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Hey gang – happy weekend! Are you ready for Halloween? Raines, who is not typically a dress-up kind of guy, picked out this skeleton costume at H&M. He was all “Done. Fine. Easy. Whatever.” Pax, on the other hand, has been agonizing over his costume for weeks. It has to look COOL, MOM, not be silly or like a BABY, but he also wants something totally unique — which he was willing to overlook if I let him be Deadpool (No), or Halo (NO) or some totally horrible zombie soldier with a machine gun (HELL NO).

He finally settled on Tie-Dye Guy. So we’ve been tie-dying EVERYTHING (you can see how serious he is in my stories, @shanachristine – he breaks my heart he’s so freaking serious), and YES, it will have a cape. (If only he’d wear goggles and rainboots then toddler Pax would be back, and I WOULD LOVE IT SO MUCH.)

I will NOT be going as anything tie-dye (there’s only so much clean up a girl can handle), nor will I be going as a skeleton. Last weekend Julieta was in town, and, after dragging her all over the city AFTER shooting two styling videos (coming soon!!)…we went to Laurel’s Día de los Muertos salsa party. We danced our butts off that night, and limped home around 2AM. So fun! I did, however, learn a few things in the process:

  1. That Día de los Muertos makeup is WAY harder than it looks. Thanks for nothing, YouTube videos.
  2. Also…after about 10 minutes, it starts to itch and makes you want to claw your face off.
  3. Colombian salsa is very different than whatever the heck Mike and I have been attempting.
  4. Julieta’s hips deserve their own Instagram feed, and her husband looks super-smooth even when he’s half-dancing with a beer in his hand. #goals

We had a realllly good time.

I’m not actually sure what Mike and I will end up being for Halloween. Maybe we’ll just go as Harried Parents, har har har. (OMG – that actually hits too close to home to be funny.)  Worst case scenario, I’ll borrow some cat ear headbands from A’s kids. Meow.

Highly recommend that green dress. I wore my green Reformation dress (above) to both the LikeToKnow.it book signing and to salsa the next night (hence, the wrinkles above — I picked it up off the floor). It’s seriously fun to wear. Per usual, I sized up.

Might be the hips. But Julieta’s high-rise JBrand pants have the coolest button detail and looked so freaking good. I’m obsessed. (Her wrap top is here, in all new colors for Fall. Oooo…like navy.)

Anthro has an extra 40% off sale. I’m seriously considering this gorgeous oxblood romper.  It’s marketed as sleepwear, but as all of the 5-star reviews state…it looks amazing out, too. I’m thinking Thanksgiving.  (And with the sale it’s only $30.)

Why YES, I DO think I need a pink parka. In our Weekly Sales Report (it’s really good this week), Scotti found my usual green army parka…in a really pretty pink. I’m….kinda in love.

Someone was asking about Mike’s shirt. The one he’s wearing in this pic. His shirt is by Goodthreads, and we were shocked by how good the quality is, considering the affordable price. His exact one is sold out, but these are the most similar. (And the prints are suuuper fun.)

After Halloween, it’s ON. Every year I’ve tried to restrain myself from holiday craziness until around Thanksgiving….but every year, come Jan 1, I always feel like I didn’t get quite enough holiday. Not enough time for cookie baking, Santa sightings, dreidel games (Pax thinks he’s Jewish), peppermint sticks in hot chocolate, the works. So YES, west elm, I would like to drape my house in this, this aaaaand this. (Where the heck should I put the garland? A, wanna weigh in here?)

OK, One More. These socks. Hahahaha. #stockingstuffer

I would do literally anything for Mae Jemison. She’s a total badass — have you heard of her? Mae is a dancer, Star Trek lover, doctor, and has spent time in the Peace Corps…but is best known as the first African-American female astronaut. And now she wants us to take selfies of the sky and record our thoughts. Her new app, the “Skyfie” is all about human connection and wonder.

“Just the simple act of connecting through looking up, going outside, looking up, will help us to understand maybe a little bit more about each other, to feel just a tiny bit more connected around this planet. Some people will look up at the sky and they will feel love, they’ll feel hope, some people may feel afraid, they may feel wonder, expansive. How they express that is what we want to capture, and we want to have it shared with people in real time.”

-Mae Jemison

One of the most important things on Instagram right nowHumans of NY has been in Rwanda, sharing stories by survivors of the 1994 genocide. These stories are so painful to read, yet are told so matter-of-factly by the survivors themselves, or sometimes by the people who helped survivors…it’s some of the most powerful work Humans of NY has done yet (and that IS a bold statement, I know). Throughout all of these stories, amongst the horror, is both hope and love. As hard as they are to read, I’m obsessively checking to see if the next story has come out. You can start here to see why he’s doing this particular project. In particular, this:

But in the wake of this tragedy, an equally unlikely story has unfolded. It is the story of Rwanda’s recovery and reconciliation. Rwanda has become one of Africa’s model economies. Its streets are clean and safe. Over one million tourists visit each year. If you walk through Kigali today, it’s difficult to imagine the events that occurred less than twenty-five years ago. But the stories are still there. And you can’t listen to them without being reminded of humanity’s capacity for violence and the fragility of peace.


