Weekend 2.17


I love that Pax can 100% un-ironically start a sentence with, “MOM! So I was shreddin’ the pow…”

It’s adorable – his blue eyes are huge in his face, twinkling and shining, and his cheeks are red and windburned, his freckles standing out. He finishes his story by adding, seriously: “it was the best day of my life, Mom.”

Oh, my heart.

Raines rolled in a few minutes later – he and his friends had taken a few extra laps around the park (aka going off jumps) and he was also on a high. “Ok, Mom, TODAY was DEFINITELY NOT BAD!”

Stowe, if you can’t tell, has finally gotten dumped on, and we are having a blast. Even Mike and I have have skied every morning since, although I don’t last nearly as long as the kids. It’s wild how hard it is to ski in powder, and my legs have been burning. I’ve been doing a ton of running lately, so I’m in decent shape, but I haven’t really been lifting weights for several weeks and it shows.

Has anyone else noticed that muscle strength, after the age of, let’s just say 45 (haha), just…goes? Like, seemingly within days? I find myself in this use-it-or-lose it race to the finish, which….hmm…thinking through this whole analogy, the “finish” must be…death?! Good grief. Ya girl is clearly feeling some kind of way.

In any case, I do need to start lifting weights again. I know Laurel has been working on a 4 week weightlifting plan, specifically for women over the age of 40. She’s designing it to be the kind of plan that we can just jump on into and not worry about getting hurt. And yet I know she’s planning to get us lifting some major weight. Laurel, here’s your not-so-subtle hint that I’M READY. Let’s freaking gooooo.

But I’m curious, too – how many of you guys lift on the regular? I know many of us grew up hearing that heavy weights would make us “bulk up” which, apparently, isn’t at all accurate, but that fear kept me at 5 lbs weights for a while. I’d love to know what you guys are doing with weights (if anything).

I just want to make sure that I can, uh, shred the pow for years to come.

(ps. If you guys want more info on Laurel’s weightlifting series, keep an eye on our YouTube channel – it’ll drop there. And we’d love a subscribe, if you’re into that.)

And so, the search begins. My yearly quest to find the perfect tan sandal is kicking off with this pair. They’re by Olukai, a brand that typically makes a really comfortable sandal. I’m probably going to throw this pair into my cart as well (although they wouldn’t work for tons of walking).

The prettiest raincoat. I can’t get over how seriously pretty this Cotopaxi raincoat is. Cotopaxi is a B-Corp Certified brand who is typically known for their brightly colored pieces, so this softly watercolor-hued raincoat is a total departure, but I love it. Understated & chic, in color.

Team hideous. I added this Farm Rio suit into my cart as something of a joke (I assumed the ties would just highlight my, uh, stomach squish that I do not want to highlight) so I was shocked when I tried it on and the opposite happened. This one-piece is SO cute and flirty, with a playful print, and bikini vibes. I can’t believe I’ve already found my swimsuit for the year! Unlike the other reviewer, who apparently hated the “hideous print” hahahaha. Don’t hold back, lady. To each our own!

Pretty little PJs for Spring Break. If you’re heading somewhere warm, this printed PJ set (in a cotton and silk blend) would be so pretty for early morning room service.

The art of subtle sexy. I do love to look at beautiful things – even if I cannot buy them. And Alaia is one of my favorite brands to swoon over. The entire line is a study in subtle sexiness, even down to the bags & shoes. This bag, for example, made me gasp out loud – those lines!!! As did this stunning pair of ballet flats – suuuuper sexy, yet casual, too. While Ref does have a reasonable dupe, they’re not nearly as fabulous as the original. Bravo, Alaia.

Still searching for good brows. While I had good luck with the Anastasia brow stencil kit (no, really – it works shockingly well), my biggest issue was literally coloring in the lines. Which Madluvv’s Brow Stamp Kit completely takes care of. The reviews – especially from the over-40 crowd – are glowing. Ordered.

Anthro Sale, take all my money. While Anthro’s extra 40% off sale events often drive me nuts (pages and pages of nothing I want), this one is great. You might need to just trust me on these belted culottes, but there’s also printed Collette pants that would be so cute with ballet flats, and a whole host of cute & easy tops. For example: a bubble-hem sweatshirt that make basics interesting, a ruched halter tank with cool lines & punchy colors (perfect for Spring Break), the lowest price I’ve ever seen on Kule’s Apres Ski sweatshirt (size up one), and this stunning beaded tank I’d layer over a white tee (or even a slip dress).

Top Sale Picks, Saks. Coats! This cropped wool coat is ridiculously cute, with French-girl vibes and a timeless design, and this wool wrap coat by Mackage (swoon) is the exact style of coat I swear by for 3 season use. While the ‘tan’ is on sale, the ‘air’ is startlingly pretty, and I’ve found that coats like this are just as useful (and a little more fun) in color.

Free People Sale. FP has 25% off a select items (it’s a “cozy” themed sale), but I’m eyeing up a couple of pieces that might help transition from winter jackets to spring outfits. For example, this oversized sweatshirt is 100% sherpa fleece, and astonishingly warm (I have the ‘vanilla’), and I can easily swap out a jacket for this one – would be especially cute with this fleece balaclava. I I’m also intrigued by the neckline of this cozy sweatshirt (I like the gray – it’s very Flashdance), and I still think shrugs are the unsung heroes of tank tops & slip dresses in spring.

