Weekend 10.20


We celebrated Diwali last night!  (Or, if you are South Indian, Deepavali.)  It’s a celebration of light, of good triumphing over evil.  It was also a ton of fun.  The food was insanely good, and we all did our normal crazy Friday-night thing of keeping our kids up way too late….times ten.  I mean, bindis and sarees were involved, even the boys got dressed up, and there were fireworks*.

*Sparklers.  For you nervous nellies out there.  Linzi.

It turns out that sarees are really good for Standing and Looking Pretty, and not good for much else.  Also, I was picturing myself draped in a column of shimmering fabric which, while technically true, didn’t quite prepare me for the reality of the thing, which is much more bra top and skirt, rather than dress. I hear there are other ways to tie it, so further investigation required.  All I know is that us Americans have no good equivalent to a saree, which is a shame because they are very glamorous.  Next year I plan to pile on the jewelry, too.

I just feel so….insanely lucky that my boys are growing up surrounded by so many different cultures.  Last night was one of those “pinch me” moments for this Midwest Girl.

Before I forget: Raines made his own Roman shield.  As I was copying down a Home Depot shopping list (from reader Kim),  Raines wandered in all, “Nevermind Mom, I figured it out….”  He used a lid from one of those plastic storage bins, duct tape and cardboard.  It’s all painted “realistically” and everything.  Lesson learned?  Less mom involvement = better.



Dammit.  Vince just dropped the most perfect white booties of all time.  Too bad I already bought some.

How do we feel about this giant sweater dress?  While I appreciate that long, shapeless columns of wool aren’t typically my thinng…..I think I love it.  I just ordered it for a warm version of my Cleopatra costume.  WE WILL SEE.

Speaking of sweater dresses….. I chased a girl down last March. She was wearing the world’s coziest, cutest sweater dress with nothing but black sock booties and looked so chic.  Alas, her dress was a sold-out number from H&M.  Guess what?  I’m pretty sure it’s back. (Free shipping over $40, so you’re all set there.) . I”ll throw it up on my IG stories this weekend (@shanachristine).

The cutest-ever knit beanie.  It’s all manly and gray….with a rainbow.  I’m obsessed.

It’s called fashion, BrendaOh, Marc.  But there’s only one left so you must be doing something right.


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Cam’s taking over the TME IG Stories.  If you follow us on Instagram (@themomedit), you can find the stories part by clicking the picture of our logo.  (Mom, that’s for you.) But give us a follow – Cam is pretty hysterical on stories.  I think she missed her calling of being a Home DIY Host who always get interrupted by those pesky kids.

Lego’s newest set is a blast.  Launching Nov 1, Lego’s latest minifigure set, Women of NASA, features Mae Jemison, Sally Ride, computer scientist Margaret Hamilton (holla!!), and astronomer Nancy Grace Roman.  You’re gonna love this one to the moon….and back.

Just kidding, we do have a 9th planet.  But we’re not talking Pluto.  In a press release, NASA stated that it’s “quite likely” that a 9th planet exists far beyond Neptune, has a mass ten times that of Earth, and may be responsible for our solar system’s wobble.  Futurism has the best explanation (with graphics!) that I’ve seen of the evidence for Planet Nine. #teamplanetnine

#MeToo As someone who spent a looong time working in the male-dominated world of Engineering, I’m sure no one is surprised to hear that I added my own “#MeToo” to the ever-growing list.  But I felt a little funny about it…for a reason I couldn’t quite put my finger on.  So I really resonated with Angela’s words on the whole #MeToo issue.

But I’m fine. I mean #MeToo but I’m fine. I’m great. It didn’t matter. I expected it. It came with the territory: the locker rooms, the fields, the churches. It’s the price I paid. I never said anything. I ignored everything and I kept my guard up and kept doing my job. I mean there was that one time but that was my fault too. Let’s not make this about me. 

It’s awful right? This pervasive fear of being outed not as an abuser but as someone who has experienced it. I am so grateful for the community of women online and sharing of #MeToo, but it still doesn’t feel entirely safe, does it?

Angela goes on to describe how #MeToo can’t be just a women’s hashtag, and takes on the well-meaning but ultimately cringe-worthy, “as a father of daughters….”   Her response?  “As a mother of sons….” and what follows is maybe some of the best advice I’ve read on how to talk to your sons about sexual assault and harassment.  Angela is coming from a Christian viewpoint, but her advice is so spot-on it’s worth a read regardless of religious bent.

A  ‘Good Guy’ Raped his girlfriend.  In 1996, Thordis’ boyfriend Tom raped her after a dance.  Now, 25 years later, they’re doing a Ted Talk together about the consequences of sexual violence, and the years of shame and suffering they both went through. This is a must-watch.


Love and light you guys.  Happy Weekend….




  1. RE: Sweater Dress
    I’m curious how well you’ll be able to walk in that thing because there doesn’t seem to be a slit. And I definitely want pictures of your Cleopatra!
    RE: Latest Articles Tip
    Thank you! Not seeing the posts in chronological order has been my biggest gripe about the new design. But honestly, if you have enough “complainers” that you feel the need to explain it to your users, then the design just isn’t intuitive enough and a tweak should be considered. Hard truth.
    RE: Ted Talk
    Wow. That was intense. In a good way! Powerful stuff. Hopefull stuff.

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