mike using it.  Pax likes to shower approximately once per quarter (give or take a few, depending on how distracted Mike and I are in any given month) and Raines doesn’t wash his hair – it gets too fluffy.  Raines is always better off with just a bit of conditioner.  Which – crap.  Now that I think about it, he’s probably using my conditioner, too.

This wouldn’t be a huge deal, except for the fact that I use Oribe’s color-correcting shampoo and conditioner.  Which costs, last time I checked, roughly $1.2 billion per ounce.

Okfine.  It’s $46 a bottle.  Which is still shamefully expensive.  It is decidedly not kid shampoo, and hell-to-the-no is it Mike shampoo.  Mike, who literally can’t tell the difference between any bottle in any shower, EVER.  I can’t even count the number of times I’ve heard, “Babe!  What IS this stuff???” only to peek in the shower and find him rubbing facial scrub into his hair….or trying to wash his face with shampoo, bubbles everywhere, etc.  I usually restrict him to bar soap (it’s easy) and the ONE bottle of shampoo that is for him and the boys.  I buy it in jumbo size and leave it in prime location in the shower – lest the man have to look for it.

This method usually works.  Unless, apparently, we run out of the jumbo shampoo and then all bets are off.  Mike was, however, almost smug about how he managed to switch – effortlessly – from the empty container of jumbo shampoo to mine.  20 years in, and he’s getting better at reading labels.

“Mike,” I said, exasperated, “my shampoo costs $46 a bottle!  It’s not for you or the boys!”  He gives me a blank stare.  “That’s…a…lot?” he asks, wincing at my dumbfounded look.  He’s serious.  I narrow my eyes.  “Babe?” I ask, faux-innocently.  “When was the last time you bought shampoo?”  This is clearly a trap, and Mike is NOT fooled.  “UH…” his eyes dart around the room, looking for an escape.  “I, uh….” he backs away slowly, then executes the Classic-Parent-Escape-Manuever, “Raines!” he yells.  “Come pick up your shoes!!”


It occurs to me, if I do the math here, that this man’s last shampoo purchase was probably….1996?  I cannot even fathom a world where Things I Need And Use Daily just show up – as if by magic – for over twenty years.

Mike peeks back in and sees the look on my face.  He cracks up and wraps me up in a bear hug, Frankenstein-walking me backwards to the couch.  “STOP THINKING WHATEVER YOU ARE THINKING” he laughs as we crash down on the couch.  By the time the boys come running in (correctly sensing a wrestling opportunity) I’m all breathless giggles as Mike throws them around like pillows, keeping me pinned.  “NO THINKING ABOUT SHAMPOOOOOO” he intones.


Twenty-two years, though.  Must be nice.

Needed: baggy leggings.  But cute.  My leggings have a shelf life of roughly 4 hours per day.  I’ve tested it.  If I’m in leggings longer than four hours, I start to get annoyed by all of the fibers touching me so TIGHTLY.  And if I do this day after day I start to LOSE MY MIND.  I have vowed to find some cute workout pants that are NOT leggings…but neither can they be sweatpants (too hot and sweaty).  I’m still looking, but early results are pretty grim.  The top contenders (just ordered) are either this pair of side-stripe joggers, or these “attitude pants” (am I crazy to like the cream??) both from Athleta.  RECOMMENDATIONS WELCOME. 

If Carrie Bradshaw became a mom…. she would wear this insanely glamorous (yet comfy) PJ set around the house.  Top linked separately here.  I mean…WOW. Adding immediately to my holiday wish list.  Someone tell Mike.

(ps.  A reader recently requested that we pull together a capsule wardrobe if Carrie Bradshaw became a mom – I can’t stop thinking about this idea.  Fun, right?)

Like spackle, but for eyes.  I’ve been using Smashbox’s under-eye photo primer under my eyes lately and it’s basically magic.  I use it pretty liberally, and it de-puffs, moisturizes, and fills in my laugh lines quite nicely.  Even holds up through really long days (and a few overnight flights), too. 

Still going strong.  Silk midi skirts show no sign of slowing down.  I’m still wearing my old Realisation Par midi skirt (despite the issues with the waist, as I mentioned here) but it might be worth a styling video?  Maybe showing 5 ways to style up silk midis for various events? I can always use my old one as an example, or maybe I should try Reformation’s gorgeous option.  They fixed the waistband issue by adding a zipper, DUH.  (FINALLY.) And a similar plus-size option is available here.

Sale. My fav Levi’s are on sale for…drumroll please…$50. The sale lasts through the weekend, I think. Size up (I’m wearing them – here – in a size 26.) They made our sustainable short list, and are also available in plus sizes (which aren’t on sale?? Wha??).

