Weekend 11.10


I had one of those pinch-me moments in an otherwise pretty grueling week. I was walking back into the office — lost in thought — when I suddenly paused in the doorway. I realized — and this was The Moment — that this fun little blog I started more than ten years ago now requires a whole team of people. Scotti was visiting, so she and Linzi were both there working away, but there’s also a whole behind-the-scenes crew who keep this website running, in addition to our crazy contributors, literally located alllll over the US.

It’s such a strange feeling. On one hand I am all proud-mama and want to yell LOOK AT THIS AMAZING TEAM OMG WE CAN CONQUER THE WORLD!!!! And on the other hand…I am hiding in a corner muttering, “They’ve entrusted their careers to me?? Those fools! Fools!”

Starting your own business, man. It’s a trip.

But I am reallllly excited about the holidays this year. Namely because I might get to have one. HA! That’s a blogger joke. Ha, ha…ha.

OK but seriously for reals.

We have a ton of exciting holiday content coming out. And, thanks to the fact that many members of the team are Highly Organized Persons (we’re obviously not counting me in that list)…I think most of our content will be published in time to be helpful. (Apologies to those of you in past years who have left comments like, ‘oh hey S, great gift guide, but since it’s Dec 20th, I finished my shopping weeks ago…’)

The next few weeks will be, admittedly, heavily focused on sales. The contributors and I will be publishing gift guides, and a few outfit ideas, but we’re mostly focusing on dressing room selfies and other Black Friday content to keep up with the insane discounts that retailers are already running.

Black Friday has basically turned into Black November and — if last year was any indication — the additional discounts offered on actual Black Friday will likely change by only 5-10%. I expect that most of our top picks will be sold out by actual Black Friday.

HOWEVER. I have exciting NEWS:

Our holiday style guide will drop on Nov 16th.

This style guide, officially titled, The Mom Edit’s (no pressure) Guide To Getting Dressed For the Holidays, is basically a guide to dressing up all of your basics for a wide range of holiday events. Black sweater? We show five ways to dress it up. Black leggings? Of course. Black tights? Yup — because dresses are COLD without ’em.

The only catch? The guide is only available to our newsletter subscribers. (Sign up here!)

Why?? Well..we focus so freaking heavily on building up newsletter subscribers because it’s the only way for us to gain independence from social media platforms like Facebook. Otherwise, we’re completely at the mercy of algorithms.

Not great.

So…yeah. Sign up for the guide, and get ready for a wild November. Should be fun.

Speaking of fun…CBD oil? I pulled a tendon in my foot back in freaking SEPTEMBER and it still hurts. After many rave reviews (especially from the 60+ crowd), I’m seriously thinking about trying this CBD lotion. I like that I’m buying it from Sephora, not some random website I’ve never heard of (oh and hey, the Sephora Insider Sale doesn’t hurt, either).

ps. Hemp oil is not the same as CBD oil, in case you looked on Amazon and got confused. (S raises hand)

It shouldn’t be this hard. I’m forever looking for a cute long-sleeve tee to layer under sweaters. The neckline of the tee has to work with the neckline of the sweater, the fabrics have to slide nicely over each other (otherwise they bunch up and don’t drape), and the tee must be cute enough to stand on its own. My Bobeau wrap top works OK for chunky sweaters (I have the cream)…so I thought I’d also try Bobeau’s blouson-sleeve tee and this crazy 70’s floral print tee. Both were solid choices.

Set, Match. It’s a running joke in the office that as much as we’d love to do an article about cozy matching sets…they tend to sell out before we can finishing saying, “oooo…I found– nevermind.” I just ordered this cashmere H&M one in navy (matching sweater link here). Good luck, suckas.

Speaking of things that sell out….H&M just restocked their little-boy suits. Since I was ordering anyway, I added a tux (jacket here, pants here) for Pax. They’re our favs for the holidays — and completely machine washable.

I KNOW. In all of my Black Friday “research”…I’ve been kiiinda blown away by the coat selection at Abercrombie. This short puffer comes in some really lux-looking options, this parka is exactly perfect, and this ultra-long puffer (holla, Chicago!) has some really unexpected — yet neutral — color options. (I like the terracotta red.) While you’re there, snap up a pair of their washed black skinnies…and this plaid flannel that makes me believe in plaid shirts again.

What is even happening here? Is A&F worth a round of dressing room selfies? I think…I think they are.

Decades late, but OK. Trump finally signed the bill that grants the women who inspired the movie ‘Hidden Figures’ congressional gold medals for their important work in, oh, I don’t know, the HARD MATH to put a MAN ON THE MOON. Among other contributions. Full story here.

I need a new book. Any recommendations? We’re listening to Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime with the kids (and it’s amazing — highly recommend) but I need one for me. Preferably science fiction because #nerd. I keep going back to this old post of Scotti’s…I think we’re long overdue for an update. Help?

