Weekend 11.2


We went trick or treating on Thursday. Halloween night in Philly is…pretty epic. There are streets that are basically giant block parties, and one block that turns itself into a haunted house. Shout-out to the generous owners of that one house with both a candy trick-or-treat station for kids….AND a beer trick-or-treat station for adults. #halloweenheroes

Raines, who has never loved dressing up, found a costume he could accept: Maverick, from Top Gun. But he went as the aviators-and-leather-jacket version of Maverick because he much prefers costumes that are just basically clothes he already owns.

We met up with a bunch of friends (which is and isn’t hard because basically everyone is out that night), and the adults would mostly just stand on one end of the block, letting the kids roam that block alone…then they’d regroup back and we’d all cross to the next block together.

This system was developed over several years of trial-and-error. And our hard work has paid off — this may have been the best Halloween yet! And by “best” I mean a total lack of tears, freaking out, chasing, hunting, or death-grip handholds. By the parents. Just so we’re clear.

But things were going so smoothly that I was quick to get annoyed by Raines, who, true to form, was done with trick or treating pretty early in the evening.He usually is, but when he was little, it was usually due to overstimulation.

This year? All slouchy teenage moodiness. Ugh.

“RAINES” I said, exasperated, after I pulled him away from his friends. “We are literally walking the streets and getting unlimited amounts of candy. What else could you possibly want to do right now???? How can you be BORED??”

He shrugs, scowling at something across the street. “I dunno, Mom. I just….I dunno.” He shifts around, not meeting my eyes.

I wait. He mumbles. Shifts. Scowls.

I am literally about to lose my mind. I take a deep breath in, about to say…I don’t even know what, when Raines — correctly guessing I am at my limit — jumps back in. “OK FINE MOM. I just want to…ya know…party with my friends, OK? I mean, it’s Halloween.” He looks at me, imploringly, like I’m going to get it.

Spoiler: I do not ‘get it.’

Instead, I lose it.


Not my finest parenting moment. No empathy, no understanding, not even a logical consequence….gah. But in my defense, the words “party with my friends” literally came out of his mouth. At eleven. GOD.

We did make up a little while later. He went off and found one of his buddies who was still enthusiastically trick-or-treating, put on his happy face, and ended up having a good time. I apologized for losing it. He tossed me a grin and rolled his eyes (the kid knows me), and a little while later we all went back to our place so Mike and I could, uh, party with our friends.

Well then.

Go buy these pants before they sell out. I have an article coming out about these seriously magical sweater pants…but the darn things just went on crazy sale at Anthro, so snap them up now. They’re basically trousers, but made out of a sweater material. Comfy enough for travel, but decidedly not joggers…so they dress up effortlessly. You can see a sneak peek of my travel outfit on IG here, and I can throw the dressed-up version out there, too. More later.

While you’re there…Anthro is having a sale event this weekend, 40% off all sweaters. My top three: this cashmere v-neck with seriously cool sleeves, this cool-girl update of a Fair isle sweater, and finally, this gorgeous (and cozy) striped sweater (only plus sizes left in the stripe).

I think I want some combat boots. I just ordered two different pairs of Doc Martens because if I’m going to do this, I’m going to DO IT, ya know? I’m obsessed with how this pair looks on, but I suspect they’re going to need some breaking in. And then this pair is already insanely soft and comfortable (shockingly so) but doesn’t give me that extra inch of height or the slightly feminine detail of the first pair. Decisions, decisions. (Thoughts??)

In case you were looking for the perfect camel coat… I have been trying — unsuccessfully — to order this damn coat for two years now. I *think* I need a size 0 or a size 2P, but neither of those sizes ever seem to be in stock (in camel). I keep trying the next size up, and it is too big…but amazing enough to haunt my dreams. For TWO YEARS. Anyway, maybe one of you will get lucky and find it in your size. (And if you do get one, send me a pic so I can live vicariously through you.)

We’ve got a code for that. Voloshin is doing a sale on sale this weekend. Take an additional 20% off already marked-down pieces with code FLASH20. The entire TME X Voloshin collection is part of that sale…or I can also personally recommend the dip-dye Ella tee (one of my favs), this scarf that Linz and I agree makes an amazing (and affordable) gift, or this peasant top that you can see me wearing in both warm and cold weather, here.