It’s called fashion, Brenda. Tights for $650. Don’t worry – they have lace and fringe.

Ok but those boots are wild.” If you guys don’t know Syd, she’s one of the staff over here at TME Philly, runs our IG account, and is a huge gaming nerd. (You might remember her recent article about the best video games for kids.) She has a knack for finding the most random stuff. Like these boots. OMG.

I’ve gotta go and get ready for a Diwali party some of our friends’ are throwing. It involves lights, and Saris and Indian food and mayyyybe even fireworks. (Fingers crossed on the fireworks.)




  1. For fitness apparel/leggings… may I recommend Miami FitWear? I learned about them through a Facebook Community I’m in and a Mom started up her own company, everything is custom-made, in the US (Texas) and there are so many killer styles and they are so, so comfy. You feel like you’re not wearing anything. Prices are inline with everything else you see… around $80. (Note: I have purchased 3 pairs. I am not affiliated… just like them a lot!)

  2. For a legging alternative – I love my Sweaty Betty yoga pants. I have work them to yoga, dance classes, and out and about with sneaks and a moto jacket. They have pockets, which I love. Lots of great reviews:


    They also make a cropped version:


  3. For non-legging workout pants that can also actually double as regular pants (even WORK pants), I have lululemon “on the fly” pants. Try them! They’re pretty nice.

  4. I love your comment about things magically appearing, because I have wondered too what it would be like to have all my toiletries, make up, etc., magically appearing when I run out. How about all the laundry, that hubby promised to do forever when we got married, but suddenly became my job again when I was home with babies sitting around doing nothing-hah! Good thing he has other redeeming qualities:)

  5. Shana no matter how big TME gets, please never stop writing. You are just so darn talented. You articles are always so relatable and regularly LOL! And BTW – you style is the bomb!

  6. I completely feel you on shampoo-gate! I’ll just say…”SAME!” It gave me a good chuckle and a high fist pump to you S!

    The on the fly pants by lululemon are the best along with the dance studio pants for legging alternatives–I have both and although I don’t wear them on a regular to work out, they would easily do the job. The sweaty betty suggestion has peaked my interest for sure too!

    Lastly, will the high rise jean trend ever go away? I miss the mid rise denim suggestions! I am very short waisted and although I’ve bought a few pair of the high rise–I can’t keep them on for more than a few hours–SO uncomfortable and not very flattering. The AG legging Jean or Seven for All Mankind Josefina boyfriend are my go-tos every time.

  7. That comment was in response to styledahlia. I always love your posts, Shana. And I totally relate to all of the fibers touching me so tightly. lol. Perfectly said.

  8. Haha!!! I say all the time that if I come back in another life, I’m going to make sure it is as a husband! The shampoo magically appearing is sort of like when everyone is magically packed for a trip when we go away. Ha! I too am totally intrigued by the Sweaty Betty suggestion above. They look perfect! Also, yes yes yes to all things Carrie Bradshaw!!! Please do a post. And I totally ordered her mom pajamas that you shared here! I might have delusions of being her some day! ?

  9. I tried the venice striped joggers. Loved the look but unfortunately found the material scratchy. Let me know if you find a good option. I currently am wearing the Recover jogger from Athleta. It’s really soft…. fitted in the bootie and looks cute but maybe too thick for working out ?. Maybe I’m just getting too picky!

  10. My husband used to steal my Kiehl’s moisturizer so I bought him his own. 15 years later, I find an empty bottle of ‘facial fuel’ on the bathroom counter every few months and that’s the clue that I need to buy him more moisturizer. I think to myself ‘it must be nice.’ As I type this, he’s in the backyard cleaning up the leaves and removing debris (including ‘debris’ left by our two dogs) and trimming branches back because there’s a fire warning in Southern California this week and we live in LA. I wonder if he’s thinking ‘it must be nice’. You know, I might get him the beard oil when I pick up his moisturizer next weekend.

  11. Agreed on difficulties with high-rise pants. It’s ok when I’m standing up, but sitting down is super unflattering. Like my three kids worth of extra mom skin is trapped in a zipper inter tube. I’m sticking with my mid rise jeans too.

  12. Helga, this is a great comment. The mental load and emotional labor that women do for their families is real as hell — in addition to the physical labor of doing all that buying! BUT… whenever I start thinking “must be nice,” which I admit I do, I realize that he actually does a lot of crap I would never want to do…I’d much rather go to the Kiehl’s store than clean out the rain gutters or kill the spiders on (and clean) the outdoor furniture — haha!

  13. I bought the “attitude” pants this past spring and am in love. They are on a quick rotation (as soon as they are washed they are worn)! I also bought a pair of the cropped attitude pants, and loved them throughout the summer. Got the black, but loving the mauve…may have to get another pair!

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