Weekend 12.7


Raines walked home from his robotics club the other day. Alone. This wasn’t the first time he had walked somewhere by himself, but it was the first time he walked home in the dark. The daylight hours are so few in Philly during these short December days that it gets dark before I realize it. And OK: it wasn’t really that dark. At least not when he called to say he was walking home…but it certainly was dark by the time he strolled in the door. And he did, indeed stroll in the door. He had a to-go coffee in hand (hot chocolate actually, but it looked like coffee) and apparently he stopped by our usual coffee shop on his walk home?

I stared at him, dumbfounded. So many questions. I had so, so many questions.

Question A,B&C: You carry money now? Since when? And, uh, where did it come from?

Question D,E,F&G: You can order? Like it’s NBD? Like a man? WTF?

I mean…I guess Raines has been doing that kind of a thing for a while (I’ll often give the kids money and let them go up and order), but the thought of him poppin’ into a coffee shop on his own, all “Hmm, know what sounds good? A cup of ___” FREAKS ME OUT.

And finally…Question H: Your short haircut makes you look 25 so let’s just grow it back out so it sticks up random places, okay? Especially in the back. I need it to be messy and knotty in the back.

And then I pounced on him and covered him in kisses while he ducked and laughed and was all “OMG MOM!!” but that’s what you get, Raines, walking in with your “coffee” and your moody smolder and your man-hair. THAT’S WHAT YOU GET FROM YOUR MOMMY.

Best so far….I’ve been trying on a ton of cashmere under $100, and was completely blown away by Halogen’s cashmere turtleneck. I have the size small (up from my usual xs), but the reason it’s in the lead is because of the sleeves. At this price point, typically the sleeves run a touch too short, but these? Nice and long. (And while you’re there, try and snag one of these $55 sequin pencil skirts. Almost sold out but so flipping good…especially with the turtleneck. O,h and hey – Topshop has more skirt sizes in stock.)

Winter skin game-changer. I picked up The Ordinary’s unassuming little Hyaluronic Acid serum during the Sephora sale…and whoa. I use it over top of my normal serum but under my moisturizer and it…it literally plumps my skin right up, but without oiliness or greasiness. It’s shockingly good. I now use it every night, and have been using in the mornings (since I have a cold, which is always death to my skin). Also at Amazon, here. And oh BTW it’s $12. For the bigger size. *fist bump*

On my lips right now. Tarte’s Sea Elfing and Selfing Quench Lip Rescue Duo. Uh…we’re going to ignore that complete PR fail of a name (“Elfing and Selfing?” Seriously WTF)…and just focus on the product itself. It’s like a super-moisturizing minty chapstick, but in two real-lips-but-better colors and I’m totally obsessed. It’s what I’ve been wearing all day every day. *Technically* it’s a gift set but, uh, whatever. Gimme.

I like to call them ‘marshmallow pants’. These velvet Athleta joggers are — quite literally — like wearing soft clouds. Or wrapping your legs in marshmallows. I realize that none of these descriptors scream “FLATTERING!!” but you won’t even care. (And they’re actually really cute on. In that flannel-pajama kind of way.) Dressing Room selfies coming soon….

Don’t panic…I was able to find a clutch purse that looks exactly like a hamburger for less than $6000!! Whew, that was a close one.

Santa gift. Since my boys are…uh…’in the know’ about Santa, I think I’m going to start doing what my parent’s did: Santa brings books & PJs. This year I think Santa is going to bring this stunningly illustrated Mythologica Encyclopedia, and definitely a couple copies of Wreck This Journal.

Which reminds me…has anyone else been completely blown away by the insanely cool gift guides Sydney has done for us??? Not to toot our own horns here, but I think they’re the best thing on the internet right now. If you’ve missed them, check out Gifts For Kids Who Make Their Own Adventures, Gifts For Comic Book Lovers and Gifts For Gamers Who Love Fortnite.

Weeknight Vegan Dinner Idea. I buy pre-chopped onions and Kitchen Treaty’s Vegan White Bean Chili is done in less than 20 minutes. It’s been on weekly rotation in our house.

If I was a room…@heidimurray.art.interiors turned one of my outfits into a room inspiration board and I am giving alllllll the thumbs ups. Love.

Our favorite pajamas right now. We started sending a special newsletter on Sundays, with a different theme each week. This week? Our favorite PJs. If you want to see…make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter by signing up here.

Gotta run — my boys’ have a dance performance (hip-hop and salsa — so freaking fun) and it literally starts in 30 min. I volunteered to be drop-off parent so I could hide in the bar and write. Not a bad job, this.

Hope you are enjoying December….



ps. The photo of Raines was taken in Detroit’s Foundation Hotel. I highly recommend. More on our Detroit trip, soon.


    • Mine came in the mail yesterday…and no, it’s OK when I walk. If anything the waistband bugged me a little bit, but either tucking in a top (or folding the waistband over once) fixed it.

  1. Raines sounds like one awesome kid, and without question….you are one rockin’, fabulous Mom. Cheers to long messy hair! Great story–thanks for sharing!

  2. The “weekend” blog is my favorite of the week. Don’t get me wrong. You’re picks cost me a fortune (Shana esp) because we have exactly the same aesthetic. (By the way…one good turn deserves another…check out the wide leg sequin pants on Banana Republic hehehe) but you can only have one favorite and I really love the weekend post best. Happy Holidays!

    • AHHHH thanks girl!! AND YES OMG those sequin pants — LOVE. Did they restock? Last I checked they were all sold out. I’ve gotta figure out a better way to get ahead of these things. (For example, I bought Reformation’s velvet pants, brought them to the tailer…and then they sold out before I could even feature them.)

  3. I also love the weekend blog. The stories are just lovely. This one especially. I’m excited but dreading when own son gets to that stage. So sad but so wonderful!

  4. I scored the regular size small in black. Forget about that gorgeous cream color!! Gone gone gone!! Crazy sale and then another 20% off with the BR card…I feel like these are something I will wear as my weather solution to winter weddings forever (and everything else in between)

    Oh. And when your little boys are 25 and 22…you really miss that hair! ???

  5. I scored the black in a regular size small…they feel like a perfect solution for cold weather weddings don’t they?? And everything else too! And by the way when your boys are 25 and 22…you still think about that hair! ???

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