Weekend 11.10


I dreamt of my Dad last night. We had been talking about gambling earlier in the evening, playing poker, and if ever there was a way to Summon him, I suppose, that would be it. So there he was, just sitting there like always. It felt so good to see him, to stare at that face. His freckles. His smirk. Hear him say things like, “I’ll have the chicken marsala” and “Shane — count ’em up” (that would be cards, of course), and watch his eyes twinkle with laughter and mischief and my heart almost exploded with warmth just watching him be.

It was one of those crueler dreams, though, where you know the whole time that it’s just a dream. So I stared and stared, taking him in, and woke up still surprised by the enormity of the ache in my heart.

Our world lately has been pretty awful. Mass shootings still bring me to my knees — the abject horror and senselessness of it all — and I just hope that at some point, we will have had enough. We did just elect more than 100 women to the US House of Representatives — for the first time ever — and some of our new reps are women of color, as well as a Native American and Muslim. Representation matters, and this is a step in the right direction. I find myself cautiously optimistic. (Have you seen The New Yorker’s latest cover?  It’s perfect.)

Feels like Black Friday came early. If you haven’t yet checked out our Weekly Sales Report for the week, spoiler alert: everything is on sale. And we’re talking 35-40% off. It’s bizarre, actually. At TME headquarters, we’ve been wondering if there will be anything left for Black Friday, because if this keeps up….the good stuff is going to be long gone. We’ll see.  (I just picked up this sweater and LOVE it. In cream, xs.)

I want this in my house. Anthro has 20% off all home goods right now (including the cutest holiday ornaments like toast and popcorn poppers), but my eye is on this gorgeous Willow Leaf Flushmount light. Annmarie…yes? Guest room?? (So annoying when one of your besties is also an interior designer — you can’t sneak ANYTHING past them…)

Readers have spoken. I picked up this ponte blazer on sale at Banana Republic, and have already heard back from several readers that they agree: it is, in fact, FABULOUS. Like….James-Perse-Sweater-Blazer fabulous. I prefer a shrunken fit so I went with a 0 petite. While you’re at Banana, also pick up this insanely flattering navy velvet dress, or this cozy sweater dress (size down) — both are perfect for Thanksgiving (and 40% off!!).

Thanks, Mary!! Many of you asked about an affordable version of my high-rise, wide-leg jeans (from this article). It’s been on my to-do list to look for a pair…but then reader Mary shared this pair from American Eagle. “They don’t have the oh-so-cool cuff, but I wonder if us shorties could buy the long length and DIY the cuff? I’m totally digging this style with the bodysuit!” Oooo…great idea, Mary.

Why do my kids love these stupid pillows? Pax’s birthday is next weekend, and he’s coveting this ridiculous avocado pillow. His brother got the taco for his tenth birthday and loves it, and OMG there’s TOAST. I haven’t seen the toast before!! OK….there is something kiiiinda adorable about these.

Congrats, Voloshin! Loved this profile in Forbes of Amy and Leo Voloshin. I’ve recently gotten my hands on their Fall collection…and it’s every bit as good as I had hoped. Been wearing the heck out of this top and this sweater. More on the blog, soon.

Oooo…my next go-to weeknight meal? I’m always on the hunt for a good vegan crockpot recipe. We’re not *always* vegan, but I find that I turn all meat to mush in the crockpot, and since we barely eat meat anyway…this works better. I just came across Gimme Some Oven’s Lemony Lentil soup recipe and it sounds like just the thing to brighten up a Wednesday night. (Tuesdays are out, because, tacos.  Duh.)

Are you unknowingly perpetuating racism? I was fascinated by this Atlantic Article, How Well-Intentioned White Families Can Perpetuate Racism. Especially this part:

 When affluent white parents are making these decisions about parenting, they could consider in some way at least how their decisions will affect not only their kid, but other kids. This might mean a parent votes for policies that would lead to the best possible outcome for as many kids as possible, but might be less advantageous for their own child. My overall point is that in this moment when being a good citizen conflicts with being a good parent, I think that most white parents choose to be good parents, when, sometimes at the very least, they should choose to be good citizens.

Interesting, right? Especially when you consider that common advice on how not to raise narcissists includes words like  “Ease off on the idea of special.” (I’m quoting Scary Mommy’s article — it’s a good read.)  In any case…there’s a tie here, for sure. It might actually be that choosing to be good citizens is the better parenting move. Food for thought. (And Laura, thanks for the link!)

Happy weekend, everyone.



  1. S, I love you. You are an engineer. Read the height (it’s 18″), go stand in the room, and then tell me if anyone other than Pax can clear that fixture. Not even you sweetie. See how tall you are? That is a gorgeous fixture. You need a super flush mount in your guest room. Life is full of disappointments. Or challenges. Let’s call that fixture (that isn’t this one) a design challenge. We’ll find one. xoxo A

  2. AUGH!! What if….what if we put it over the bed? Then enforced a No Standing On The Bed Rule? (Cause that sounds doable…. #snort)

    Well. Shoot.

  3. i love when I can see–really see– my Mom in my dreams…her beautiful blue eyes smiling at me…..I wake up feeling hugged, the tears flow for a bit, but I feel her peace. xo S

  4. I love dreams of my dad with really long hugs. In these times I’m grateful to have an angel on my side.

    Jodi Picoult’s book “Small Great Things” talks a lot about unintentional racism, as well as overt racism. It’s a great read.

  5. If you’re talking about “my” bed that I used just last weekend, you must know that I am constantly standing on that bed to see myself in the mirror. Just saying.

  6. Thank you for the article about perpetuating racism. I started following you for the fashion (and I LOVE your fashion) but I also love that you are broaching these topics on a fashion site. Please don’t ever stop!

  7. My daughter has the toast pillow, and it is every bit as adorable as you think it is. Going to hunt down the avocado pillow for myself now!

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