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Happy weekend, loves!!  If you’ve been paying attention to Storm Watch 2016, you may have heard about the (supposedly) epic storm that will hit the east coast this weekend.  My kids are dying for snow, so my fingers are crossed.  Here’s hoping.

We’ve been spending every weekend at Blue Mountain – they have the most amazing ski team program for littles, even Pax is involved!  As you can see from the pic, Pax is working on his, uh, flexibility.  If any of you guys wander on up to Blue, come and say hi.  You can find us in the bar.  🙂

The big news, though, is Cam’s new little one!!!  I won’t totally steal her thunder and post pics, but I will say both Mama and baby are doing well and that Connor Xavier is gorgeous.  I suspect she’ll post something to instagram soon (@camilledipaola)

Now, a few fun links:

ABC Dream, an insanely beautiful ABC book created by my friend Kim Krans, has been our go-to book for drawing inspiration.  I set it out with some pencils and paper and my kids can’t resist its pull.  I’m so thrilled that it’s now back in print….in color.  Kim has beautifully illustrated her detailed pen-and-ink drawings with splashes of color and the whole thing is truly a work of art.

Totally and completely obsessed with Go Eat Your Beet’s 20+ Colorful Winter Salads to Eat Right Now.  Exactly what I’m in the mood for.

Absolutely loved Mother Magazine’s 15 Things To Do For Yourself in 2016.  Sign me up for all of them.

Intrigued by Boden’s Relaxed V-Neck Cashmere Sweater.  It’s so hard to find a sweater with a nice deep V (so flattering!!) and the reviews are off the charts.  I think I’m going to order the black one….and maybe this dress.

Everlane was nice enough to send me a little care package…and their waffle-knit turtleneck is alllll kinds of amazing – it feels much more expensive than the $115 they’re charging.  I’ll throw a pic up on Instagram this weekend (@shanachristine).  For reference, I prefer a size small.

Also, I meant to mention in my last post that if you’ve been looking for a pair of low-heeled statement ankle boots, these leopard print Nine West booties are amazing.  I just picked up a pair for under $50.  Seriously.  I’ll insta those soon as well.

Someone was asking about replacement laces for Sorel boots.  According to Sorel, they don’t sell replacement laces, but these red laces (they come in a bunch of different sizes) would work great – and totally change the look of an old pair of winter boots.

Lastly, Girl’s Gone Child’s latest post made me laugh and cry a little and raise my fist in the air.  And?  It’s about dying her hair.  It’s funny, but as I went through chemo a couple of years ago, I remember my little guys having similar reactions to the haircuts and wigs and I didn’t quite look like mom anymore.  It was healthy, I think, for all of us to realize (to steal a quote from Rebecca Wolf), “I am mom and somebody else”.

Personally, I’m still trying to figure out who that ‘somebody else’ is.  But as my little guys get older and the intensity and pressure of new motherhood lessens….I’m feeling….hopeful.  Which is great, because I turn 40 in a week, and nothing says ‘Really A For-Real Adult’ like FORTY.  HA!

HA, ha…..ha.



ps.  Send snow vibes our way.





  1. What a great week of blogging on The Mom Edit this week Shana! I am just sitting, enjoying being super duper lazy on the couch (with a big furry blanket covering me–it’s very cold in HK right now. I hope your storm delivers!), clicking away at your links. The one about the lady changing up her hair was a fun read. I did that over a year ago in October of 2014. It’d been brewing for years to chop off my locks. I do miss them. In fact, I know you know me only with short hair, but I think of myself with the long locks I used to have. Isn’t that odd? I think it’s because of that that I’ll be growing it back out. I miss it. Although I have enjoyed (almost) looking different because it seems short hair is so rare these days. I like that part of it. I see you are growing yours back, right? I know yours was short for not such freedom willing choices, but I did like it short. It’s also very pretty long. Anyway, I’m just rambling, but wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your posts this week. Have fun up at Blue Mountain. Here’s to inches and inches of snow and glasses and glasses at the bar! Wink wink. Ann

  2. Ha, my husband turns 40 on Monday so we are also having fun with “let’s do xx one last time in your 30s!” this wknd. I turned 40 in August & so far so good 🙂 HBD Shana!

  3. Thank you so much for all the winter / ski style stuff! I’m just back from a week in Utah for Sundance Film Festival & some skiing, always so much inspiration on the slopes. A hood that can accommodate my helmet would be AMAZING. What helmet are you wearing here BTW? You are always my go-to for shopping & I never regret buying the pieces you suggest. Also, I too just turned … mine was 40 mid-January … it’s THE BEST. There’s something “freeing” about forty. We’re all growed up now. 😉

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