Weekend 2.3


Mike was out of town last weekend. And Nieve, the puppy (aka Badgal Nini), got in and out of the car juuuuust fine the entire time he was gone. Like, literally, I’d open the door and she’d jump out. With zero hesitation. I only mention this because, for the last few weeks, Mike & the dog have been coming home like this:

She refuses to jump out, he says. She just stares at him pleadingly, he says. She’s scared, he says.

Scared? #snort More like scary.

Queen Nieve, with the flex.

Okaayyy. Is freaking Wit & Wisdom the most exciting brand in denim right now? I mean, check out this pair. So good, right?

Did not disappoint! Adidas always comes out with the sweetest little tweaks to old classics around Valentine’s Day, which is usually when I like to pounce on a special edition. This year? Check out these Stan Smiths with the tiiiiinest little heart detail. SWOON. Also check out the Gazelle Bolds (my current favorite style, thanks to the squishy, platform sold) in ‘quartz/black’. It’s basically ballet pink (blush?) with black accents and a gum sole and is SO GOOD. Lastly, Sambas are now available in a zillion colors, but my heart is going to the coral peach stripe.

Looks good with black. Athleta just released one of my fav tops ever in ‘shale,’ which is dark like black, looks incredible with black, yet…isn’t black. I really, really like it.

Reminds me of Rachel Comey. I mean…they’re not Rachel Comey, but these Bogs(!!) look…shockingly cool. (I like the taupe.)

The best gray hoodie? I’ve been looking for a simple gray hoodie to wear under oversized blazers or wool coats (inspired by this Vogue article). While Vogue recommended this COS hoodie, I’m on the fence. I think I prefer either this Vuori one (I like the lighter gray & the fact that I can wash/dry the heck out of Vuori hoodies and they retain their shape forever) or this GAP hoodie. The fit of GAP’s Vintage Soft hoodies is perfect (thanks to the reg/tall/petite thing), and I love that this one is plain, without a GAP logo.

Plus size pick. Speaking of gray hoodies…this plus size hoodie (actually that whole Adidas set) is so freaking cool. The drape, the details – I love it. And the plus size construction looks much better than the same straight size version.

Forever dresses. Saks has major gems in their sale section right now, but these two dresses are, arguably, the best value: This classic black dress has serious Grace Kelly vibes (by A.L.C.), and this one-shoulder dress in 100% silk (in color ‘ink’) takes another classic silhouette and moves it in a really sexy, 70’s direction. Both are the kind of dresses that could be worn to virtually any event, day or night.

Also, don’t miss…the coats. The best buys (we’re talking, like, 50% off or more) are: a beautiful wool wrap coat (this is the style – and, oddly enough, color – of coat that works with the widest range of outfits – literally sweatpants to evening dresses), Vince’s oversized, silky blazer that can transform night-out looks (works especially well for those ‘how-do-I-warm-up-this-dress’ questions) and, if you’re a designer gal…hello, Isabel Marant. Love it. Lastly, this is also the lowest price I’ve seen for a faux-leather SAM jacket (I especially like the ‘brandy’ color).

Has potential? I just bought this top to layer under tees, button-ups, or dresses, possibly for Valentine’s Day. We’ll see.

Winter adventuring? Halfdays is having a flash sale, this weekend only. If nothing else, grab the beanie and my favorite puffer ever. I just snagged another merino wool baselayer set.

Messy hair, don’t care. Such a cute way to wear a ponytail.

Shades of beige. The new spring Birkenstocks just came out and I literally SWOONED over the colors: sandcastle, ecru, old rose, and soft pink. Honestly? They’re all just shades of beige, and sing to my boring, neutral-loving heart.

I usually hate swim cover-ups – too voluminous, too hard to walk/bike/carry all the beach stuff, which is why I almost always just wear cut-offs & oversized tees instead. That said, I’m looking for something a little more chic for our trip this summer…and am seriously considering this black/white set from Farm Rio (more sizes here), or this L*Space jumpsuit or – wowthis sexy little option.

Locals only. If you guys live in the Philly/NJ area, my fav macaroons (from Black-owned Mac’n! By Mari) just re-launched their website, added flavors and custom orders, just in time for Valentine’s Day. It’s totally worth a look. They’re gorgeous and delicious.

Watching…has anyone else gotten completely sucked into The Night Agent? Mike and I have started coming home early on date nights just to watch it. SO fun. (Ohhhh it’s based on a book – no wonder it’s so good!)

Enjoy your weekend!




  1. If you are looking for a sexy, sophisticated and easy to wear cover up, try a long sleeved button white linen shirt! Roll the sleeves up and button just a couple buttons if needed or not. Always looks unintentionally fabulous, cool girl and chic!

  2. Has Shana ever talked about living in two places, a home in Philly and Vermont? I would love to hear how they do this logistically, with school, rent, general life schedules…work from home, I’m sure, has made this much easier, but I’m super curious about the ins and outs of this!

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