Raines had his first “real” ski race last weekend.  Previously, he’s been part of a program for younger kids that was basically ski team prep, and now he’s a card carrying member of the US Ski & Snowboard Association.  They literally send you a membership card in the mail – it’s pretty cool.

Raines is a funny kid, though.  He remains almost completed unmotivated by any sort of external factors, and is so solidly, reliably, himself.  I marvel at his calm under pressure.  The first run of the day was icy, and there were a ton of falls.  The poor kids were skidding out of the gates or falling on the steepest part and while I never really get nervous for Raines – his calm is contagious – I did start to worry.  I can’t imagine standing up at that starting gate, watching the carnage, and knowing you’re next.  I mean seriously.  How was he not DYING??

But down he went.  Beautifully, unemotionally, never missing a gate.  He’s just…impervious.  I don’t know that his easygoing personality will ever result in an Olympic medal (not that we care – for the record he came in 34th out of 50) but it does mean that my heart bursts with pride watching him do his thing.

I am finding a totally unique kind of joy watching my kids do a sport I know almost nothing about.  While watching them play soccer was a slow, Saturday-morning decent into hell, watching them ski is nothing but bliss.  It’s all I can do to not scream, “YOU SKI SO BEAUTIFULLY!!!” at every kid who comes racing by.  By the time you get to U-12 ski racing (11-year-olds) these kids are amazing.  Like little cheetahs or gazelles or something almost not-human.

“LOOK AT YOU GO!!!” is another one of my hallmark cheers.  Because, I mean, look at them go!!  They’re all so good!!!

Raines tells me I need new cheers.  Little does he know I have a special cheer reserved just for him.  According the last video recorded, my special Raines’ cheer goes something like,  “Wait…that’s Raines?  THAT’S RAINES?  OMG he is SO GOOD!! YAY BUDDY YAY!!! OMG LOOK AT YOU GO!!! THAT’S MY GUY HE IS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! HE SKIIS!!! SKI SKI SKI!!!” [incoherent sobbing]

We’ll be posting that vid to social media exactly never.  (Also the entire thing is of my feet. So there’s that.)

Perfectly slouched.  I came across this cream sweater by House of Harlow in my internet travels last week and I can’t stop thinking about it.  It’s the perfect everyday, nonchalantly cool sweater.  Gimme.

The prettiest Spring top.  We just shot a workwear article (coming out soon) and one of my favorite pieces from the shoot was this pretty yellow top from the Something Navy collection.  In the shoot I styled it with some menswear trousers (these), but I’ll be rocking it on Valentine’s Day with ripped jeans and my feather heels.

Ugh, now I want summer.  I’m usually pretty happy embracing winter (we live for ski season) but I came across this happy little dress and now I’m dreaming of beaches and ice cream.  (And while you’re there, maybe pick up these palm-print sweatpants – a dead-ringer for my Zoe Karrssen ones – and this cute rainbow-sleeve striped top).

The most perfect Galentine gift.  Colleen Rothschild has come out with another version of their life-changing oil-based cleansing balm: Cocoa Bean Cleansing Balm.  Laura tells me that IT SMELLS LIKE CHOCOLATE.  Dear God.

Cue those dramatic jazz hands.  I’ve been happily using Supergoop’s CC cream for years now.  It has great coverage, I can apply it with my fingers, and I get a ton of complements on my skin when I’m wearing it.  BUT.  Scotti was visiting this week and she forced me to try Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Flawless Filter and I don’t know what kind of magic fairy dust this shizz has but It. Changes. EVERYTHING.  Apparently you can use it over your existing foundation but I just used it on bare skin and was transformed [said with dramatic use of jazz hands]. It’s SO good I’m willing to use a foundation brush to apply.  (More colors here, if yours is sold out.)  Scotti has a video coming out soon, so stay tuned.

Um.  Valentine’s Day is NEXT WEEK.  Raines has thankfully aged out of class Valentines (I think????? God, I HOPE) but I still have Pax’s class to figure out.  I’m a huge fan of the make-art-and-photocopy style of Valentine – long gone are the days we’d spend hours and hours putting our one-of-a-kind Valentines together.  Gosh, I used to even throw kid parties on Valentine’s Day with decorations and fancy straws and everything.  I used to be such a good mom.  This year I’m thinking of making these vegan chocolate-dipped strawberries with the boys and calling it a night.  They’ll go perfectly with a little bubbly.  Hmmmm..perhaps I’ll even teach the boys how to make their own Shirley Temples.  Ok.  V-Day, planned.  Done.

Every little bit helps.  I recently learned from Julieta that not only do special needs kids not qualify for health insurance in Colombia, but all medical procedures must be paid for in advance.  If you haven’t yet read about her little niece’s journey, it’s both miraculous and totally heart-breaking.  I watched the video, read the post and had myself an ugly cry.  I had just picked up my kids up from their hip-hop class, and then – in contrast – watched the video of Valeria valiantly trying to take ballet.  The unfairness of life seemed almost overwhelming.  We are so blessedly lucky that sometimes it’s hard to breathe.  So.  If you are also one of the lucky ones, please consider donating to Valeria’s goFundme page.  The amazing thing about this TME community is that there are so many of us willing to help, which means that even if you only donate $10…as a community, we can make the difference.  As of now, they’re almost halfway to their goal of $15K.

Speaking of communities working together….if you haven’t yet read Lex’s latest on how Togo is completely changing outcomes for mother and kids…it’s not to be missed.  This program has been SO effective that they’re trying to take it into other communities worldwide….including the Bronx.  My favorite part of the article is when the Deputy Director of Integrate Health is explaining the difference female breadwinners can make in their community:

“A month later, I went back and I was talking to a bunch of them…‘So, if you don’t mind me asking, what have you done with with your first salary?’ They looked at me like I was crazy, ‘well, of course we pooled it and started our own micro-finance group. We pool our salaries, and then one person gets a lump sum every month and is able to invest in something’…like a big sack of corn to keep them through the winter… or ‘I paid for my daughter’s school.’ So, completely not organized by us [IH], these women have  organized themselves into micro-finance groups.

Cheers to community, badassery, and staying cool under pressure.

Happy weekend.







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