Weekend 12.5


My new joy is listening to the start of Pax’s 4th grade class each morning, held via Zoom. There’s always some sort of short writing prompt, a question to which they must write their answers down in a notebook, buying their teacher time to take attendance. Then — my favorite part — class discussion.

Yesterday’s topic was this: If you were suddenly transported back to the Stone Age, which two modern conveniences would you take with you?

Pax thought for a second, then his face brightened, and he scribbled furiously in his notebook. “Mom?” He asked. “How do you spell ‘genie’? Like, genie in a bottle?” I spelled it out, and then, once finished, he sent his class a message via Zoom chat: “I’m gonna hack this system,” he typed. 

I peek over his shoulder. In his notebook, he’s written: “I would bring a magic genie and my dragon, Waffles”.


Pax is wiggling in his seat, ready. One of his besties is called on first. She is also planning to bring a genie. Pax is delighted, mind-blown. “SEE MOM??” He gestures wildly at the screen. “THIS is why we’re friends!!!”

I hear Pax’s teacher explain — again — the concept of ‘modern convenience.’ There is much discussion. Pax makes a face, then slowly crosses out what he’s written. “Crap,” he mutters under his breath. Then, “Mom! I need a new idea! Quick!!”

On the Zoom call, one kid is patiently explaining to Pax’s teacher that an entire jail — with which to hold the dinosaurs — could be considered ONE modern convenience, if you really think about it. 

I am in the midst of making breakfast (we had gotten a late start that morning), and am chuckling to myself about the dinosaur answer. “I don’t know, kiddo.” I say absently. “What would you need to survive among dinosaurs?”

Later, Mike will annoyingly point out that there were NO dinosaurs during the Stone Age, but IN MY DEFENSE that one kid was talking about them AND I had not yet had my coffee and chocolate. 


Pax immediately settles on a gun. This seems…reasonable, I suppose. “Is your second item one bullet?” I ask. “Or can you bring many bullets?”

Pax bends over his paper again, scribbling something that looks like ‘bag of bullets’.  

“Personally, I’d bring a tank” I say. “Maybe solar-powered? So I’d have somewhere to hide if the dinosaurs attacked.”

Apparently, Pax LOVES this idea. The next thing I know, his teacher is calling on him to share his answer, teasingly reminding him about his earlier message to “hack the system”.

“Yeah — Ok,” he starts, excitedly. “I’m going to bring ONE FLEET of tanks, maybe solar-powered,” here he pauses for effect “…and ONE WHOLE ARMY of soldiers, all carrying weapons!” He leans back, triumphant. 

There is a beat of silence.

Then, I hear his teacher crack up. “PAX,” she asks, “what are you going to do with all of these tanks and soldiers in the Stone Age??”

Pax is grinning back — he loves her. “For protection!!” He rolls his eyes. Obviously.

“Well,” his teacher says, laughter still in her voice, “Pax is going to become a dictator in the Stone Age. OK! Who’s next?”

Pax leans forward and un-mutes himself. “Don’t worry,” he tells his teacher. “My mom helped me with this one.”  


High hopes. Every once in a while I come across a really unique pair of jeans. These FRAME straight-leg jeans have a borrowed-from-the-boys, perfectly broken-in, vintage appeal that made me swoon. They’re not distressed, but have a similar vibe to my beloved Levi’s 501s, making them — maybe? — my winter version. Here’s hoping.

A rare exception. I’m not usually a big cardigan person, but this MMLaFleur cardigan is my one exception: I love it. It’s currently on sale (and I’m wearing in the featured image, above).

Ribbed, for…(don’t say it, don’t say it) Zella just came out with ribbed leggings and a matching longline bra in ribbed fabric. I’m v. into cozy textures right now, especially in monochromatic outfits. I just picked them both up with this tee (which has thumbholes and a really great fit). I plan on mixing and matching everything with some Vuori pieces I can’t seem to take off (like this insanely beautiful set — whoa).

That’s my move. I just ordered this absolute confection of a skirt from small business, ShopBURU. It’s what I’ll be wearing for our fancy Christmas Eve-At-Home Party (likely with a graphic tee) because…why not? Some of you may recall that Big Dramatic Skirts are kiiind of my winter-party move, simply because they look wildly glamorous even when hiding thick, fleecy leggings underneath. There’s no doubt that this skirt will get plenty of playtime, whether this year or next. (And I don’t need to spell out that our “fancy” party this year is…just…us, right?)

