Weekend 11.3


Hey there!  We’re heading to D.C. for a few days – Mike has a conference – so we thought we’d take the boys out of school for a day and turn it into a little family trip.

Which reminds me that I forgot to tell the kids’ teachers.  SIGH.

We’re going to be staying at the Capitol Hill Hotel (Cam’s fav, if you guys remember) and are pumped to explore.  Does anyone have any recommendations?  We’re bringing the kids to see Antony and Cleopatra (fueling both their Roman and – this is new – their Shakespeare obsessions thanks to this book), and we’re also hoping to hit the Spy museum.  It sounds so freaking cool.  I’d love some food recos or other fun things to do with the kiddos, if anyone has thoughts.


Sale, sale, sale.   The big news, of course, is the Nordstrom Fall Clearance Sale.  You can find all of our top picks from this sale (and a few others) in our Weekend Sale Report.  I’m deciding between this gold bee clutch and this silver one that looks like a sea creature (you know how I love over-the-top bags, especially during the holidays).  We also just updated the article with picks from Banana (obsessed with this faux fur scarf or this bomber jacket), as well as entertaining and decor items on sale at CB2.  Now I just have to figure out where to put this acrylic easel.  Gorg, no?

I heart everything MorganShop Buru just launched it’s holiday collection, and true to form, Morgan’s done a great job.  There’s some seriously fun pieces – like this skirt….or this one.  If you guys aren’t familiar with Shop Buru (or Morgan), check out her recent family Halloween photo – it’s genius….or this recent piece she wrote about her struggle with bipolar disorder, and how authenticity matters more than ever.

Seriously everybody go buy these velvet leggings.  I had a reader ask about how to style velvet leggings, so I went out and picked up these, in wine.  Dear god the COMFORT.  And….they’re verrrry sexy.  I’ll be wearing them to the Folger Theater tonight, and will try to do some IG stories.  Coming soon to a blog near you.


Eat more quinoa.  The Healthy Apple just released her recipe for quinoa pizza crust.  It’s from her book, Eating Clean, which I have and love, and this pizza crust is one of my favorites.

Win or lose?  The new tax plan, demystified.  A list of who wins, and who loses, in plain english.

I normally have more to say, but I have a train to catch.  Ugh.  Hate. Packing.

Have a good weekend!!





  1. There is so much to do in DC – have a great trip! A good source for ideas is the KidfriendlyDC blog. I use this all the time ?

  2. Hank’s Oyster Bar, a pleasant walk from your hotel, is a great place for families, with really good food. Ted’s Bulletin is also fun. Union Market is definitely worth swinging by and Eastern Market is good for a weekend stroll.

  3. Me again with more food thoughts. If your kids are adventurous eaters (mine, alas, are not) trying Ethiopian would be fun. There is a place on H St NE not so far from your hotel and lots of other places around town. And H St NE has a wealth of interesting restaurants for brunch or dinner. Sally’s Middle Name is a good one. There is also a nice beer garden for relaxing outside in the afternoon with beer and pretzel rolls. And a free streetcar that my 6 year old is a big fan of.

  4. +1 for Hanks – oysters – yum! If you want to get off the tourist track check out Upshur Street in Petworth for a great local dining scene. (Insert shameless plug for my brother’s place – Ruta del Vino. 🙂

  5. My rec is that you should definitely visit some of the National Historic Monuments on the mall with your kids, and if they don’t have one already, you should get them both National Park Passports. They are little booklets just like passports that you can get stamped at every National Park or Historic Site you visit. My teens have had theirs since they were kids and it encouraged a curiosity about our country and they love having a record of every little or big place we’ve visited from Everglades National Park to Acadia to every monument on the mall. Stop into any Smithsonian gift shop and they’ll be there for purchase, and then everywhere you go, ask the park ranger where to stamp your passport.

  6. Building Museum has great STEM exhibits and if it rains lots of space indoors to run around. Yards Park ice cream jubilee-Honey Lemon Lavendar-yum!! Rasika for Indian, Matchbox for pizza. Have fun!!

    • Yes yes yes to the Building Museum. The Play Work Build room is fantastic for the kids, and the Great Hall is an amazing space to run around in (assuming that it’s not currently set up for a special event, of course). You can also grab coffee & pastries at Firehook Cafe in the museum and eat in the Great Hall.

  7. We live a few blocks from your hotel and have kids around the same age. Welcome to the most kid-friendly neighborhood in DC! In addition to what you’ve already heard…

    Food: District Donut and/or Market Lunch in Eastern Market for Sunday morning, Belga and Acqua Al Due for dinner (both fancy-ish but happy to take restaurant-experienced kids). If you do Market Lunch, their specialty is blueberry buckwheat pancakes (aka “blue bucks”).

    To explore/blow off steam: Yards Park to walk along the river, get some ice cream or wine, end up at Nats Park. Open spaces and great food/drink options abound. Playgrounds — Brent Elementary School (not sure it’s open on weekends) or Garfield Park.

    Eastern Market: Heart and soul of the neighborhood — a smaller Reading Terminal Market that serves as a tourist destination and grocery store to the locals. Awesome flea market and farmers’ market outside on Sat and Sunday. Art, clothes, books, treats, ephermera.

    Monuments: Go after dark for a more reflective and less crowded experience. Walk up the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial and resist the temptation to turn around until you get to the top — maximum impact. Then stand on the spot where MLK made the I Have a Dream speech.

    Enjoy. If I see you at the Market tomorrow, I’ll say hi! ?

  8. Best part of the spy museum is their later “be a spy” (I don’t remember the exact name) option – and it is SO MUCH FUN. Other than that, the Air and Space Museum is great and Kid Friendly DC has good weekly options.

  9. Ted’s Bulletin for brunch on Sunday (homemade pop tarts) or go to Union Market to wander around. Eastern Market is also fun on a Sunday. The new modern art wing of the National Gallery of Art is fantastic – go see the huge blue rooster on the roof!

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