Weekend 2.24


We’ve had a lovely week. The kids didn’t have far away comps, and we were all just…here. It was really good to have a slow week. I got a couple of 6 mile runs in (yup – still on that kick!!), we took the dog hiking Notch Road (see above photo – looks like a magic fairy place in the winter), and now I’m finishing this post up in front of a fire. The kids are done training for the day, and are now playing video games upstairs (I can hear them yelling and laughing). Mike is in the basement, working out. I’m theoretically supposed to join him, but…we’ll see.

The boys do have a competition tomorrow, but it’s at their home mountain. Both are debating whether or not to do a backflip – their first in a comp – so I am debating if I should just attend drunk.

Kidding, kidding.

Also, my husband watched Miss Americana the other day (that older documentary about Taylor Swift) – I think he was waiting for me to change into PJs or something so he just started it while he waited – and got totally sucked in. By the time I joined him on the couch I swear he was practically in tears, muttering, “she’s a killer!” and “what a BOSS” and now he’s been playing T.Swift in the car nonstop. Ahhhh, MikeD. The newest Swiftie.

Uh-Oh. Somebody tell me that these Croc sandals are terrible and that I definitely shouldn’t order them. In latte.

I keep trying to find a better long-sleeve tee…but it’s still this one. Perfectly oversized yet tuckable, great drape, and thin enough to layer under sweaters. I have the ‘ivory’ and will probably pick up the heather gray or…maybe even the lavender??

New brand? Nordstrom just started carrying Aussie-based Petal & Pup, an affordable brand with playful, modern styles and glowing reviews. Much of their stuff is the usual polyester blends, but a few standout pieces seem to be made from natural materials. For example, this 100% linen set (top, bottom) looks like a set from Emerson Fry or Reformation, but at a fraction of the cost. Oh wow – the bottoms come in a sophisticated trouser cut, too.

That said…the linen pants I think I want this year are these. Slouchy & cool.

Saks is having a HUGE sale – take 25% off select items! The first thing I’m adding to cart is one more CAMI NYC tank (I machine wash, hang to dry, and have even washed it in a hotel sink with not-fancy soap). These 100% silk tops are the most comfortable, breathable option for a hot & humid summer day, and are also the best piece to layer under wool sweaters in the winter. I never travel without one in my carry-on.

Let’s find some fresh basics…specifically jeans & a tee, maybe? I’ve been eyeing up this oversized Staud tee – it’s annoyingly pricey, but the lines are freaking perfect. I’d pair it with either these stretchy Re/Dones, a pair of Alice+Olivia jeans that look like the most elegant baggy jeans ever, or these 3X1 jeans with distressing so perfectly placed that the jeans still vibe as clean. Also, this green sweater is freaking gorgeous.

Cropped jeans for Spring? While I’m not wearing cropped jeans very often these days, I do love dark-wash, sailor jeans. So cute! So French! And this pair from AG is a perfect example (and on sale).

Hey, GANNI. If anyone else is a die-hard GANNI fan, the Saks sale has a ton. I’m seriously considering these wide-leg cargo pants (with an adjustable drawstring hem), and a slightly obnoxious graphic tee: this one, this one or – haha – this one. I’m also seriously considering this fuzzy little vest – it’s giving cozy-nerd, but in a cool way.

The most comfortable swim. Beach Riot – also on sale – has been a long time fav because their fabrics are nicely textured and bananas comfortable. I’ve worn this swimsuit for years (also with a belt), and just picked up these bikini bottoms – modern cut, comfortable waist, and juuuust cheeky enough (without being over the top). For a matching top, try this one or this.

OMG PERFECT MOMENT, TOO? If you’ve been eyeing up the very drool-worthy Perfect Moment, Saks has those epic ski sweaters on sale: Stardust ski sweater has good stock, as does the Interstarsia sweaters. Perfect Moment’s striped balloon-sleeve sweater is finally on sale (been eying it up all winter), as is their classic “Ski” sweater (size up). Lastly, if you’ve been eying up their jackets, this houndstooth one looks seriously cute on.

Support Black & brown designers. The Saks sale also has Agua Bendita, whose pieces are designed & handmade in Colombia, and are – without exaggeration – some of the most high-quality pieces I’ve ever tried. This 100% linen dress is stunning, but I’m also really intrigued by this chic top and shorts set. It would work as a cover-up, or for an evening out. Don’t overlook their swim, either – this is my favorite. And Black-owned Hope For Flowers has the most incredible party skirt on sale. It’s linen, so reads casual, but the details make it very, very special. Lastly, this Hope For Flowers sheath dress would be incredible at the office, yet is cool enough for parties.

You heard it here first. I think these long, slim skirts are going to be it this Spring/Summer, so dig yours out of the closet! If you want a new one, the one linked above also comes in petite sizes, but I ended up buying this one (matching set!) in ivory. I sized up because, well, I didn’t want it that tight. This set is another good option. Comfy & chic.

Getting organized. We needed a random shoe rack, and this Amazon purchase (in white) is shockingly good. It’s more chic in person than I expected, and sturdy, too. I was surprised (but it does explain the glowing reviews).

All the chargers. Mike bought himself (just one for him, of course haha) this charging station and it made his nightstand look sooooo much better. Charges his phone, airpods and watch all at the same time.

My morning shake…for the face. Winter dries the heck out of my skin, and no matter how intense my moisturizing cream, I find that my skin is always ready for another hit of moisture first thing in the morning. I’ve been using this Rose Blossom serum right after I wake up and love it. You shake it up, then apply a pump of the serum all over your face. It imparts an instant glow, and adds a hit of moisture. I’m also using this genius eye & lip cream in the morning – on both my eyes and lips. These products are saving me from that first-look in the mirror, haha, and are the perfect base under makeup or sunscreen. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Le lip tint. I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup as a kid, so I’d apply cherry Chapstick over & over until my lips were red. I feel like I’ve spent the rest of my life trying to create basically that same look, but with grown up, clean beauty products. French Girl’s Le Lip Tint is exactly that. The photos, tho, are wildly confusing. Mine looks nothing like the photos. In fact, in order to get this product as dark as those photos, you’d have to…well, you’d have to do that cherry Chapstick trick. But in reality, with just a swipe or two, you get barely-there color, with a slightly minty, Chapstick-y feel. I have the Cerise & Violette colors and LOVE them.

And the best vegan pancakes are…whole wheat? YES. Cookie & Kate’s Super Simple Vegan Pancake Recipe is suuuuper easy, quick enough to make before school drop off, and are whole grain, too. I stir in a few mini chocolate chips and my kids go nuts.

Not like a grizzly bear, more like a black bear. Mike sent me this IG reel with only the word “accurate” and I can’t stop laughing. Explains soooooo much.

Enjoy your weekend!



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