PSA: While you’re at ShopBURU, check out the long-sleeve Sivas tee in black. I first featured it in my Shop Small Gift Guide, but it was sold out in most sizes. I *just* (like…3 min ago) got an email that it’s been freshly re-stocked. Ordered. (I have the olive green and love it — feels like a tee, but is fancy. SO GOOD.)

In my latest edition of The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants….cashmere bike shorts?

Ugh – was anyone else blown away by Em’s post? I can’t stop thinking about the gorgeousness of Emily’s Always Pan review. I mean, yeah — the pan looks great. But it’s the dinnerware that’s haunting my dreams. I just noticed, too, that the dinnerware is actually porcelain, which means it won’t develop those tell-tale marks on it from forks & knives, either. Ugh — we don’t need new dishes, but they’re so small-space friendly that I’m seriously tempted to replace the ones we’ve got.

Hot chocolate #goals. Crowded Kitchen not only perfected the recipe for the creamiest vegan hot chocolate, but they also came up with five variations (including peanut butter cup, peppermint, and bourbon orange). A girl needs to have goals to get through this long COVID winter, and trying all of these? IS MINE.

Best Kids Books of 2020? There are ‘best book’ lists popping up all over the place, and some — especially for kids’ books — have been a little underwhelming. So I was excited to read Book Riot’s list of the Best Children’s Books of 2020. They included one of our favs, as well as many others that look right up our alley.

Uncomfortable Conversations With a Black Man. Have you heard of Emmanuel Acho? He started a series on YouTube called Uncomfortable Conversations With a Black Man, and it’s both awkward and genius. A month ago, he sat down with members of the (very white) Petaluma Police Department to talk about defunding the police, the Black Lives Matter movement, and police brutality. The discussion starts pretty slowly (and a bit awkwardly) but eventually — as everyone gets more comfortable — the discussion becomes more honest and open. It’s a really good watch.

Allies for Black Joy Event. On Dec 9th, there’s a Zoom mixer, hosted by the Color of Change PAC, to discuss what allyship looks like around the four key undecided political races in the Southeast, and how we can impact these races.

Nothing against porn, but...I was horrified reading the NYT’s latest piece, The Children Of Pornhub. The fact that this company hasn’t taken even the most basic of steps — like allowing uploads only from verified accounts, and removing the ability to download videos (like YouTube does, BTW) — to cut down on the exploitation of children is unconscionable. I am reminded, once again, that big businesses, when given the choice of their bottom line vs doing the right thing…rarely do the right thing. Regulations do have a place, and clearly, in this case, some are needed.

Our hearts go out to Kat’s family….Kat’s uncle suddenly passed away last week from COVID-19. He was only 50-years-old, and had two children. I know talk of vaccines has me looking forward with hope, but let this serves as a reminder that COVID is not yet done with us. COVID rates are on an alarming rise, and we likely have many dark months ahead. So please: Wear masks. Be responsible. We must continue to do — as one of our readers so eloquently wrote, early in the pandemic — “our wartime duty”.

Stay safe out there, you guys.



ps. I’m pulling together some fun Zoom-party ideas that we can do with friends or family during the holiday period. Anyone attended an epic one? Would love some more ideas….


  1. My condolences to Kat and Kat’s family! We sometimes forget how real this is. I appreciate TME’s balance of fun, fashion and real talk. Not all have shown the same. <3

  2. I, too, sit with my high school senior while he Zooms in the morning, before I go to work. I overhear when there are quizzes/assignments due, so I can ‘remind’ him to use his time wisely. Occasionally they have break out sessions, and I enjoy listening to this talk with his classmates, which is about all the interaction he gets, unfortunately, except for work. Since we are both in jammies, me with coffee, it’s a nice way to start the morning.

    And condolences to Kat and family.

  3. Oh Kat, I wish there were some words to fill your heart with comfort, but I know there are no magic words to make everything better. Sending my deepest condolences and wishes that all the love which surrounds you, gives you comfort and support. xoxo

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