We’re beyond honored to publish. If you haven’t yet read Julieta’s post on her path to citizenship…it’s beautiful. Julieta, thank you so much for sharing your story. (And readers…grab the tissues. You’ll need them.)

That’s it for me! Other than trying to get a little work done…I think we’re just settling down for a pretty quiet weekend. Laura is flying in for a visit next week, so I’m sure some of the fun will make it’s way onto IG (@themomedit).

I hope you are all enjoying what is (arguably) one of the last fall weekends before holiday vibes start taking over.




  1. Here are science fiction recs from a fellow nerd mom! Life opened up this year and I was able read for pleasure. Here’s what I enjoyed:

    Wally Roux, Quantum Mechanic by Nick Carr (under 2 hours in audiobook form performed by the ineffable William Jackson Harper, well-placed curses exist)

    Seveneves by Neal Stephenson (long, classic sci fi style, great for lazy holidays)

    Recursion by Blake Crouch (medium length, classic sci fi)

    The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell (older, totally different female-authored sci fi driven by relationships)

    The Only Harmless Great Thing by Brook Bolander (short alt history with radium girls and elephants)

  2. You absolutely need to read “Stories of Your Life and Others” by Ted Chiang. Short stories that will leave you immersed days after finishing then. One of them is what the movie “Arrival” is based on.

  3. Matt Haig’s novel, “How to Stop Time” is really excellent. You can read it quickly, it makes you think, but is still hopeful.

  4. If you read on kindle amazon has an ebook collection of novellas by people like Blake Crouch, andy Weir, N.K. Jemisin. I’ve read about half of them so far all good! The Forward Collection is the actual name I believe. Not science fiction but a book that was so good I was convinced it was a true story, Daisy Jones and the Six. I read it as straight through as a part time working mom can lol.

  5. I just finished listening to the Rivers of London series by Ben Aaoronovitch- kind of if Harry Potter were a London constable named Peter Grant who is an apprentice for the small police division devoted to magical dealings. It is definitely NOT a kid book. Grant is a first generation Londoner who’s mother is from Sierra Leone, so It’s worth it to listen to the audiobook version just to hear the narrator, Kobna Holdbrook-Smith. I could listen to him all day…

  6. I 2nd the Sparrow! It’s excellent, I’ve read it about three times and each time it gets better.

    Philip Pullman’s, His Dark Materials…2 trilogies. The first trilogy is about 20 years old (you probably know it) and would be good for you and the boys. I hear the current HBO rendition is decent. The 2nd trilogy follows up on the first and it’s only on the 2nd book…which was published about a month ago. This 2nd book almost literally ended in mid-sentence. Whhhaaaattt!!? Very good!

    I’m currently rereading Children of Men by P.D. James. It’s old but still very relevant. It’s kinda a post apocalyptic book but more nuanced….if that makes sense at all. It was made into a movie about 15 yrs ago. Both book and movie are amazing, but very different. So it’s a good one to read then watch the movie…discuss…reread the book watch the movie again…discuss again…… oh and it takes place in year 2021, which is fun.

    Happy reading!

  7. Have you read the Three-Body Problem trilogy? It’s the best thing I’ve read in years in any genre, though it just happens to be SF.

  8. I just started The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern. The cover alone is worth your time. It’s not sci-fi exactly, but it’s definitely fantasy and has a recurring video game thread that I’m enjoying. It’s so good that I’m trying to read super slowly.

    Also, I’m loving Kat’s articles. I’m thrilled that you hired her! I love her style. I love her dressing room selfies because she doesn’t cover up her face and she looks like she’s having fun. Kat looks like someone I would want to go shopping with.

  9. First of all, love this thread because I was just hunting for a good sci-fi book for my book group choice. And I went back to Scotti’s post and added a few of those to my “read” list. Second of all, I want to 3rd The Sparrow. Read it years ago and loved it. I’m not usually a sci-fi reader, but that one grabbed me. I was hoping to find something along the same lines…or equally grabbing; if anyone has recommendations, it would be appreciated! In the meantime, will be looking up these titles!

  10. Margaret Atwood just released a followup to The Handmaid’s Tale: The Testaments, fun and fast-paced. Reading that caused me to dig into her other books – Oryx and Crake is a sci fi futurist tale.

  11. OH, Elizabeth, did you read the MADADAM trilogy by Margaret Atwood? It was so upsetting in all the right ways. I keep wanting to reread it, but think I need a friend to walk me through it. Such a realistic dystopia.

    I *love* this thread!

  12. Jill, have you read the sequel to the Sparrow? It’s titled “Children of God” and, while I didn’t love it as much as the original, the backstory of why things went the way they did is satisfying. Other than that, I haven’t found anything quite like The Sparrow but hope someone here has!

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