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  1. ColOmbia, not ColUmbia. I don’t want to be a nitpicker, but this isn’t the first time I’ve seen this on this blog and I think it’s respectful to get it right, especially when you have a Colombian contributor.

  2. Shana, of course I’m going to weigh in on your holiday decorating inspiration. With a no, and a no. And your garland goes on your railing. I love you and I’ll help. And ok fine, you wrap those two crazy things around it and then we wrap it around your railing. Done.

    Now Imma gonna get my girlfriend panties all in a twist and take S’s back on above, and I don’t even care…I’m in a mood. And it’s raining. I bit my tongue the other day (ok, it was many days ago, but obviously I’m not over it….) Someone told me that something was their “right” to do. And I bit my tongue on the obvious, life experienced, you’ll get there someday, in many, many years, or sooner if you learn quickly, but sure, take the hard road if you wish response of, “just because something is your right, doesn’t make it right.” Not always. Kindness first. And maybe a little sensitivity? More bees with honey, right?

    I’m a little crazy over details. And I was an English major. And I’m super sensitive about words, grammar, spelling. It all drives me nuts. But I also know what it is to be typing madly at 2am in between the everythings and sick and on no sleep to get things out. We all make mistakes. And they should be called out. But maybe just super nicely? Just a little more nicely? And with love. Just a little more lovingly? A little more gently. We’re all human guys. Columbian doesn’t get caught by spellcheck. Because that’s a word too. Ok, fine, shame on us. And thank you for the correction. Yes, we are going to promise to be better and all type Colombian when we mean Colombian. We’ll do better. I always have to look that one up when I’m tired too and double check myself, and plenty of other words too, and sometimes, I’m just too tired or rushing too much to do it, and sometimes I get shit wrong; we all do. Let’s just give S a loving pass on that one? She’s not perfect, but the woman works hard. Her heart is in the right place always. And she tries. And while her skin is thick, there’s a human and a heart in there too. And while she won’t tell you that, she just takes it, I would just like to take this moment to remind everyone of that. Can we all always remember that in comments? Especially when we’re correcting everyone? Gentle words, wrapped in kindness. And see how Imma gonna not even call out what I see above? B/c even in a mood, I’m still going to try to be kind first and let little things go. The point was taken, that’s the important thing. We could just all use a little more kindness. So I’m just going to say pretty please and ask for it. Ok, back to my own lane. xoxo A

  3. That green Reformation dress is everything. I love it. And yes to everything about Humans of NY. Have a good weekend!

  4. I am really sorry I didn’t convey my message in a kinder way. I was also operating on a sleep deficit, but I truly didn’t mean to be unkind. I can see now how the capital letters seem obnoxious, but at the time it just seemed like the quickest way to convey what I was getting at. I think it’s hard to read tone in an online comment, but what I was hearing in my mind really didn’t sound tough— I apologize that it came across that way.

    Keeping that last part (about tone on screen) in mind, I have to say that this long response feels out of proportion and also not very gentle. I didn’t think the thing I was pointing out was such a big deal that it would be hurtful to have it pointed out. I can see now that there are different takes on this, but I think that A could also extend a little more kindness to this reader.

  5. Those JBrand Natasha Sky High jeans are amazing! I bought some last year and have worn them so much; I measure all jeans against them. The super high waist has some kind of magic built in. I just wish they weren’t so dang expensive. Also, I wish I had sized down, they have stretched a bit too much. I think I’m going to pull the trigger on another pair this year.

  6. Hey Rebecca: Fair. Totally Fair. And Thank you. And you are right, and I am sorry. Your comment wasn’t the one that broke me. Nor was the second. Maybe I have some negative comments resentment I’ve bit my tongue on (which is probably usually the right thing to do) and while not any where near those, this was the short list that just got me on a certain rainy day. I got my momma bear protective panties all in a twist, I suck with a short story, and I’m sleep deprived too. We all are. And I appreciate you engaging, with your mind and heart. If there were a way to hug it out on a blog message comments feed I’d reach on out to you, with one and an I’m sorry, and a thank you and hope you’d take it. xoxo A

  7. And this kind of open and fair dialogue is one of the many reasons I love reading the Mom Edit. Despite our shared sleep deprivation and frayed ends we can still manage to have a conversation and see each other. Rock on, my sisters.

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