Weekend 3.16


We had one heck of a week. Let me just start by saying that if any of you clicked on a link last week and were taken to a random product page with a really strange pair of shoes (or bizarre leather jacket or anything else that reallllly didn’t seem like our typical recommendation)….yup. That was me. Or my fault, anyway. I was trying to join a random affiliate program and got all cocky. Like I’ve Been Doing This For 10 Years Obviously I AM THE EXPERT, and I didn’t do my research and long-story-short: I inadvertently let a webcrawler take over and turn random keywords on random TME pages into random affiliate links.

So, if that was you, I apologize. It really won’t happen again. The irony, of course, is that we take our recommendations super seriously — often arguing over which pieces to include — so the fact that some software just threw in random recommendations KILLS ME.

But because this all went down on a Monday — one of those Mondays —as I’m sitting in the TME office in the throws of ‘OMG we gotta delete that crap off the site’ the school nurse calls: Raines broke his thumb. So off I go to the ER, leaving the Philly team to deal with my mess.

And then we published Scotti’s article “FASTer Way To Fat Loss – An Honest Review” while I was in the midst of the ER, Gwen was getting onto a plane, and Lex was also frantically checking to make sure I hadn’t single-handedly destroyed TME (ya know….that), and…everyone freaked out.

Weight loss is a pretty sensitive issue, but that wasn’t the point of Scotti’s article. In hindsight, we should’ve called it, “I Just Had A Baby And Here’s How I’m Trying To Take Care of Myself” or something because that is, in fact, what the article is about. The system Scotti is loving happens to be called, “FASTer Way To Fat Loss” — a name that literally makes us all cringe — but in all of the craziness of MONDAY, we missed it. (And to those of you who sent in carefully worded emails about our use of the words “An Honest Review”…YES. It WAS a dumb thing to say. Our reviews are always freaking honest otherwise what IS the point? Although….this gives me a good idea for an April 1st article, haha….)

So, in summary: Raines? In a cast. TME? Back to normal. Scotti’s post: Changed title. Gwen? Never allowed to go on vacation again.

And now…some retail therapy.

My latest obsession.  I’ve been a long-time fan of Frank and Eileen shirts…and their newest collection The Tee Lab is just as good. Instead of button-downs, they focus on tees, hoodies, and sweatpants with really interesting twists on classics (all made in the US). You may recall this sweatshirt moto jacket of mine (now back in stock)…but the two pieces I’m seriously debating between are these trouser sweatpants vs this fleece skirt. (I also think it’s good to look at pieces made in the US from time-to-time. Helps me to realize what the actual cost of clothing is/should be.)

Like my versatile denim dress….but prob more flattering. I still love my old Madewell denim dress — it’s a perfect transition piece between seasons (and I styled it up a bunch of ways, here). But Madewell just came out with an update…and not only can it be styled exactly like mine…but I think it’s more flattering.

Cushy metallic sandals that don’t need to be broken in?  THESE. Rose gold, super comfy, and under $100.

Always sexy. There’s just something about a one-shoulder dress, ya know? Especially in a casual fabric, especially in black. I have my eye on two: this comfy ribbed knit one OR…this flowy Free People one.  Thoughts?

What I’m making for St. Patrick’s Day. We’re still coming off of ski season over here, which, in addition to a few apres-ski beers, started to include Blue Mountain’s specialty:  tater tots covered in cheese, pickled jalapenos, and bacon. I mean. It was my cheat meal but dear GOD. So the last thing I need this St. Patricks Day is corned beef. Instead, I”m going to try this vegan take on shepard’s pie from my latest cooking obsession, Crowded Kitchen.  Sounds both delicious and comforting.

Happy Birthday, to the Notorious RBG! It’s Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s 86th birthday, and to celebrate, there’s a plank party on the steps of the Supreme Court. So get your plank on in honor of one of the most badass women ever.

And for next generation of badass women….Greta Thunberg. She’s a 16-year-old activist in Sweden (who happens to fall on the autism spectrum) who recently gave a speech to world leaders about climate change. She was invited to speak at COP24, but one wonders if the organizers knew (and I’ve gotta quote the article I read directly because perfection) that “…the world’s leaders were going to have their asses handed to them by an angel-faced girl in Pippi Longstocking braids.” She certainly didn’t pull any punches, ending with: “We have not come here to beg world leaders to care. You have ignored us in the past and you will ignore us again. We have run out of excuses and we are running out of time. We have come here to let you know that change is coming, whether you like it or not. The real power belongs to the people.”  Read the full article (or watch a video of her speech), here.  If you’d like, Greta is also on IG, here.

Happy weekend, everyone.



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  1. Super happy to see you bringing attention to Greta Thunberg! So inspiring! And, she’s literally protecting the ability of future moms to raise their kids in a habitable world. (Have you seen the new Birth Strike movement? Young women are committing to not having children because they don’t want to bring them into a hot, degraded world.)

  2. You guys have nothing to say about the New Zealand shooting? You are always talking about equality and human rights. Did I miss a post?

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