Perfect if you hate children. Shopbop has some seriously cute Oeuf pillows for kids, which is great, but for some reason, this creepy one made the list. NIGHT NIGHT, SWEETHEART. (Thanks for the find, Jess.)

FINALLY. Macy’s and Bloomingdales will both stop selling real fur products by 2021. I couldn’t be more thrilled with this move. Faux fur is getting better and better — there’s really no reason for real fur in fashion. And I’d love to see more retailers take faux fur one step further — like Patagonia. This insanely cute Patagonia faux fur is made from recycled materials. (I have it in cream. It’s both sporty AND fancy and I LOVE it.)

I love women. At a girl’s soccer game recently, a player’s hijab started to fall off. The players of the opposing team immediately surrounded her to provide some privacy while she fixed it. I’ve watched the video sooo many times — it’s uplifting, all love and light.

Gotta go — we’re heading out to see the new Warren Miller movie because it’s THAT TIME OF YEAR. Yasssss. Fingers crossed for a snowy, snowy winter.

Happy weekend!




  1. My son is 11 and we all dressed up to walk over to his friend’s house, by the park… where tons of kids and families trick or treat. I thought we would all go walking together, but no. 6th grade is the year, where they go off with their friends. He had his phone, set an alarm to get back to friend’s house by 8:15 and I would pick him up. Then I was a little sad for the rest of the night but I know it’s time. Baby is growing up. Hang in there.

  2. I have the Leona Dr. Martens! Don’t need any breaking in. I was afraid they would, but they were comfortable right out of the box. And I have very finicky feet. I wear 8 or 8.5 and 8 was perfect and can fit a pair of socks too. I love the height and the brass detail!

  3. I have a 14 year old boy that asked for a cashmere sweater for Christmas and then ripped a hole in a denim jacket (that he got on Sunday) jumping off a swing this week. Adolescent boys are strange creatures. Good luck to you! I will forever and always support the wearing of Dr. Martens! They have been my favorites, literally, for decades. That Leona pair is awesome, but you can never go wrong with the basics, either. My black ones are one of my most worn pairs of shoes. Second only to my oxblood pair! And they last for years! Love them and can’t wait to see which pair you decide on and how you style them!

  4. Quick question about combat boots. Do you guys think those boots we all had several years back will pass as close enough to combat boots? You know the ones, the black slouchy Moto style ones by Frye? I can’t justify buying a pair of combat boots because, while it would be fun to dabble in the trend, I’m almost positive that I’d only wear them a couple of times. I’m legit thinking tights, shorts, oversized sweater and those boots. Lol.

  5. I’m still confused by the words “feminine detail” and “Doc Martin” in the same sentence 🙂

    And that video almost made me cry!

  6. My favourite part of this blog are Shana’s weekend posts. They always reassure me that our parenting dramas are completely normal and playing out in other households too.

  7. Philly (suburbs) here!?? Dying to try the Docs combat boots. I can’t decide between oxblood and black. Also, I love that Patagonia number. So cozy looking!

  8. Yep – 6th grade. That’s the year. They want to go off with their friends. Trick or Treating with parents? Shana – you gotta get with the times, sorry! My kiddos are 21 and 23 – they would NOT go out with us by middle school. AND we did not have the comfort and security of cell phones. It’s time to give them space to leave the nest. Mama birds kick their babies out of the nest, baby birds don’t stick around or come back after college 🙂 We get them for 18 years and watching them go out into the world and figure it out with gentle encouragement and support is THE BEST! I love every minute of time with my newly adult children. ENJOY – don’t despair! Sending hugs —

  9. These weekend post give me life. I love these.
    I like the more feminine detailed doc martins. The other ones I had back in 1998! I can’t bring myself to do it again but I live in California where Nov means 78 degrees outside. If I lived in a colder place I would for sure think about investing in more boots.

  10. The “Pascal” doc martins (the second pair) for sure. More comfortable and cuter, plus it’s got all the 90s vibe. I’m pretty sure those were my exact boots in HS in the 90s. I would LOVE to see a post on how to actually wear them. I can’t think of how to pair them other than how I wore them in HS, which was usually with bootcut jeans.

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