Weekend 12.1


I can’t quite believe I’m typing this, but…I had a dance recital last night. Not ATTENDED, mind you, but performed in. I mean OK: it was called An Adult Showcase (or something), and the vibe was a “low-stakes showing of what the adult dance classes at UMA have been working on,” but if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, then obviously you just performed in an adult dance recital. Quack.

It was…alright, actually. I was so freaking nervous (and gained a much better appreciation for my kids’ performances,) but we’re a giant group of nice, supportive girls who laugh at ourselves pretty easily and the crowd consisted of a bunch of other adults taking dance classes, so it was a pretty safe space. And then there’s Laurel!! She’s a dear friend, and our Dance Team Coach (that’s a — she keeps threatening to turn us into some Middle-Aged Dance Team With Costumes). We did an interview with Laurel here, if you’d like to see what our classes look like. It turns out that Laurel has trained us well, and not only did we NOT embarrass her, but we also all had a blast. We must’ve done OK because the second we finished and started walking off “the stage”, my sweet Raines came storming up, wrapped me in a hug, and lifted me off my feet, his face beaming with pride.

I will never forget that moment. The first time I was literally swept off my feet by my son. I had a flash of him sleeping as a newborn in that tiny little hat, of watching the world go by from his perch in the Ergo, of running around naked and tiny…and now here he is, picking me up.

It was a pretty great night.

Suit up. Appaman sent the boys those insanely amazing suits in the photo above. They’re adorable, but made 10-year-old Raines look like a teenager?? SOB! Raines is wearing the glen paid mod suit, and Pax has on…wait for it…navy velvet (of course). Actually, the link to Pax’s suit has a ton of color/fabric options (including Raines’ glen plaid), and it looks like most are 30% off right now!

My kind of Christmas tree. Anthropologie has me drooling over this faux-fur tree skirt, but really, I just want the life that comes with the photo. A naked tree, save for a chic star on top, no gifts to buy, and a sort of pristine, uncluttered, minimalist vibe that conjures up images of clean, light-filled closets, made beds, and other things that are entirely out my reach. STOP MESSING WITH MY HEAD ANTHROPOLOGIE.

Fashion. Puffer. I can’t decide if this is the most amazing thing to ever happen to a puffer, or if this is leading down a dangerous path. (I like the green.)

A couple of cozy favorites. While I was home for Thanksgiving, Scotti was lounging around oh-so-casually in her matching pale pink hoodie and sweatpants from Bobeau. The color was shockingly pretty and now I want one. (The sweatpants have a super-high waist, too.)

Unless dark gray is more your speed….I serendipitously found my beloved Nike Gym hoodie and capri sweatpants (from a Nordstrom Anni Sale three years ago — anyone remember this nonsense??) on sale at JCPenny, if anyone is interested.

Best Red Lipstick? This is a totally debatable topic, but someone asked the other day and I have two: My go-to has always been NARS’ Rita, and just last night my friend Angela waltzed into our Dance Recital wearing Bite Beauty’s Gazpacho and I couldn’t stop staring. I love that Bite Beauty is all-natural, too. Might be enough to make me switch.

And the sale of the weekend goes to…Bloomingdale’s. They have 25% off a ton of selected items, including a denim selection that makes me swoon. Also Sorel boots (this one or this one or this one)…or try this cable-knit cashmere sweater that looks exactly like my Vince one. (So basically, my daily uniform is on sale.)

My favorite thing from Black Friday Sales…this wool purse. It’s actually a bit bigger than I expected, but is the perfect snuggly thing for both day and night  I’ll try to throw something up on IG this weekend. I’m totally obsessed with it.

I cannot make this stuff up. It takes a special kind of guy to rock Bonobos’ Panta Claus pants. (LOVE when a brand doesn’t take themselves too seriously.)

We heart Photoshop. There are many reasons I love Cam, but the intro pic on her Gift Guide For the Alexa Chung Fangirl is one of them.

And just like that, I’m a Warriors fan. In response to this letter from a nine-year-old girl, point guard Stephan Curry worked with Under Amour to make sure his basketball shoes were available in both the boys’ and girls’ section of stores. The whole story is adorable, and Curry (dad of two girls himself) sounds like the coolest guy. (You can see the newly-added girls’ shoes here.)

Morality does matter. The tear gassing of children at the border (many of them in diapers) has been keeping me up at night. I have no words to express my outrage, my sorrow, my shame. Our country is becoming one I barely recognize. And then I came across this well-written piece in the Des Moines Register and it made me feel less alone. It starts:

“The United States is composed of 329 million people spread over 3.8 million square miles. In population and land mass, it’s a pretty big place. But those are not the only criteria that matter.

Morality matters, too. And last Sunday, by that measure at least, this country seemed rather small. That, of course, was the day we used tear gas against children.”

Does anything matter more than morality? (That’s what I’ve been ruminating on lately.)

Sending love….



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    • Thanks for these comments, you two. I can’t be silent, but I also am well aware of what using my voice sometimes means. These little shows of support are so helpful. xoxoxo

  1. Love your blog and love that you aren’t afraid to address the horrifying lack of respect for humanity that seems to pervade our country these day. It starts with actually saying something. Right on.

  2. Heartbreakingly, last Sunday was not THE day we used tear gas on children. Tear gas has been used at US borders, on men, women and children, many times each year, for a decade at least. Absolutely unacceptable, but not at all new.

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