Vince Sale. I love when Vince makes pants in serious fabrics with easy silhouettes – like these wool, pull-on pants. They tend to look amazing in person, and that pair would look great with sneakers, ballet flats, sandals – everything. There’s also a sweater dress that’s much sexier than the usual sweater dress.

J.Crew Sale. My favorite silver heels are an extra 50% off the sale price, and while they’re final sale, the fit is TTS and they’re great. I also recommend this little lady jacket (it’s more like a sweater) that can be worn alone or layered over a turtleneck – there’s something subversive about the shrunken shape & fringe-y details, or, for anyone who has a warm weather vacation planned at all this year, I’m picking up a matching set: this linen top & pants. The top is basically the same one I’ve been buying Mike for years (it’s really, really good), but now in a women’s version. All pieces available in plus sizes, too.

Happy weekend, everyone.




  1. OMG, I joined a 6-week small group weight lifting program at my gym and I am shocked at how much they have me lifting. Last week (week 5), I did 70 lb chest press, 110 lb squats, and 125 lb deadlifts. I am 48yo and relatively weak! Not sure I can keep this up on my own though, I think doing it with a trainer or in small groups is the secret. And yes, I skied in VT last wknd and despite being in relatively good shape, my thighs were burning on the long blue runs.

  2. Listen to Em – Caroline Girvan is the best thing that happened to me and my group from college (Em has mentioned her too). Her training classes have made such difference in my late 40s body. Can’t recommend her enough!

  3. I’m 50 years old, starting lifting weights moderately about four years ago and in the past 1-2 years started lifting heavy and I can say I’m in the absolute best shape of my life. I was always fit, an avid runner with yoga on the side and while it kept me thin and in shape it was nothing like lifting. I still run once or twice a week for about 2 miles but lifting is definitely where it’s at for me now.

  4. I do hard core on the floor (curated Peloton strength program) and she has lifting 5 days a week with 2 rest days. I find myself lifting 3 times per week with 10-15 lbs upper body and 20-25 lbs lower body. I hear you about weight lifting being important in our 40s! It was not important to me in my 20s and 30s.

  5. I’ve been lifting weights for years. I did Crossit in my 40’s. I just turned 50 and still lifting. I had a back injury and have recently started deadlifts again, working my way back. I’m almost to deadlifting my body weight 135#. Squats I’ve had to use a heel lit adjustment so my left knee is happier. I’ve always lifted heavy weight and have begun to see more and more young woman at the gym lifting heavy too. Thanks for mentioning it. Lifting heavy weight is truly the fountain of youth.

  6. Madeline moves app 5 days a week. Progressive media overload. I’m 52 and feel so strong!! All her programs are included in monthly fee: weekly moves (5x/week), endurance moves (3x/week for those runners or endurance people), anywhere moves (in case on vacation and no access to equipment) and mom moves (pre/post natal stuff I’m way past😂)

  7. Hi Shana, yes, so many reasons you should add weights/strength training (at least twice a week) to your exercise routine! Also in my 40s and there’s nothing else that brings me stress release and keeps the peri-menopausal rage at bay quite like it. Plus strength and mobility is really the foundation of all other movement at this age (and beyond). Over the years, I’ve used a combo of personal training (to learn proper movements and muscle engagement), group classes, and the Sweat app to build and maintain strength and would love to check out Laurel’s series. Keep up the good work!

  8. I am a fitness trainer who lifts weight 5x per week. I love it. I am over 55 and probably in the best shape of my life. I highly recommend lifting weight for women of any age. It keeps excess weight off and maintains a healthy and strong body for longevity!

  9. A lot of gyms teach a great class called Les Mils Body Pump. It is a very motivating group weight training class that is set to great music. It is so much fun!

  10. Bret Contreras for strength training (it’s a full body program); Real Fitness Training (Leslie Ann Quillen) for how to eat to keep the muscle on.

  11. The leanest and best I’ve ever looked is now at 36 after having a baby a few years ago and it’s all to heavy lifting. I am lifting really heavy – like, I’m considering powerlifting once this pregnancy is over. It’s allowed me to feel super strong in this pregnancy and just like a hot piece. Plus I open all the jars for people in my office now 😂

  12. Came here to also do a shout out for Caroline Girvan’s workouts. I see someone else also mentioned her. They’re free on YT. I’m in my late 40s and found her during the pandemic. I’ve been doing her workouts solidly for the past 3+ years and feel great and am in the best shape of my life. Love her and how strong I feel.

  13. “Couch to barbell” and the She’s A Beast newsletter has given me a new lease on gym life – I lift heavy 3 days a week and absolutely love it. Casey can tell you everything you need to know about progressive overload and how to really build muscle.

  14. Lifting weights is so important for women to help our bone density. I try and lift everyday, anywhere from 8lbs to 50lbs depending. I tell all my friends in their 40s how important lifting weights is.

  15. I use Tone it Up app for lifting videos 2-3x/week. I also try to do yoga at least once a week and I am also a runner. I have been doing Caroline Girvan videos ever since Em mentioned her. I love them! I get a great workout in 30 min or less. I have weights at home that I use but may have to purchase some higher weights soon… : )

  16. I came here to say all the things these other smart women have said. Lift the weights. Keep doing it – you will get stronger and be able to lift more. It’s so good for those of us north of 40. Tracy Steen is another great trainer to follow on YouTube – she is early 50s and knows the challenges of this season of life.

  17. I’m 46 and skiing at Stowe this week and I am dead! I haven’t skied in a couple years but thought I was in pretty decent shape…I was 100% wrong. Today is our last day and the thought of putting my ski boots back on was too much so I’m headed shopping instead!

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